Marriage Of Benefits Book 3 Chapter 140

Volume 3: Love That Begins With Hate Chapter 140 Detention5

She laughed feeling so satisfied about how her mother always knew when she was not fine, she said "Don't worry Mom, my homework is increasing, it will happen that many times I won't call so you can't be worried every single time."

She waved her hand "Yeah I know but it is just that I have a feeling, you are not fine."

Rachel could barely smile now but she somehow managed to "Mom, now that you know I am fine just calm down."

Jamie nodded and then began to talk about other stuff so Rachel opened the messaging app installed by Kevin along with talking to her mother.

She sent him the message that she had read her message and told him everything that had happened and also about the thing that was about to happen at night but she didn't know about.

When Kevin was back home, he had been pacing around uneasily near his phone and as soon as the message popped up with her name, there was a sense of relief on his heart so he quickly opened the messages and began to read.

His blood boiled with anger and he completely lost his mind but could not make out what to do, he then asked her to find out where that place was and tell him.

She said ok but at this moment Kevin was quite relaxed at the thought that he would not do anything to her and at the same time worried about what was he planning to do at night. He went to take a shower to clear his thoughts.

As Rachel replied with an ok, she finally cut the call as she had been extending it unnecessarily just to talk to Kevin.

When the call was over, there was still a worried look on Jamie's face, Charles could not understand what was it so he sat next to her and held her hand "What is the problem nowwhy is this look still on your face."

She turned to him and began "Did you see the way she was trying to talk more when she does not like to talk and the way she was so uninterested and her smile was simply fake and her tone was as if she had cried... "

Charles cut her with a full passionate kiss and pinned her down to the bed lying on top of her "You are thinking to much, she must be missing us so she wanted to talk more and the of it is just your imagination."

"But... " before she could begin Charles stopped her by keeping a finger on her lips "Now come on stop over thinking and don't ruin the moment."

She kept a hand on his chest, her heart beating faster even after so many years, she said "What are you trying to do?"

He bit her neck and replied with a l.u.s.tful voice "Making another baby so that you can get your head of the first one and let her live peacefully."

She blushed but pushed him away "I don't want another baby."

Charles made a face as if it was her loss "Alright it is too bad then but tonight I won't let you off the hook, we can always use protection."

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