My Husband Is The Emperor: I Woke Up With A Husband Book 1 Chapter 366

Volume 1 Chapter 366 347: Caution I

To get Zhuang Xuan to agree with him wasn't a hard and Li Jun Wei's guess was right in point, "I will work with you. Is what you want me to find about that traces of yourself to Japan ten years ago?"

"Correct, there are still many work I have for you but that is until we see your skills," answered Li Jun Wei and he heard how the man exhaled and grumbled. When the call ended, Li Jun Wei got up from the chair, pulling the coat on his chair, he left the building back to home.

In his arrival, he spotted Bo Shiao from afar whose work was to be the next housekeeper as the current housekeeper was old in age. He called the man by his hand, having Bo Shiao who was slight apprehensive as he had never been called by Li Jun Wei came to stand on his left side.

"Did Nu Yuan or her mother came to visit the house today?" asked Li Jun Wei and he saw how the male servant's eyes turn wide open.

"Yes!" Noticing how loud his voice was, Bo Shiao cleared his throat, lowering his voice, "Young lady Jin came two hours ago, she was here for a brief since three afternoon until the mistress came back home at seven."

Jin Nu Yuan had waited for Li Lian to come home earlier than anyone could expect, showing just how much she had been waiting eagerly to know whether the rumors were correct or false.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/my-husband-is-the-emperor-i-woke-up-with-a-husband_14001462106962005/chapter-347-caution-i_51071067791354309 for visiting.

"Is Li Lian inside the room?" He asked while making way to the top of the stair.

"The mistress had just came back from young master Xiao Chen's house," and on his reply, Bo Shiao stood still to see Li Jun Wei entering his room. Walking away from the room, Bo Shiao make his way to the lower floor when he found the maids gathering and shoo them away.

Li Jun Wei pushed the knob before pushing the door, he went inside to have Li Lian who was on her bed doing vocal stretched to turn her head at the noise of the door. Li Lian quickly walked down from the bed to stand beside Li Jun Wei and help him to take off his suit.

"You are back early today," Li Lian who spoke the word had her lips widened from a smile. She had been waiting for the day Li Jun Wei would come home although she wasn't sure what to do together.

"I heard something," started Li Jun Wei when their eyes met and he slip his hand to her fingers which hold the suit to the pick it away and throw it aside in the chair beside him. "That a certain beauty was waiting for me until I came home that she fell asleep with all lights on."

Li Lian's cheeks reddened, "You didn't hear, you saw it," she corrected.

"Mhm, I did. Did you miss me because I miss you very much I feel the day is getting longer with every second we didn't meet," Li Jun Wei leaned forward, his lips capturing hers where his tongue slip in to bring her tongue to his mouth. Coaxing her gently, his other hand held the back of her head as his body leaned forward.

Li Lian gasped when she felt the fingers running coarse on her back, the shuddering feeling made her hands to catch the white shirt of his upper arm. When his lips left her, a silver drop of saliva drip from her lips which he caught on by running his tongue.

"You are overreacting," whispered Li Lian and she found how his eyes were looking at her seemed to softened.

"So was it only me who missed you, watching your picture in my desk in every break possible? It should be better if I could bring you to my work, I feel like I could focus on my work better." Li Lian felt her heart skip on his words, each statement he made make her cheek to blush.

"Will you really be able to work better with me around?" asked Li Lian, somewhere doubting it, "I think I would be a distraction in your office." People would work there and she felt standing alone there would make her stood out like a sore thumb.

"Maybe you will be a distraction. Not for others but a distraction to me. Having you will only attract my gaze away from my work to you," Li Jun Wei's lips trailed on her neck, kissing once to then let go of her. "I heard Nu Yuan came," he said, shifting the topic of their talk.

"She did and she even brought a news with her, remember the day you brought the divorce lawyer to the company?" inquired Li Lian who followed to settle herself at the end of the bed.

"The lawyer I brought to clear Mo Ran's problem," said Li Jun Wei who seemed as if he didn't know anything.

"There seems to be a rumor going around about you bringing the divorce lawyer to divorce me and Nu Yuan came to ask whether I know about this; and I told her I didn't. Nu Yuan seem to be thinking we are going to divorce and maybe we could use this to our advantage, to show Jin Family's true nature," Li Lian said, she thought about Jin Nu Yuan, was the younger cousin snooping around the company the entire time that news could easily come to her side?

"It seem that Nu Yuan have many people she knew in your company."

Li Jun Wei pulled his shirt, showing his bare skin without the shirt, "Seeing how she could receive news from her right and left side, someone work with her in the company to provide her news."

Of course Li Jun Wei was well aware of this. Out of purpose he had flamed the news to come to the ears of the person who work for Jin Nu Yuan. If he want he could pull the person from the company but this was the exact reason why he didn't. He could put different smokes to the person for them to carry the wrong informations.

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