My Self Insert Stash Book Chapter 471

Volume 5: The De Confinement Arc Chapter 471 My Si Stash 71 A Gamer's Story Of Betatesting By Cernunnus Multicross

-Unironically, this is the first Gamer MC that I know of that got the STD Survivor stat, bravo!

Synopsis: A manchild gets the Gamer Ability after dying and gets transported to another world, a world with nice anime tiddies and infuriating idiotic protags. What will our "hero" do? Gray MC. Gamer Semi SI/OC, Possible powertrip. Rating because of lots of Profanity, violence, and all that good shit. Maybe lemons of I feel like writing smut. Aaand Ofcourse its a harem story, DxD duh

Rated: M

Words: 11K

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Chapter 1

Welcome to the GAME, soul. You are one of the lucky(unlucky?) souls chosen for this extraordinary journey!

"What the actual f.u.c.k!?"

I stared at the screen in front of me with disbelief, "F.u.c.k, and here I thought psychedelics wouldn't mess anymore with my sanity" I muttered and shook my head trying to expel the invader with little success.

No, this isn't any effect from any psychedelics puny mortal.

"Who is the idiot that drugged me now then? I thought I told those f.u.c.kers I was done with all that shit" I muttered out still trying to not give the screen in front of me any thought.

It was then I saw the room I was in.. which isn't my usual sleeping abode, instead of my own bedroom, here it was clinically clean, with an almost rich institutional feeling, everything almost snow white. So white it almost blinded me.

"Where the f.u.c.k am I?" Came out from me and I heard my creeping panic and increasing anger in that tone.

In an illusion, your current position isn't important now.

"F.u.c.k you mean? I want to know where the f.u.c.k-


A wave of calmness and a comforting feeling enveloped me -" am.Okay".

So let's get down to business, You have been chosen to be a Gamer

Do You Accept?


I still just looked at the screen calmly with disbelief, me? A Gamer? A loud snort could be heard reverberating through the room.

"HAHAHA, that name is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g cringe I can't eve.." I cut off myself laughing.

But it seemed like the Game didn't really care and let me laugh for some time.

"So I'm going to be a Gamer? Like those Manwhas and all those smut fanfictions going around?" I asked when I was done laughing.

Close enough.

"Well you guys should work with changing that name, but anyway I guess I accept", I said with amus.e.m.e.nt and the scenery immediately changed.

Now I was in a room that had some resemblance to my own, it was old andspartan, what can I say? I don't buy that much shit, nowadays I'm just content with the shit I already have.

"So what's this place?" I asked out aloud.

Your new apartment, or how it will look like.

"What's wrong with my own?" I asked the screen.

Wrong verse.

"And what does that mean?" I asked with some trepidation slowly creeping up before it was squashed by the wave of comfort and calmness.

Well, You died.

"Wha.." But I instantly was cut out by my own anger and grief by what that statement meant.

My family, friends, everything is gone and started rapidly spiraling out of control with all my feelings, anger, grief, every feeling you could imagine.

Memories flashing by, my life playing before me on fast forward, with all the feelings they would invoke.

And I stayed like that for some immeasurable time, just going through my feelings, my life and all that came up, thoughts, desires, all. Until I was done, okay with my life, content how it played out, or Nah not content really. That's kind of hard with the realization that you died at 21 by doing stupid shit you thought you had stopped with 2 years prior.

But even so, I got to the point where I was okay with how my life played out, I have come to terms with it, how there isn't really something I can do about it to change it, I'm dead, or... Was dead and got a second chance it seems like, by something that has been fictional from my perspective, but that's still a second chance, and I will be damned if I throw it away.

Because with the power *Chuckle* of the *Chuckle* Game.. "Look wait I f.u.c.k.i.n.g cant hahaha"

Oh, you are back, feeling better?

I took some time to compose myself "Yeah I'm good now.." a pause.

"Just a small question, why didn't you make me calm with that calmly comforting thingy you used earlier?" I asked.

Earlier and other runs with the Game have shown that confronting one's past and not hiding it away can be beneficial.

"Oh okay, I can see that" I mumbled out.

"Soooo There's other Gamers and all that?"

Not in this Multiverse, or not like you at least.


Yes, the Multiverse theory is true to a point, and there exist countless others in the Omniverse.

"Oooh" and I stopped asking the Game for some time to mull over that answer.

"So are every "Game" like you?"

The simple answer is no, there exist countless different versions with their own different quirks and gimmicks.

"Cool", I simply said, and left it at that, or not "Something special with you then?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/my-self-insert-stash_15819206506160005/my-si-stash-71---a-gamer's-story-of-betatesting-by-cernunnus-(multicross)_51140525197152358 for visiting.

That will be your responsibility to explore, but I can say that I'm in the Beta phase right now.

If a screen with some text could look smug this one would be that right now.

"So I'm a beta tester?"




"Sooo When will we begin?"

Well, do you want your starting stuff now?

"Aren't I able to make my character, choose a starting world and all that good stuff?" I asked questionably.

You and your background is already chosen and prepared but can be altered a bit before we begin, and it will be your responsibility to figure out which world you will be in.

"Well, that's sucks".

No, it will be fine, your background will borrow and/or remake some of your old ones, and you will be a cool handcrafted character done by the Creator.

"As long as I'm male I'm fine then" I signed.

Skills added:

Passive Skills added:

[Gamers Body[LVL MAX]]: Your body is somewhat based on games and takes some inspiration from different ones.

[Gamers Mind[LVL MAX]]:[ON/OFF]: Can be toggled on for the classic calm sociopathic Gamer fell. Though resistance against mental attacks and really negative status effects, e.g insanity, are on the whole time.

Utility Skills added:

[Observe[LVL?]]:[Cost:5 Mana]: Lets you get a basic description of something or someone.

I hastily read through all the things I got, and with the context I have from earlier, by which I mean reading fanfics and Manhwas/Mangas based on the Gamer stuff I quickly understood some of it.

"So what's different with the skills from the usual gamey shit?" I asked.

I don't appreciate your tone. And no that's your responsibility to figure out.

"Ah sorry old habits die hard I guess, it's just how I grew up speaking, no disrespect from my side" I chuckled sheepishly.

"And why is it my responsibility to figure out?"

Statistics show that letting the player know everything about the Game takes away enjoyment from the experience.

I rolled my eyes "I'm not asking for much mate, just some basic info, but I guess I can see it from your perspective".

Some more questions before we go to the next point?

"Hmmm Well, why is everything in English? I mean EVERYTHING, even my thoughts. I would rather have it all in Swedish there I can at least have proper grammar in my thoughts".

The Creator changed English to the Standard so here we are.

"Can I change it?"

The Standard? No.

"Well shit".

Yeah, but that's why we have you as a beta tester so we can improve upon things and then give a better experience.


Anyways Here you go.

Name: ? LVL 1

HP: 100, 1%/s

MP: 100, 1%/s

SP: 50, 1%/s

Str: 10

Dex: 10

Con: 10

Int: 10

Wis: 10

Cha: 10

Luc: 10

Additional points: 10

"Oh neat, thanks!"

No problem.

"Can I get some info on the stats please?"

Only because you asked so nicely.

Attributes/Stats: a representation of somethings mental, physical, or spiritual abilities

Strength: measuring physical power and Base carrying capacity in the [Inventory(1 slot=2 Str)]

Constitution: measuring endurance, stamina, and health, Base healthpoints=Con*10, Base stamina points=(Con*10+Dex*10)/4.

Dexterity: measuring agility, balance, coordination, and reflexes

Intelligence: measuring deductive reasoning, knowledge, memory, logic, and rationality, Base Mana=Int*10

Wisdom: measuring self-awareness, common sense, restraint, perception, and insight

Charisma: measuring force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership and successful planning

Luck: measuring how lucky you are.


"Did you just copy/paste that from somewhere, I feel like it's pretty... Umm, not unique?"

*Scoff* As I would do something like that.

I just rolled my eyes at that.

So want to load some skills and perks/traits from your old life?

"Wouldn't that interfere with that all-mighty handcrafted new me you have done?"

No, that body is a clean slate. at least for now.

"Okay okay tune down with the ominous shit, I was just messing with you And yes please, I would like to have some of my "old" stuff as skills and all that, thank you".

Here you go!

Perks/Traits added:

[L.u.s.tful]: You are a horny f.u.c.k.

[Arbitrary]: You have a natural calling for making some random decisions(most often bad) and the like, just stay away from gambling, or don't, it can either make or break you.

[Short Tempered]: You get angry easily.

[Controlled Body Language]: You have it easy to hide your true feelings on the matter.

"First of all.. Fair... Secondly, why is that a trait? Or why do I even have that? I know I like gambling but I wouldn't call my decision-making arbitrary."-

Viking Line?

"OOh F.u.c.k you".

No thanks.

I just shook my head at that, "Short temper I get and that body shit too, tho will traits and perks force me to make decisions? I haven't really gotten that from everything I've read".

It depends on the version of the Game, but here no, it will though make you more inclined to make a decision based upon your personality traits and/or perks.

Traits here will not force you to make a decision but will make it hard to do the opposite of it, e.g you have the trait [L.u.s.tful] and a milf asks you for s.e.x, well it's pretty easy to accept that but quite hard to just go away.

"Okay thanks, any more perks or traits then?"

Well no, this is mostly what your personality was based around.

"Oh, but no humorous trait or something like that? I was the clown in my friends group after all"

You used humor to hide just what you really felt though.


Moving on... skills then?

"Wait wait, just a quick question, what's the difference between traits and perks?"

A trait is generally something innate, while a perk is something you earn, learn and/or obtain.

"Okay, so skills now?"

Passive Skills added:

[Martial Arts[LVL 20/100]]:[Subskill: Muay Thai(Novice)Western Boxing(Apprentice)Glma(Apprentice)]: You know how to fight unarmed.

[Ranged Weaponry[LVL 57/100]]:[Subskill: Small Arms(Journeyman)Bow(Novice)]: You know which way to point the weapon and maybe hit the target, and you have some knowledge to maintain the weapon you use.

Misc. Skills added:

[Housework[LVL 47/100]]: The skill is self-explanatory.

[Cooking/Baking[LVL 21/100]]: You can cook, the thing you cook or bake will get easier to make and with better taste with higher levels.

[Salesman[LVL 24/100]]: The skill shows your experience and knowledge in selling and convincing people to buy what you sell.

[Animal Hunting[LVL 24/100]]: You have experience in animal hunting and other things related to hunting e.g. tracking. But the question is: is hunting humans the same?

[Language Master[LVL ?]]:[Subskills: English(Apprentice)Swedish(Expert)German(Journeyman)]: The skill in language...

"That wasn't so many mate, I think I do have some more "skills", but a question, why aren't those misc spells under passives?"

Is it cleaner this way, or do you want a Heavy industry skill, and then work in an industry in your second chance in life?

"Yeah, No thanks, I guess it's cleaner this way without a hundred different skills, but what about my second question?"

Same thing really, the Creator didn't want the most used categories cluttered with spells early on in the playthrough.

"Okay, and what are those subskills?"

Some skills have subskills, which usually represents some unique or some other knowledge or prowess in the stated area.

Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master are the different tiers of subskills.

Subskills don't have levels.

"Ooh well that's nice to know, but who is this Creator you are speaking of?"

The Creator of me.

"I got that but nothing more you could tell me about this Creator?"

I snorted at that but then moved on, "Well next step then?"

Do you want to load achievements from your past life?

"Achievements? What would that give me now? Stats or something?"

It will give you Stats or Perks from some milestones you reached in your last life.

"Well I guess it couldn't hurt, so yeah I accept".


Achievements loaded:

Unarmed Fighter Veteran: You have fought a lot in your life, can be streetfighting or some martial arts or something else.

Perk added:

[Hand-to-Hand Prodigy]: Gains 50% extra EXP in Martial arts and other unarmed fighting related Skills

Stats gained:

+3 Strength

+3 Constitution

+4 Dexterity

Military Training Basic: You have done some military duty, in your case, it's just the basics.

Perks added:

[Jarhead]: Increased affection with people that have served

[Gunnut]: Gains 25% extra Experience with Gun related skills

Stats gained:

+1 Intelligence

+2 Strength

+2 Constitution

+3 Dexterity

Highschool Dropout: You dropped out because of some dumb reason.

Stats lost

-2 Intelligence

-2 Wisdom

Young Dumb Criminal: You were a criminal when you were younger, in your case for a dumb reason.

Perk added:

[Delinquent]: Increased affection with criminals, decreased affection with normal law-abiding citizens.

1000 Book Challenge: You have read a lot

Perk added:

[Bookworm]: 100% faster-reading speed, and raised daily skill book intake from (1) to (5).

Stats gained:

+4 Wisdom

+5 Intelligence

"Same thing here, I'm not mad with the free shit but it doesn't seem like I have done that much in my past life".

These are the achievements the Creator has given me that you fulfilled I almost forgot something.

A V.i.r.g.i.n No More: You have lost the v-card.

Stats gained:

+1 Constitution


Young Milf Hunter: You hunted the dangerous milfs when you were a youngling.

Perk added:

[Milf Hunter]: Increased affection with Milfs

Stats gained:

+1 Constitution

"Well... That's kind of true tho, experienced women are always better".

STD Survivor: You survived a STD Uhh.

Perk added:


Stats gained:



"F.U.C.K YOU, what do you mean by that shit?"


"I was f.u.c.k.i.n.g sixteen at the time, f.u.c.k off".

Moving on


You can either interfere with the interface with mental or verbal commands, e.g "Stats" or "Inventory".



"Ugh, nothing..."

'Stats' I thought lazily with a mental command.

? LVL 1

HP: 170/170, 1%/s

MP: 140/140, 1%/s

SP: 85/85, 1%/s

Str: 15

Dex: 17

Con: 17

Int: 14

Wis: 12

Cha: 10

Luc: 10

Additional points: 10



A new screen plopped out from somewhere in front of me and showed... Nothing really just 8 slots that were empty. I shut it down with a mental command, which was really easy to do, it almost seemed like the interface did everything I wanted with it.

That's because it's a part of you.

"And you can read my mind of course"

*Scoff* Of Course mortal.

"Yeah yeah you are so great"- I said with an eye roll -" What now? Can I start with my new *Chuckle* Gamer life?"

Not yet.

"What is it now then?"

Next step! Do you want to spin the Perk Roulette?

"Is it free? And what does it do?"

Free Traits/Perks!

"What's the catch?"

Free stuff!


Okay, it's what it sounds like, you could get shited on or get super-lucky.

*Scoff* "I thought it would be some other ominous downside, of course, I will spin then".

Really? Well, here we go!

A big wheel appeared on a screen in front of me and began spinning, there were hundreds, nono thousands of different things you could get, and the Gambler inside of me was screaming with joy.

Perk added:

[Lucky 13]: You are a lucky wanker, +50% of base Luck.

"Ooh, nice nice...One more"

The wheel spun again, around and aroooound. And when it stopped...

Trait added:

[Unnatural Muscaleture]: You are quite a bit stronger when your peers and have it easier to get even stronger, but it's not denser for some reason, well why worry about it? You are strength incarnate, +100% of Base Str.


Trait added:

[Unnatural Beauty]: You won the genetic lottery, or did you? When you walk by, schoolgirls either faints or go into heat(Almost at least).


Want to stop?

"F.U.C.K NO, one more please".

By repeated action a Perk have been rewarded:

[Gamblers Might]: You have even a higher chance to be win from the "higher" and "better" tiers now.

"Nice nice".

The wheel began spinning again

Perk added:

[Manasealed]: Your mana is sealed away and therefore mana and mana based magic is unusable.




F.u.c.k I'm an idiot, why couldn't I stop just gambling when I was ahead? Nooo I just wanted some more god-tier shit and couldn't stop and then I got this f.u.c.k.i.n.g shit, can you even lose perks?

Yes, Perks can be lost through different means.

"Ooh good, then I'm not completely f.u.c.k.i.e.d, but magic is so f.u.c.k.i.n.g cool and now I must wait god-knows how long before I can use some of that.." I rambled off.

One more?


"Well.. Another one couldn't hurt that bad..But that's the last one tho".

And the wheel spun for the last time... For now at least.

Trait added:

[Ambitious]: You have a dream, and in it, you rule the world, +25% EXP Rate.

"That's really good too, I almost think that's my best one to date...Should I do another one? No no I'm good now and this is a good end.."

No more?

"No, I'm good".

Okay moving on...

Final point, any questions before we prepare your background and teleport you?

"Just one, those %-based stuff from earlier, does those stack?"

Yes additively, if they don't say otherwise.

"Oh neat".

Good now?

"Yeah, I just want a quick look at my stats".

? LVL 1

HP: 170/170, 1%/s

MP: 140/140, 1%/s

SP: 85/85, 1%/s

Str: 30(15+100%)

Dex: 17

Con: 17

Int: 14

Wis: 12

Cha: 10

Luc: 15(10+50%)

Additional points: 10

"How do I add points?"

Ugh, I thought you said you were done... Just mentally command the points to where you want them.


Str: 15-20

Dex: 17-20

Con: 17-19


HP: 190/190, 1%/s

MP: 140/140, 1%/s

SP: 97,5/97,5, 1%/s

Str: 40(20+100%)

Dex: 20

Con: 19

Int: 14

Wis: 12

Cha: 10

Luc: 15(10+50%)

Additional points: 0

Well, this shit looks OP for a LVL 1.

The Gamer is inherently OP.

*Chuckle* "Fair enough".

Do you want the premade background? Or do you want a changed version with your new traits in mind?

Hmmm, "A changed version sounds nice".

Will be done shortly.



"Oh f.u.c.k are you done?"

Yeah, 3...



Here we go!

Suddenly the world changed, everything around me warped and twisted, but soon I came around again And I was sitting on a bench in what looked like a train station... And I had a f.u.c.k.i.n.g disgusting headache now.

"F.u.c.k" I muttered out.

"Where the f.u.c.k am I?" I asked out aloud but no answer came from the seemingly empty station.

I noted now that it was dark outside, probably night, but the lamps and train information system lighted up the area around me.

I also noted now that the information wasn't in English it wasn't written in the Latin alphabet...I think it's Kanji? I have something telling me that it was that But I can't really be sure, I have looked at some Anime in Sub but that stuff doesn't show much Kanji really.

'Game' I asked in my thoughts.

But silence ensued

Well, shit now I must figure out where the f.u.c.k I'm.

Quest added!

Where am I, and who am I?

You have woken up in an unfamiliar place and you have no memories of how you got there, or even who you are!

Objectives: Find out who you are[], Find out where you are[]

Reward: [Subskill:?(Journeyman), Your background memories, 10000 ?, 1 Gacha.

Failure: You will be stuck here until you figure it out, you lazy shit

I first just snorted at that, but that was before I saw the last reward A Gacha? Isn't that like some nice Multiversial gambling shit? OP shit in a Roulette sounds pre-tty nice.

So firstly, who am I? I looked down and saw my pants and shoes, some ripped black jeans and some good looking white trainers, 'usual enough'.

I had a red hoodie on me with a black bomber jacket outwardly, stuff I usually wear.

"Hmm" I hmmed out aloud 'Seems like my usual shit' I thought.

I had a big backpack between my legs, which I didn't really care about just now.

So I checked my pockets, and voila! A phone and a Wallet! And by phone, I mean a smartphone, some android variant that I wasn't really familiar with.

I checked my phone first and did not find much, just the time really, which was 19:48 so soon night. I didn't really have any contacts, just some names that didn't make any sense for me, not even any "Mum" or "Dad" contact, "I" haven't even called someone in 3 weeks!

Other stuff was just some apps and the likes, e.g. Snapchat, Twitter, tho there I had some notifications but not overly much.

So I put my phone back into my pocket and checked out my wallet, and lo and behold I found some cash..., in Yen! So I think that means I'm in Japan.. If I remember correctly.

After that, I found some cards, firstly a Visa credit card with the name "Adel Auber" on it.

"Maybe that's my name?"

So I checked out the other cards and I found my ID, and YES Adel Auber is my name but it wasn't the name's fault for startling me It was my face and HAIR.

Oh yeah, I was f.u.c.k.i.n.g handsome, almost "perfect" but I had f.u.c.k.i.n.g Heterochromia IN BOTH MY EYES AND HAIR.

"I F.U.C.K.I.N.G LOOK LIKE SOME MOTHERF.U.C.K.I.N.G ANIME PROTAG WTF HAHAHHAHA" I laughed and looked at my unruly Dark SIlver hair with strands of Snow White flowing through it at random. My eyes were f.u.c.k.i.e.d also, a Gold right eye and a Hazel left eye.

I quickly took up my phone and looked through the front camera on myself and lo and behold, that was the f.u.c.k.i.n.g new me.

"Well hello there Mister Edgelord's greatest creation", I said out loudly, laughing maniacally at the same time.

It took some time for me to come to my senses again, and it was then I say this:

Find out who you are[X].

So I know at least who I'm, but still not where. But I have a feeling it is in Japan because of these scripts which I think are Kanji.

So I start diving into my backpack for some info, and after just some moments I find a stack of paper in the sea of clothes.

So I naturally started reading them...first some Visa papers and all that...Then some school exchange papers...aaand then I found my train ticket...From Tokyo to Kuoh...aaand if I remember correctly that is the name of the "main cast-city" in the Anime with more OP Bigtitty characters than mundane ones...



And that was my thought process for the next 10 minutes, until I had gotten myself.. A bit calmer at least.

So now I figured out wher...

Quest Complete!

Where am I, and who am I?

You have woken up in an unfamiliar place and you have no memories of how you got there, or even who you are!

Objectives: Find out who you are[X], Find out where you are[X]

Reward: [Subskill:?(Journeyman), Your background memories, 10000 ?, 1 Gacha.

Failure: You will be stuck here until you figure it out, you lazy shit


[Subskill: Japanese(Journeyman)] have been added to [Language Master]

10000 Yen have been added to your Inventories Wallet

+1 Gacha, added to your Inventory

Your background memories have been added

And then I was hit with an even worse headache when before, it felt almost like a train slammed right onto my head full speed, just *CRUNCH*.

New memories just flew through me fast-forwarded + Knowledge in Japanese, which isn't that bad.

A childhood I couldn't remember at all, and I mean that no memories not anything, the first memories of this body is in my early preteens, and f.u.c.k, I was a real Lil shithead, always getting in trouble but still somehow being pretty good in school, which actually got me here but we will come to that later.

But the rest had some likeness to my own early teens and mid-teens, mostly being a shithead who thought he was toughshit and f.u.c.k.i.e.d around a lot but I digress.

But the most similarities ended there really, this body lived in an Orphanage or Foster Families for most of his life, I had a mum and dad and all that, back home I will now end all that sappy shit, this is my new life for f.u.c.k sake!

But let me introduce myself, my name is Adel Auber, I'm 17 years old, and I'm a foreign exchange student in Japan, soon beginning the school year in Kuoh Academy 2 years class...Who left my shitty ass life back in Europe, which mostly was just trouble.

I have no idea of the supernatural, but it seems like I have some interest in it, which corresponds with my old life, but other than that I'm just a "normal" slightly bitchy hormonal teenager, with heterochromia.

Well it sounds Good? Naah just anime as f.u.c.k.

But I will start my first semester as they call it here, in a week, at the beginning of April.

But one of the things I'm mostly scared about is my own lack of metaknowledge in this Universe Well, I know some things from watching the anime until the end of the Riser arc, mostly because I can't stand Issei.

Then I have some knowledge from fanfictions and the wiki, because even though I can't stand the MC I like the Verse, with all the mythology stuff and all those other yummy things.

And then even though I like the DxD Verse I can't say I want to live in a hellhole of super OP characters on all street corners, so what can I do about it? Nothing really I think, at least at the moment.

But before I make some rough plans I should get to the apartment I have rented before some Stray Devil or some even more disgusting creature takes me away.

Well, the journey to get my key from my landlady was uneventful, just some younglings shouting gaijin at me and some ladies ogling me.

My landlady was nice, a sixty-something-year-old lady with good manners and all that, she didn't even call me a gaijin so I think we are good. She seemed surprised though when she saw me but she warmed up pretty fast through some talking.

My apartment was the same as the Game showed earlier, just a spartan apartment with few things in it, a small bedroom, a small kitchen area with some found the landlady left me, and a small eating area. Nothing more nothing less. It's not perfect, but it has to do at the moment, until I get some cash.

And now I'm sitting here contemplating this mess, meaning everything that will happen and if I will be with the "main cast" and do it, from what I remember Rias wants more peerage members to be able to rival Risers one, so do I want to join? I think so, being a Devil can't be that big of a hassle, just that holy and light weakness seems to be bad, and from what I remember Devils should be stronger and faster when Humans so that should give me a good boost right?

There just exists one big problem with that plan Issei, I can't stand him through the Anime and I don't think I can stand him IRL either, so he gotta go someway, this is my second life and I will f.u.c.k.i.n.g live it to the fullest.

Will I kill him? Not necessarily, but if I must well. But I want some other options first so they can't just resurrect him and screw me over that way, Devils shouldn't be that mad if a mundane human dies right? Maybe but other options must be explored first, I'm not a killer yet but this universe will probably make me one either way

But just wtf Am I thinking about? Killing a f.u.c.k.i.n.g innocent teenager? For what? How the f.u.c.k did this trail of disgusting thoughts go through? The best way must just be to remove this Sacred Gear someway? Or try to kill Ddraig or something, Ddraig is nowaaay innocent in this Universe so I don't think I would lose that much sleep that way, it would just be revenge served late for thousands of souls

So the rough plan is: Kill Ddraig someway or just get Issei out of the "Main cast", and then maybe find a nice route to become a Devil and get a free powerup early on.

Quest added!

F.u.c.k off Issei!

Get back for all the wasted hours of watching a mentally handicapped teen, and maybe "steal" his harem on the way.

Objective: Find a way to disable Issei, either permanently or just his worth.

Hidden Optional Objectives 1,2,3: ?,?,?

Reward: 100000 Yen, No Issei in the "plot", [Harem King] perk, 2 Gacha.

Hidden Rewards:?,?,?

Failure: ?, Maybe death?

"Well some dislikes Issei too it seems like, neat, but what is up with that Failure shit? Either way, I accept, the Rewards sounds nice, and 2 Gacha is always nice.

But firstly I'm f.u.c.k.i.n.g tired...And I have a Gacha still, sooo let's do a spin, shall we?

Item added:

[Powershard of the Scarlet King]:

Will give you a really small fraction of the power from the Defiler of Worlds

Patch Note: After some unfortunate incidents we have changed the item so there isn't a transformation anymore and the power signature is also changed, just the perk, title, and skills gained are left. Otherwise, you would soon have an Angry "Daddy" knocking on your door.

Changed features: The power isn't identical to the Scarlet King, and it DOESN'T make you a child of him anymore

Uhmmm, what the actual f.u.c.k is this?


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