My Self Insert Stash Book Chapter 472

Volume 5: The De Confinement Arc Chapter 472 My Oc Stash 72 Detective Midoriya By Rogueptoridactyl Mha

-Was worried that it was just going to be a rehash of the original but there are the occasional twists that carries the fic~

Synopsis: After the sludge incident, Izuku Midoriya's dream was officially crushed. However, a later experience takes the boy in a new direction. Izuku had never really contemplated being a detective, but his whole life he'd only ever wanted to help people with a smile on his face. Thanks to some luck and an entire police station, Izuku's dream is reborn.

Rated: T

Words: 136K

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Chapter 1


There were a few rules that Yagi Toshinori was still struggling to instill into his students, rules that seemed so trivial and mundane that it seemed a bit ludicrous that heroes had to learn it in the first place. The first was to take every task seriously, no matter how trivial it may have seemed. Young Bakugou especially struggled with that one, giving up on a task once it was completed to his satisfaction, or if it was deemed trivial, he often would make matters worse.

The second rule was to be mindful of your stamina. This was a bittersweet lesson for Toshinori, because it was his disregard for this rule that left him with only an hour of hero time each day. He saw the same tendencies in a few of his students, such as young Kirishima and young Satoa.

Finally, the third and most important rule was to always be aware of your surroundings. Ashido probably struggled the most with this, and Toshinori was struggling to find a way to teach the girl the rule before someone else had to pay the price of her inattention.

These rules were cycling through Toshinori's mind when he woke up. After enough years of dealing with crime, a person gets almost a sixth sense for it. When Toshinori woke up that day, he could feel it in his bones that something bad was going to happen.

He was already calculating how much hero work he would be able to accomplish, but a lot of it depended on luck. Toshinori just hoped that he would have time left when it was needed.

Distracted by his worrying, Toshinori didn't notice the dip in the sidewalk. He barely managed to catch himself from falling, but the papers in his hands were not nearly as lucky.

Cursing under his breath, Toshinori moved to gather the papers, but a pair of freckled hands were already collecting them for him. Toshinori looked up to see a pair of bright green eyes that looked vaguely familiar, eyes that held far too much recognition for Toshinori's comfort.

Wordlessly the boy shoved the papers into the hero's hands and scrambled away, giving Toshinori a better view of the retreating figure. He was short, and clearly still a teenager, wearing a dirty hoodie over ripped jeans. Everything about him screamed that he was a hoodlum. The boy's appearance combined with Toshinori's uneasiness put the man on even higher alert. Something told him that that boy would have a hand in whatever was going to unfold.

Throughout the day, he would have described the anxiety plaguing him as a pit in his stomach if he still had a stomach. His teaching suffered because of it, and young Bakugou wasn't shy about telling him so. Luckily it wasn't just Toshinori, however, that felt off. No, a sense of looming danger hung over all the students in the hero course, one that the teachers felt even more acutely.

Toshinori was making a lot of the same mistakes he'd made his first year of teaching. Luckily his students had grown immensely since then and there weren't any incidents.

They were in the middle of an exercise dealing with rescuing hostages when his phone rang. Seeing who was calling, Toshinori answered immediately.

"What is it, Tsukauchi?"

"We've got a huge fight, Toshinori," the detective's terse voice informed him. "I've got an undercover detective in the middle of it all, so I need you and whichever heroes you think are best for the job, now. This isn't a job for your students." With that, Tsukauchi hung up, only for a text message with an address to come through.

Swallowing thickly, the hero called Nedzu. Before the principal could even really answer, All Might said, "I need you to watch my cliass. There's a situation that I was called in to." After a few moments he added, "And Midnight and Eraserhead are needed as well."

"Very well. I shall inform the other two and be there momentarily," Nedzu responded. And sure enough, before Toshinori could do more than explain the situation to his class, Nedzu was already strolling into the room.

The pro-hero rushed to the parking lot where his truck waited, along with Aizawa and Nemuri. Luckily the two were okay with Toshinori's breakneck pace, and Aizawa was a good navigator.

All Might knew he'd found the place when they drove up to a warehouse positively swarmed by police cars. Tsukauchi was pacing outside the warehouse looking more stressed than All Might had ever seen him.

Still in the truck, Toshinori transformed into his hero persona. Looking at Aizawa and Nemuri respectively, he could tell that all three heroes were ready for whatever came.

They moved towards Tsukauchi uniformly, ready to be debriefed. Toshinori tried to keep his surprise from showing- the man was fretting.

Turning to the heroes, Tsukauchi said, "We have no idea what the situation is inside, we lost contact with out undercover detective. There's over fifty people inside, most if not all with extensive criminal records. Be vigilant. Don't get my boy killed."

All Might shivered at the emotions in the detective's voice before accepting an ear piece from Aizawa.

"I'll go in first," he was saying. "I'll keep you all updated on the situation so we don't just make it worse."

The other two nodded and Aizawa was gone, disappearing into the warehouse. Toshinori stationed himself by one of the doors, fully prepared to burst in at a moment's notice. Then, he listened.

"Okay, I'm getting close to the main fight. It doesn't sound as violent as I expected," crackled Aizawa's voice. "I'll have a visual soon."

All Might whispered the update to Tsukauchi, whose stress was palpable. Both men stood at attention, not daring to speak.

"They're at a ceasefire," Aizawa said. "The two leaders are already talking things over to end it all without bloodshed. It's all because of some kid with green hair."

Upon hearing that information, Tsukauchi breathed in a sigh of relief. "I don't know how the kid does it."

"I'm guessing the kid is our undercover detective. He's amazing, he's gotten everyone to stop fighting but he still hasn't blown his cover," came Aizawa's voice. All Might couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. The two were going on three years of teaching together, and he had never heard the man give such high praise to anyone.

"I take it he's one of yours?" All Might asked Tsukauchi in a low voice. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/my-self-insert-stash_15819206506160005/my-oc-stash-72---detective-midoriya-by-rogueptoridactyl-(mha)_51165777725803420 for visiting.

"Our youngest detective yet," the man said proudly. "Midoriya is the best analytical mind we have. It's a good thing his mother doesn't want to move, or he would've been poached by some other district already. Offers are still pouring in for him."

"What kind of quirk does he have? He seems to have handled this all incredibly smoothly," All Might said curiously.

"He's actually quirkless," Tsukauchi said blandly. "Years ago he had his heart set on being a hero but apparently he was involved in an incident. He tried to help out, but the pros just berated him and one even told him to keep his dreams attainable. It honestly almost broke the kid, but whoever that hero was made one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. Midoriya may be quirkless, but he's one of the most determined and skilled people I've ever met."

A chill ran down All Might's spine as he remembered an incident years ago with a scrawny green haired boy. Was it his words that had nearly broken the child? Surely that couldn't have been the boy that had just impressed Eraserhead so deeply. He was far too young to be a detective, if All Might remembered correctly. Where was that child? Toshinori probably should have kept better tabs on the boy who knew his secret.

Aizawa's voice broke All Might from his ponderings. "Send in Midnight. If she's stealthy enough we should get this resolved with minimal injury,.

"Got it. I'm coming in," Midnight said into the earpiece. Shortly after, however, Aizawa gasped.

"What's going on,Eraserhead?" Toshinori demanded.

"Someone's using their quirk. I can't find them, and-"

The audio was overtaken by static, confirming the feeling in Toshinori's gut that everything was going too well. "Eraserhead? Eraserhead! Midnight?"

All Might could feel his heart slamming in his chest. When neither hero answered him. Toshinori said, "Someone's using their quirk in there, I'm going in."

Tsukauchi moved to protest, but All Might was already barrelling through the doors with his signature laugh and catchphrase. It was just then that the earpiece started working again. "-mit All Might, we almost had it," Eraserhead was hissing.

All Might didn't know what all the fuss was about as the situation seemed to be in hand. Thanks to Midnight's quirk almost all the men were unconscious, and those that weren't were swiftly rendered useless by Eraserhead.

"A job well done, fellow heroes," All Might said with a booming laugh, a laugh loud enough to cover the sound of a gun being c.o.c.ked.

"MOVE!" A young voice called before something collided into Toshinori, jolting the man before a gunshot rang across the warehouse.

Static seemed to fill Toshinori's ears as he felt time slow down. The thing, or person, rather, who had collided with Toshinori collapsed onto the hero, something warm and wet seeping onto him. Looking down, Toshinori found a head of green hair that contrasted with the blood that was beginning to cover both him and the boy who had just taken a bullet for the Number One Hero.

Coughing wetly, the boy almost fell to the ground before Toshinori remembered himself and caught the boy, gently lowering him to the ground. In the background he heard the telltale sounds of Midnight taking care of the gunman. But right now, the boy's life depended on Toshinori's assistance. For the first time in years, Toshinori wished that he had his cape, any loose fabric he could rip off to staunch the bleeding. As it was, he had no option but to use his massive hands to press down on the boy's abdomen, praying to some higher power that he was helping. But the boy's breath was still coming out as violent gasps of air, his green eyes darting around, unseeing. All Might's stomach sank as he recognized those same green eyes and freckles he'd been wary of that same morning.

"What was that gunshot?" Tsukauchi demanded, rushing in after Toshinori. Seeing the boy on the ground, the man froze before growling, "I want restraints on every person in here that isn't one of us. We need an ambulance NOW!"

All Might flinched at the ferocity in his old friend's voice. Police officers poured in, complying with the man's every order, though many hardened upon seeing the boy in Toshinori's arms.

Orders given, Tsukauchi collapsed beside the boy, ripping off his jacket to try and staunch the bleeding, which was infinitely more helpful than Toshinori's hands.

"Midoriya, stay with me," the detective begged. "Just keep breathing."

Finally those green eyes found something to focus on as the boy looked up, latching onto the form of the older detective. When he did speak, the wheezes were barely recognizable as words.

"Trying to sir," the boy said, pausing to cough. To their horror, drops of blood sprayed out with each cough. "Just in case, tell Mom love her."

"Kid, I order you not to die," Tsukauchi said seriously, pressing even harder on his jacket. "I will not explain this to your mother. You have to keep fighting."

"You know always follow orders," Midoriya rasped, quirking his lips into the barest trace of a smile before his eyelids fluttered shut.

Toshinori swallowed thickly, feeling like this was somehow his fault. The bullet had been meant for him, he knew, and this child had intercepted it- and based on their interaction, this child was Tsukauchi's detective.

There were fundamental rules that are so logical that one wouldn't think that heroes needed to learn them. The third and most important rule pounded through his head, and he could practically hear the voices of his students critiquing him the same way that they would critique one another in an exercise.

"Why was there anyone still awake to attack?" Aizawa would ask in that steely voice.

Iida and Yaoyorozu would fight to analyze the situation first, but in the end Yaoyorozu would win. "There hadn't been sufficient time for Midnight's quirk to fully spread throughout the room, and All Might's entrance brought in more air flow to disperse her quirk, allowing the villains to further resist. When he mistakenly thought the situation was taken care of, he made enough noise to allow the villains the element of surprise."

"And which rule was broken?" Aizawa would ask, staring Toshinori down so he would know exactly what he had done.

"Ooh, I know!" Ashido would shout, jumping up and down. "It's my rule, the third and most important rule!"

Toshinori had let his guard down, foolishly unaware of his surroundings. And just as he always warned his students, All Might was not the one who paid the price. Indeed, instead it was paid by his closest friend's protege.

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