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  • You For Eternity

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  Urban Life
  • Status : Completed
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You For Eternity summary:

The most daring thing Qiantao has done in her life is to calculate the most authoritative man in Haicheng-Li Hengzhi. As a result, cleverness was mistaken by cleverness and became Mrs. Li.It was night, Qiantao still resisted: “Mr. Li, contract marriage, why take it seriously!”“The first lady in Haicheng, my fifty million is always worth it.”…Xiao Zhengtai pulled the corner of Qiantao’s clothes and said: “Someone asked me to tell you that you belonged to the cleansing house. If you stole me, it is a breach of contract. He can sue you, and you-there is no chance of winning!”Qiantao squinted her eyes and smiled and said, “Please tell him, you are not his son.”“She said, I am not—”Mr. Li finally went crazy: “Then I have to decide too!”“I’m sorry, Mr. Li, we are divorced and we have lost money and money.”- Description from MTL

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You For Eternity Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1067:one year ago
Chapter 542:one year ago
Chapter 269:one year ago
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