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  • You Are My Gravity

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama
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You Are My Gravity summary:

In the past, she avoided Gu Jingyuan.Later, he asked: “I can give you wealth, rights, whatever you want, as long as you marry me, are you willing?”She nodded frantically: “Will you be willing, okay to get the certificate now?”If you don’t want such a high-quality man, is it still waiting for others to grab it?After marriage, Gu Jingyuan’s life is to help his wife abuse scum, dog abuse, and show love to his wife!…In front of people, he is an ascetic male god who is popular with thousands of men and women and has power in Kyoto.The queen, only Qin Se knew that this man was golden and jade, with a black belly.- Description from MTL

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You Are My Gravity Chapters

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Chapter 33: Hug2 years ago
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