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  • Stone Age Husband Raising Journal

  • Author(s): 决绝
  • Genres : Adventure -  Fantasy -  Romance -  Comedy -  Historical -  Yaoi -  Slice of Life -  决绝
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 4.59 K
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    Stone Age Husband Raising Journal1 votes : 5 / 5 1

Stone Age Husband Raising Journal summary:

What should you do when the person you like is no longer loyal? Find another one!This time, in order to avoid trouble, Xiong Ye chose the weakest man in the tribe as his new companion.In any case, he can afford him!With his strength, he’ll definitely be able to let his own man eat meat every day instead of grass.* *Zhou Ji, the ‘weakest man’ who had just transmigrated over from the apocalypse and likes to indulge in eating ‘grass’: "…"He’s not the same person anymore! He is clearly capable of killing the entire tribe by himself!

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Stone Age Husband Raising Journal Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 181.23 months ago
Chapter 181.13 months ago
Chapter 180.13 months ago
Chapter 1753 months ago
Chapter 1743 months ago
Chapter 155 Fight3 months ago
Chapter 148 Duel3 months ago
Chapter 115 Doubt3 months ago
Chapter 102 Food3 months ago
Chapter 89.23 months ago
Chapter 80 Canoe3 months ago
Chapter 69 Bat3 months ago
Chapter 60 Barley3 months ago
Chapter 59 Ambush3 months ago
Chapter 57 Acting3 months ago
Chapter 52 Scheme3 months ago
Chapter 48 Crazy3 months ago
Chapter 34 Coma3 months ago
Chapter 25 Win3 months ago
Chapter 24 Reply3 months ago
Chapter 21 Fight3 months ago
Chapter 20 Niu Er3 months ago
Chapter 17 Priest3 months ago
Chapter 6 Fight3 months ago
Chapter 5 Doubts3 months ago
Chapter 4 Hunting3 months ago
Chapter 3 Zhou Ji3 months ago
Chapter 2 Shi Li3 months ago
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