The Villainous Emperor Is My Pet? Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1 Chapter 25 A Harmless Young Maiden Like Me

Guest of honour

I felt my soul trying to escape my body. Why was death waiting for me at every step in this novel? I had a stupid cheat. If I was the author, I would have given myself an awesome cheat like hypnotizing people.

I would have hypnotized Aloisia to not seek revenge and find her happiness on her own. I would have hypnotized this emperor to fall in love with some woman and rule peacefully. Then, I would have looked for the deity.

But the damn author or that deity had to make my life difficult.

"Why am I the guest of honour?" I choked the words out. There was no way that I would go to the North Kingdom. Kaige Jin would recognize me. What would be my fate? This emperor would kill me if he found out the truth. If I died for the third time, it's permanent death.

"I don't know." He studied me with a measuring gaze. I couldn't tell what was going inside his head. It was easy to get distracted when a guy was devastatingly good looking. He added after a pause, "As usual, he's playing games with me."

Games with him? Were the emperor and the king associated with each other? How could this damn novel miss this important detail? However, it made sense. If Kaige and Dante had met each other, it wouldn't be strange if Dante knew about Aloisia.

If he had met her, he would have recognized her right away.

Unless he had prosopagnosia.

I shifted closer to him. He was looking at the invitation quietly. "Emperor."

"Hmm?" He didn't look at me. For the first time, I appreciated that he was so stupid when it came to basic manners. But he seemed rather relaxed around me.

"What's the colour of my eyes?" I asked.

He turned his head toward me. "Green."

Right. If he had prosopagnosia, he wouldn't be able to see the colour of my eyes.

Would he? I couldn't tell if I was right. I had never met a man with prosopagnosia. I had only seen that condition in stupid Kdrama.

Can you see faces?" I grabbed his arm. "Don't lie to me. If you can't see faces, I will become your eyes. I will help you adjust with daily lives."

For a long moment, he kept staring at me. I thought that he had lost his rationality. Did I look that pretty in his eyes? But bloody red hair didn't compliment my current skin tone. I did have red hair well, ginger to be exact. And my original body had flawless skin and a well-developed body. I had worked hard on it. I decided that I had to go back.

"How did you know that I had that problem?" He glanced at my hand on his arm. "And why are your hands still cold?"

Wait! I was right! The emperor had prosopagnosia. What a cliche novel! Did he hit his head or something? Damn it! I should have read more about prosopagnosia.

Didn't he lie when he said that the red hair suited me?

I clicked my tongue. "Emperor, it's not good to lie to a harmless young maiden like me."

He rolled his eyes. "Don't change the topic."

"What did I say?" I didn't like men who gave empty compliments. "You can't even see my face. How do you know if red hair suits me?"

"I asked why your hands are cold." He rubbed my palms. "The room is warm but your hands are cold."

Was he the same guy who made me walk while my hands were tied with a rope? This guy who had killed me twice was trying to warm my hands. What a hypocrite! I had no doubt that he was doing it because he thought that I was Aloisia Bloodworth.

Since he liked her so much, I decided to take advantage of it. "Your majesty, I don't want to go to the engagement party."

He massaged my fingers, cracking my knuckles. His dark eyes were completely focused on my hands. I couldn't help but find him cute.

NOT MUCH! Just a little, okay?

Suddenly, he froze. He blinked his eyes several times. Dante grimaced at me before he turned his head away.

Why the f.u.c.k was he angry again? I didn't ask him to treat my hands.

"Why do you not want to go?" He asked.

"I changed my appearance with magic," I told him, "Well, King Kaige chose someone else. I was heartbroken, but I understand his preferences. But I have no idea who poisoned my family. I tried to raise them as undead to find out the answer. Things went out of the hand. I was accused of associating with the devil."

It should be possible to change appearance with magic. Some makeup could easily change a person's face. But it was a wild guess. Since he didn't seem surprised, I must have been right.

I sniffled while covering my face with my palms. "I only did it because I wanted to find out the person who killed my family and bring them justice. Nobody believed me. When I had no choice, I ran away. But I knew that they wouldn't stop chasing after me. That's why I changed my appearance. However, I still got caught."

I thanked my brain for coming up with an excellent back story. It was plausible that Aloisia hadn't killed her family. Why the f.u.c.k would she do that? The book mentioned that Duke Bloodworth loved his crazy daughter. She was pampered and spoiled. Crazy villains usually have super good or super bad set up. It's never average for sure.

But I couldn't be more wrong. The emperor's heart was made of stone. He laughed at me.

"Do you hate that you got caught by me?" He leaned closer a little, putting his arm on the sofa's arm and his other hand on my shoulder.

I found myself in an ambiguous position. He was close enough to kiss my face. Also, his hand was close to my neck. Did he want to break my neck or kiss me? I stared into his eyes.

There was interest. But even an idiot could tell that he wasn't interested in kissing me. I might have dated only one man, but I wasn't an inexperienced woman. His obsidian eyes didn't have any feelings.

He seemed to be waiting for an answer.

"Erm" It's so awkward. "Emperor, do you truly want to hear an answer to that question?"

Dante nodded his head.

"Okay." Since I was Aloisia, he won't kill me. Not anytime soon. "Emperor, you kill people without a second thought."

"An emperor must not hesitate before wiping out small flies." He didn't even blink when he said that to me.

The back of my dress was drenched with my sweat. So, I was just a fly to him. I fisted my hands. What was stopping me from punching this man's face? "Did anyone tell you that you are an asshole?"

"I have heard it plenty of times." He moved back, putting away the invitation. "Why would you continue to call me an asshole when I saved your life?"

"You didn't save me for free." I yelled at him, "You want me to raise undeads for you."

"I also gave you a second option." He gave me a look. "Become my wife."

"Wife?" I wrinkled my nose. "Dude, you asked me to be your concubine."

"I changed my mind after seeing your red hair." He tapped his fingers on the sofa arm. "You are brave enough to not faint when I am in front of you. I will help you investigate the death of your family."

Didn't he have prosopagnosia? And any woman who wouldn't faint in front of him was okay?

"You can stay as my attendant and raise the undeads for me or you can marry me and live a good life. When I become the emperor, I need an empress who can"

He sighed. "Don't expect any love from me."

The iconic line I almost covered my ears.

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