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Sorry Ive Been Invincible For A Billion Years summary:

What are you talking about, you are a reincarnator? In the last life, you were a god, so I am not qualified to kill you? Chu Lingxiaos eyes were full of contempt as he lightly waved his big hand.This reincarnator, known as the Sword Immortal, dissipated into nothingness.King of Assassins? Wealth comparable to a country? Also, a master who is number one in the Sky Ranking? The woman youre interested in, let me stay away?Next second.The King of Assassins, dead!You, a waste, got a cultivation system and became the patriarch of a royal martial family? I cant afford to offend you?Chu Lingxiao coldly smiled: Im sorry, people like you, Ive killed no fewer than five hundred.The waste who thought he could soar, died with horror engraved on his face.You travelled to the Realm of Cultivation, and in just a thousand years, you became a supreme power, titled the Imperial Monarch?Chu Lingxiao lightly said:Im sorry, 300,000 years ago, there was a peerless heavenly emperor who traversed the universe, his head is still buried on the moon.- Description from Novelupdates

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Sorry Ive Been Invincible For A Billion Years Chapters

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Chapter 5: Panic9 months ago
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