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  • Genres : Fantasy -  Comedy -  Transmigration -  Misunderstandings -  Parody -  opmc -  op -  slowpace -  TRANSPORTEDINTOANOTHERWORLD -  LOYALSUBORDINATES
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Yggdrasil's Pupil summary:

/ Fantasy / Yggdrasil's PupilFantasy 62 Chapters 37.9K ViewsYggdrasil’s Pupil. A direct representative of the God Tree. A protector and a bridge with the world. No one truly knows where he came from. The one that would come to lead them all. Guiding the Eternal Forest’s inhabitants. A place of myth and legends. All we know is he left his mark everywhere in the world. I spent my whole life looking for answers. I just found a manuscript apparently shedding light on it all. I just have one thing to say: “What the fuck is this?!” *Sigh* I will just copy it in its entirety. You guys can judge for yourselves. *PS: Slice of life start to explore the forest ;)* **** Schedule: 3 chapters a day My Discord: https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

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