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  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Comedy -  Harem -  Reincarnation -  System -  r18 -  games -  SMARTPHONE
  • Status : Ongoing
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Isekai : Cheat Internet connection summary:

/ Fantasy / Isekai : Cheat Internet connectionFantasy 67 Chapters 163.0K ViewsAs a smartphone lover, Rei Kuraki comes across a suspicious application when he is looking for a new application, as usual, one day. It seems interesting at once, so when I try DL and play, I suddenly get thrown into another world! Wait a minute, here! Moreover, all data on my smartphone has been lost!!!! That's a lie, my invoice data is left out!!! But this smartphone is awesome!!!! But there are too many billing factors!!!! There are too many tsukkomi! My adventure starts with this. No, I'm not traveling because I just played with my smartphone at the inn. Am I strong in a different world? No, I can't swing the sword properly because I have the same physical strength. Super rich in the Industrial Revolution? No, I ran out of money right away due to too many billing factors for my smartphone. My great thing is I only have a great smartphone ... that? Isn't that worthy of me?

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Isekai : Cheat Internet connection Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 406 days ago
Chapter 396 days ago
Chapter 386 days ago
Chapter 376 days ago
Chapter 366 days ago
Chapter 356 days ago
Chapter 346 days ago
Chapter 336 days ago
Chapter 326 days ago
Chapter 316 days ago
Chapter 306 days ago
Chapter 296 days ago
Chapter 286 days ago
Chapter 276 days ago
Chapter 266 days ago
Chapter 256 days ago
Chapter 246 days ago
Chapter 236 days ago
Chapter 226 days ago
Chapter 216 days ago
Chapter 206 days ago
Chapter 196 days ago
Chapter 186 days ago
Chapter 176 days ago
Chapter 166 days ago
Chapter 156 days ago
Chapter 146 days ago
Chapter 136 days ago
Chapter 126 days ago
Chapter 116 days ago
Chapter 106 days ago
Chapter 96 days ago
Chapter 86 days ago
Chapter 76 days ago
Chapter 66 days ago
Chapter 56 days ago
Chapter 46 days ago
Chapter 36 days ago
Chapter 26 days ago
Chapter 16 days ago
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