Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 921

Chapter 922 Alchemy Nation

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Lin Li stayed in the Tower of Dusk for 20 days, and he politely declined all visitors. He focused on strengthening his realm once more. The conversations that he had with the three arbitrators definitely made Lin Li gain a lot of knowledge. Just because he did not advance in level, it did not mean that his strength hadnt increased. In particular, the use of power in the Sanctuary-realm was the knowledge that Lin Li needed the most now.

20 days later, Lin Li himself could feel that the combat power he was able to exert now was absolutely no longer comparable to what he had been able to use before. It was actually like a person who possessed a weapon having to learn how to use it and how to exert its power to the fullest. It was like the difference in combat power between a person holding a sword and slashing like a madman and a person who had an amazing mastery of swordsmanship. The combat power exerted by the same sword would be different in his hands.

After adjusting his state to his best, Lin Li began to consider the combinations of members in his team. His enemy could be near the peak of the Sanctuary-realm, and he definitely couldnt fight him alone. Besides, the Ghost could also deploy the Undead Heaven, which was an ultimate Necromagic spell that would summon countless Undead creatures to fight with him.

Lin Li definitely wanted to take a group of mages of the Tower of Dusk along with him, as well as a new batch of mages who had joined. He did not expect them to deal with the Ghost, but given their strength, they would definitely be able to do so. At the same time, it would be a good training for the new mages.

Considering that the other party would summon a large number of Undead creatures, apart from Norfeller and Ujfalusi, his Undead servants, Lin Li decided to bring the Holy Death Knights in the Black Front Fortress along with him. The Death Knights who had Divine Power were undoubtedly the archnemesis of the Undead creatures. Besides, there was already a Retribution Knight amongst the Undead creatures. He reckoned that a few more Retribution Knights might appear after they consumed a large amount of soul fire.

Next, there was Connoris. If it had been in the past, Lin Li definitely wouldnt have taken Connoris to see the Ghost. After all, the perfect body that Connoris was using had been originally prepared for the Ghost by Osric. God knew what kind of changes wouldve happened if the two had met previously.

However, things were different now. Lin Li had already used the Immortal Kings method to modify the perfect body. Without the previous flaws, Connoris soul and the perfect body had fused completely. Even the Ghost could not take it away.

"This time, the operation in the Sky Castle is extremely dangerous. The other party is a Ghost at the peak of the Sanctuary-realm. I cant protect you at all."

Lin Li originally was not planning to take Angelano with him, because his colorful armor was too embarrassing. However, Angelano overcame his cowardly personality, and his armor seemed to have given him a greater sense of security. No matter how terrifying Lin Li made the Sky Castle out to be, he actually insisted on joining the operation. He even said that Lin Li would be looking down on him and the goblins if he did not let him join the operation. He was becoming more and more confident, and Lin Li had no idea who taught him that.

However, after selecting the people he would be bringing with him to the operation, Lin Li didnt move immediately. The existence of the Ghost was only one of the problems that Lin Li would face this time. The more important thing was controlling the Sky Castle after getting rid of the Ghost.

While Lin Li already had the control crystal of the Sky Castle, it was just like a key that meant that he had the rights to control the Sky Castle, and how he could control it was another problem.

Although the Sky Castle had been explored once back then, and they had also obtained many wonderful things from the Central Tower, the Sky Castle spanned a huge area, and their exploration had actually been quite rushed.

Initially, Lin Li and the others had planned to continue exploring the other areas after coming out of the Central Tower. However, the Ghost had suddenly awakened. Faced with the powerful Ghost, Lin Li and the rest had had no choice but to leave in a hurry. They had not had the time to explore the Sky Castle in detail at all. Of course, that was a huge pity to everyone else, but to Lin Li, it was a good thing.

Lin Li did not just imagine the secrets of the Sky Castle. After all, he still had the Eternal Furnace which the Highlord Osric had created by replicating the Sky Castles. Even though the two were worlds apart, there were also similarities.

After acquiring the Eternal Furnace, Lin Li hadnt missed any opportunity to study the structures and other aspects of the Eternal Furnace. He could be considered to have obtained many secrets of the Eternal Furnace, especially with the presence of the Guru of Alchemy, Angelano. As for whether or not those things could be used in the Sky Castle, no one could be sure, but it would not be wrong to prepare beforehand.

Apart from that, Lin Li had also specially visited the Ashen Warlock. The Sky Castle belonged to the Immortal King, and the Ashen Warlock was created by the Immortal King. He felt that the two might be related.

Finally, once everything was ready, Lin Li set off with his team for the Haiga Mountain Range. Anyone who saw the Tower of Dusks team would know that Lin Li was going to make another big move again. However, no one had come to talk about cooperation this time.

This team was much stronger than the one with the Malfa Family and the Dark Blade back then. Even though the Haiga Mountain Range was known as one of the forbidden places in the world of Anril, the menacing Legendary beasts couldnt stop them from advancing.

Under Lin Lis lead, they only took a few days to enter the Haiga Mountain Range, followed by the area where life was forbidden, and the green dragon lair. They reached the place where they had fought the green dragons back then. Recalling the experience that they had back then, Lin Li could not help but feel emotional.

The Green Dragon King that had made Lin Li and the rest feel hopeless was no longer Lin Lis match now. Unfortunately, the green dragon lair did not have any signs of life at all. The green dragons that had been sent away by the tender Elemental Wyrm, Xiao Hua, had gone somewhere too. It seemed that they had never returned.

There was a Teleportation Portal at the end of the green dragons lair. Due to the fact that Lin Li did not know the current situation in the Sky Castle, he did not get the team to teleport in batches, but stood alone in the center of the array formation, and took out the massive control crystal before activating the Teleportation Portal.

As the Teleportation Portal was activated, the teleportation did not start immediately after the Teleportation Portal on the stone platform lit up. Instead, it gradually began expanding under the power of the control crystal. Once the entire team was shrouded in the light of the Teleportation Portal, everyone immediately vanished.

Actually, Lin Li could still send the entire team to the Sky Castle using the control crystal of the Sky Castle in the other areas. However, he did not have the teleportation coordinates recorded in the Teleportation Portal. Hence, he could only lead the team to that place, and obtain the coordinates before using the control crystal.

Perhaps because of the use of control crystal, the teleportation didnt feel like they were floating in the chaos of time and space. It simply felt like their surroundings had turned into the Sky Castle in the blink of an eye.

As soon as the team of the Tower of Dusk appeared in the Sky Castle, they immediately got attacked. Fortunately, Lin Li had prepared for the terrible Ghost. He had long instructed everyone to take precautions. However, to Lin Lis surprise, it was not the Ghost and Undead creatures that attacked them. Instead, they were attacked by two massive Alchemy Colossuses.

Of course, the two Alchemy Colossus could not be compared to Angelanos Titan-level Alchemy Colossus. They seemed somewhat similar to the two Alchemy Colossuses that Lin Li had obtained in the Dragon Mountains in the past. The two Alchemy Colossuses were also beasts which had strength probably nearly equivalent to the Legendary-level.

Such Alchemy Colossus were actually quite strong in the world of Anril, but they were unfortunately too weak for the Tower of Dusks team.

The first to react was the Vampire Norfeller, who was known for his speed. He immediately darted out like a bolt of lightning. Norfellers body flickered several times around one Alchemy Colossus, and by the time he returned to the team, the Alchemy Colossus crumbled and collapsed onto the ground.

On the other hand, Ujfalusi had also raised the Skeleton Staff in his hand, and he immediately cast a Death Entanglement spell. A python-like wisp of black mist darted out of thin air, entangling the other Alchemy Colossus in the blink of an eye. Next, the black mist was retracted, and the massive body of the Alchemy Colossus began to be warped. It suddenly lost its ability to move as well.

Norfeller was a powerhouse who was at the peak of level-23, while Ujfalusi was a level-24 Lich. He was definitely an elite powerhouse in Anril. Not to mention, they had spent a long time with Angelano, and did know quite a lot about the weaknesses of the Alchemy Colossuses. They could easily deal with two small Alchemy Colossuses.

At this moment, Lin Li discovered that the Sky Castle was no longer filled with Undead creatures like when he left. Instead, there were two more teams of explorers.

Lin Li was very familiar with the outfits of the members of one of the team. They were from the Brilliance Shrine and composed of some priests and Paladins. In the Brilliance Shrine, the priests were similar in nature to mages. They could use Holy Light Magic for attacking and healing. The Paladins were wearing regular armament of the Brilliance Shrine. There were some in every parish, and they were forces that maintained order. They were also known as Guardian Knights.

The members of the other team were dressed specially, and they had a somewhat exotic vibe, which was rather complicated as well. There were mages, priests, Warriors, and some Alchemy Colossuses. Without a doubt, the Alchemy Colossuses that attacked the Tower of Dusk were from that team.

"One is a team from the Brilliance Shrine. Could the other one be from the Rotterdam Kingdom?" Basel asked in an uncertain tone with a frown.

"Rotterdam?" Upon hearing Basels words, Lin Li also immediately remembered that when he was in the Dragon Mountains and destroying the Syer Bandits, he had also acquired two Alchemy Colossuses. At the same time, there were also a few Archmages that seemed to be from Rotterdam Kingdom.

The Rotterdam Kingdom was said to be located in a place where the Goblins had lived. Hence, they had discovered many Goblin ruins, which allowed them to gain the alchemical knowledge of the Goblins. Although there were mages and priests in the Rotterdam Kingdom where religion was not a restriction, alchemy was the foundation of their kingdom, and alchemists tended to hold a very high status.

The Rotterdam Kingdom had always been keeping a relatively low profile in Anril. They almost barely participated in any international affairs. However, they seemed to have a good relationship with the Dwarf Kingdom. There were many people in Anril who did not know of the existence of the Rotterdam Kingdom or heard of them at all.

Lin Li inevitably felt a little confused about the appearance of the two teams in the Sky Castle. There were no traces of the Teleportation Portal being used previously. However, he gave it some thought, and remembered that there were four Teleportation Portals in the Sky Garden of the Supreme Council, which led to different places of the Felan Kingdom. That seemed to be understandable.

The Tower of Dusks team suddenly appeared and got rid of the two Alchemy Colossuses. That similarly attracted the attention of the two teams immediately.

Right after the two alchemical giants were put down, a blond-haired Paladin wearing magnificent silver armor who was from the Brilliance Shrine pointed his sword towards the Tower of Dusks team, and dozens of Paladins immediately dashed out.

The knights were riding whiteLongmas1and clad in full-body silver armor. They were holding Holy Light Cross spears and arranged themselves in a neat formation, getting ready to charge. They darted towards the Tower of Dusks team ferociously.

At this moment, the team from the Rotterdam had also sent a few Alchemy Colossuses that were glistening with the glow of Alchemy Arrays as they dashed towards the Tower of Dusk. Clearly, the two teams had no intention of communicating with the team from the Tower of Dusk, and were determined to annihilate the Tower of Dusks team that suddenly appeared to take their share of the loot.

However, at this moment, the other leader of the Brilliance Shrines team, who was Archbishop Martin whod once invited Lin Li, also recognized the Tower of Dusks team. The discovery made his heart tense up as he immediately turned around and exclaimed at the Holy Paladin who gave the orders. "Jeremiah, tell them to stop, thats the team from the Tower of Dusk!"

Jeremiah sternly said, "Archbishop Martin, I dont care who the other party is. The interest of the Brilliance Shrine is at stake. Any trespassers are considered blasphemy against the Holy Light and will be sanctioned by the Holy Light!"

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