Martial God Asura Chapter 4667

Chapter 4666: Help You On Something

Chapter 4666: Help You On Something

The mysterious old man in the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace had left two teleportation formations in Chu Fengs body. The first one teleported him to the forgery where the Wretched Black Demon was preparing a cultivation resource for his granddaughter.

The second one teleported him to an open area that had a functional ancient teleportation formation.

Through the ancient teleportation formation, Chu Feng was able to leave the Wretched Old Demons territory without a hitch.

Wang Yuxian was in too feeble a state at the moment. Out of fear that something would happen to her if he were to leave her to return alone, he decided to escort her back to the Dao Sea.

It hadnt been long since Wang Yuxian was captured. Her seniors didnt know why she had suddenly vanished, and the area she was last seen wasnt a dangerous region too. So, many of them speculated that Wang Yuxian might have matters she had to attend to, so she shook off her seniors for the time being.

While Wang Yuxian might appear obedient, those who knew her well were aware that there was a mischievous side to her too. She had done something like this before in the past.

Thus, no one in the Dao Sea paid much heed to Wang Yuxians sudden disappearance.

It was only after Chu Feng brought Wang Yuxian back, and the crowd from the Dao Sea saw how feeble she was that they finally realized that she had encountered a near-death crisis.


At this very moment, Chu Feng, Wang Yuxian, and the Lady of Dao Sea were gathered together in one of the palaces in the Dao Sea.

The Lady of Dao Sea was indeed a formidable individual. As soon as she made her move, Chu Feng could sense that her strength was nowhere beneath that of the Wretched Black Demon.

Under her treatment, Wang Yuxians condition swiftly improved. While she was still in a feeble state, she was faring much better than before now.

It was just that the treatment seemed to have taken a toll on the Lady of Dao Sea too, as seen from the slight hint of paleness on her face. From this, it could be seen that the Lady of Dao Sea actually cared a lot about Wang Yuxian, or else she wouldnt have exerted herself so much to help the latter.

After treating Wang Yuxian, the Lady of Dao Sea finally turned to Chu Feng to enquire the details of the incident.

"The Wretched Black Demon actually dares to kidnap my disciple? Hah, I wont let him off easily!" 

The Lady of Dao Sea bellowed furiously upon learning the details of the incident. Her voice wasnt loud, but Chu Feng could sense rage seething within her.

"Elder, do you think that the Wretched Black Demon colluded with the Asura Evil Spirits in the Asura Graveyard to kidnap Lele?" Chu Feng asked.

"The Asura Evil Spirits are unable to leave the Asura Graveyard, so they have to work together with the cultivators outside to carry out this deed. Given that the Asura Graveyard is the Wretched Black Demons territory, who else could it possibly be other than him?" the Lady of Dao Sea said.

But soon, she suddenly asked again, "Young friend Chu Feng, could it be that you have noticed something that hints at the culprit being someone else?"

"I didnt notice anything in particular, but I have a feeling that things arent as simple as it seems," Chu Feng said. 

"Even if it isnt the Wretched Black Demon, Im sure that hes aware of the details. In any case, the only one who can offer us an explanation for this matter is him," the Lady of Dao Sea replied.

Based on the attitude she was taking here, it was clear that she wasnt about to let this matter rest easily.

Chu Feng also agreed with her on this matter as well. The Wretched Black Demon was bound to know much more than them about this matter.

"Young friend Chu Feng, you have saved Lele this time around. I owe you a big favor. You can request a favor of me, no matter what it is," the Lady of Dao Sea said.

"Elder, is that for real?" Chu Feng asked.

"Yes, of course!" the Lady of Dao Sea replied.

"Then, elder, may I ask you to help me get into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?" Chu Feng asked.


Those words left the Lady of Dao Sea taken aback.

"The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect? What kind of place is that?"

The feeble Wang Yuxian spoke by the side. She seemed to be very curious in this place too.

The Lady of Dao Sea was silent for a moment before asking, "Young friend Chu Feng, may I know why you wish to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?"

"I have something very important that I need to do in there," Chu Feng replied.

A tight frown was forming on the Lady of Dao Seas forehead.

"Looks like its a dead end. Her expression is obviously saying that she cant help you on this matter. How awkward! It was just a moment ago that she claimed that you would fulfill any requests of yours, but she ended up getting stumped anyway," Eggy remarked in disdain.

"Milady Queen, you shouldnt say that. The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is no ordinary place," Chu Feng replied.

"Its no ordinary place, but that confident attitude she took earlier made it seem as if she would be able to help you regardless of what you request. Yet, just a mere Hidden Dragon Martial Sect ended up tripping her over. Im not trying to look down on her here, its just that I dont think shes sincere about helping you. 

"If you dont believe me, just continue watching. Shell definitely find a reason to reject you," Eggy said.


Just as Eggy mentioned, the Lady of Dao Sea was truly put in a spot.

"Young friend Chu Feng, I have heard some rumors concerning the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect too. Its an elusive power. They would usually seek disciples out by themselves; it wont be easy to enter their premises by ourselves.

"If you truly wish to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, I can help you look for a way for that. However, I cant guarantee that itll work out. Would you like to make another request instead?"

The Lady of Dao Sea had an ashamed look on her face as she said those words.

On the other hand, Eggy burst into laughter. Everything happened as she had expected.

"See? I told you that she wouldnt help you. Its not that she doesnt have the ability to help you, but she doesnt want to get involved in something as messy as this. I bet that if Wang Yuxian was captured by the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, she would surely charge over there right away!"

Chu Feng couldnt refute Eggys words at all. In truth, he could also see it for himself even if Eggy hadnt said anything at all.

"Its fine, elder. Ill pay you a visit in the future when theres something I need your help on," Chu Feng replied politely.

It would be unwise for him to take the Lady of Dao Seas favor for granted. While she had offered to help him on any request that he made, she was not obliged to do so. 

Indeed, there was no denying that Chu Feng had saved Wang Yuxian, but in the first place, he had helped her in view of their friendship. It was not as if the Lady of Dao Sea requested a favor out of him to save her.

"Very well. As long as its within my means to do so, Ill do my best to help you," the Lady of dao Sea replied candidly.


It was then that one of the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea suddenly walked up to the doorway.

"Im in the midst of treating Lele. Didnt I say to not disturb me unless its something urgent?" the Lady of Dao Sea berated in displeasure.

"Teacher, someone has barged into the Dao Sea, demanding to meet young hero Chu Feng. He claims that hes a friend of young hero Chu Feng," the disciple reported.

Those words made the Lady of Dao Sea and Wang Yuxian turn their sights to Chu Feng.

"Young friend Chu Feng, did you bring a friend over?" the Lady of Dao Sea asked.

"I didnt." 

Chu Feng shook his head.

"Could it be an enemy? It matters not. Ill head out to take a look."

Right after saying those words, the Lady of Dao Sea swiftly flitted out of the room. Chu Feng quickly followed her.

He was also curious to know who was the one who traveled all the way to the Dao Sea to look for him. He didnt think that it was the Wretched Black Demon as he had rushed here as soon as he left the Graveyard Realm. No one should have been aware that he was here.

Out of curiosity, even the feeble Wang Yuxian also rose from her bed and ran out. She wanted to know what was going on too.

Soon, they arrived at the area where the intruder was being held.

"Its him?"

Chu Feng was surprised to see the captive.

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