Entertainment Game System Chapter 852

Chapter 852: Inspire Fighting Spirit

If the strength of this kind of violent star is great, then his speed is nothing at all. There is no way to compare with Wang Zheng, Wang Zheng can easily avoid the big hammer that these violent stars hit. , But when the roles changed and Wang Zheng was about to hit them with a big hammer, they couldn't escape.

The huge size of these irritable stars has become a burden to them instead.

"Crack, crack, crack..." After Wang Zheng's big hammer hit the body of one of the violent stars, he made a huge noise. Wang Zheng's strength was so strong that he directly attacked the violent stars. It was smashed.

These violent stars were originally just some statues, and after they were broken, they could not be put together again, so the violent stars were now considered dead, and the violent stars were solved in an instant.

Now there are only three irritable stars. After Wang Zheng has solved the other three irritable stars, the other three are not so difficult to deal with, because Xuanye and the others dont have to deal with so many irritable stars. , The combat effectiveness was also greatly improved, and it was no longer suppressed as before.

Even relying on what their current people say, they don't need to just interfere with these grumpy stars, they can even deal with them together, from defensive to offensive.

But now that Wang Zheng is here, their sense of existence here for people who are not weak in the first place is much smaller, and even when dealing with some irritable stars, they don't need to exert their greatest strength.

"Pop!" There was another loud noise. It turned out that Wang Zheng found a flaw in one of these violent stars while these violent stars were busy dealing with Xuan Ye and the others, and hit it with a hammer.

Wang Zheng's strength had already been seen before, and if the hammer went down, of course, this grumpy star would say goodbye to this mission world.

These irritable stars are considered to be very high IQ creatures among the alien creatures. Of course, they also discovered that things are abnormal at this time. Obviously, Wang Zheng is the main force here. If they dont eliminate Wang Zheng, the two of them This will end up just like the other violent stars, and only death will face them!

So these two irritable stars changed their attack targets tacitly, and they no longer avoided those attacks that were insignificant to them, but moved towards Wang Zheng's side.

After two violent stars like giants surrounded Wang Zheng, Wang Zheng appeared so weak in front of these two alien creatures. It even seemed that these violent stars could beat Wang Zheng with a single kick. Zheng was killed.

But is this really the case? Xuanye, Kato and others wanted to laugh out loud when they saw that these two irritable stars actually wanted to kill Wang Zheng. They didn't expect these two irritable stars to be so unconscious.

Wang Zheng hadn't dealt with the two irritable stars yet, and the two irritable stars rushed to die.

"Wang Zheng has no place for us to take action!" After seeing this situation, Kato was not worried, but sighed.

"How is it possible to let him show the limelight? We are here to perform the task. Of course, we must have a little achievement. Otherwise, we won't make people laugh when we go back!" Although Xuanye also lamented Wang Zheng's strength, He didn't want Wang Zheng to kill these two irritable stars just like that.

Killing the Tempest Star was also a manifestation of his strength, Xuanye didn't want to let this opportunity go.

"Yes, I didn't come here to see the scenery." Assi said after that.

They say so now, it doesnt matter what they want to grab points, they just want to kill the irritable star to prove their strength, because in front of Wang Zheng, they see their insignificance, but they dont want it. Keeping themselves so small, they also want to kill the violent star like Wang Zheng to make themselves stronger.

Therefore, after the two Tempest Stars turned their targets to Wang Zheng, Kato and the others approached the two Tempest Stars instead, wanting to kill the Tempest Stars.

Although some weapons play a much smaller role in their hands than Wang Zheng's, but the quality is not good, can they still use quantity to make up for it? They couldn't kill these irritable stars with a single shot, so how many more shots? It will definitely cause a little more damage to the Tempest.

These irritable star people also discovered that when these humans attacked them, they turned out to be much faster than the previous offensive, and even made them two defenses.

Wang Zheng also didn't expect that some people like Kato would even want to kill these two irritable stars with him.

Kato and the others came to the mission world, even only a few days, and they only performed two missions. It stands to reason that they could not get stronger so quickly, cheer up, and want to kill alien creatures. .

Because after everyone arrives in a new environment, they have to accept such an environment, and if they want to accept such an environment, it will definitely take a lot of time. During this period of time, they cannot be killed. This ability of dead alien creatures.

This is not Wang Zheng's contempt for them, but a fact.

But now all this has changed because of Wang Zheng's arrival. Wang Zheng's strength has made them realize their insignificance, and it has also given them the idea of becoming stronger, freeing them from the fear of coming into this world.

With Wang Zheng's joining, of course they quickly solved the two irritable stars, and they didnt take much effort at all, and now except for the two irritables who were directly killed by Wang Zheng. Star people, there are still four irritable star people lingering.

This is of course not because these four Asi are stronger than the two violent stars who died, but because Wang Zheng deliberately let them go and did not kill them, because as long as this is a violent star who is killed, Wang Zheng You can get the points of these four irritable stars.

But there are five of them here. It is impossible for Wang Zheng to get all the points alone. Even if the main combat power here is Wang Zheng and Wang Zheng, these six irritable stars were defeated, but Wang Zheng Nor will it be so excessive.

These points are naturally given to them.

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