Ninja God In Comics Chapter 510

Chapter 510: One After Another Face Attack

When the Twilight Sword returned to its size, the flame giant Sulter's confidence also returned.

Holding the Twilight Sword in both hands, he did not hesitate, and ran towards Roger in big strides, like a flame demon from ancient times.

Looking at Sirtel, who was getting closer and closer to him, Roger neither rushed forward nor retreated, but stood straight in place, waiting for Sirtel's arrival.

"go to hell!"

Perhaps to vent the anger in his heart, or to encourage himself, Sulter raised the Twilight Sword high and shouted at Roger.

Then, the sword of Twilight was smashed head-on.

Judging from the swordsmanship attack, Sirtel's sword is not amazing, and even looks a little plain.

But under his immense power far surpassing ordinary creatures, and the terrifying heat carried by the Twilight Sword itself, his sword showed an amazing aura of thunder.

If it were under normal circumstances, Rogge would never compete head-on with an enemy who was far larger than his own.

However, now, he intends to personally experience the sword of Surtel.

He wanted to see what kind of power the fairy human body possessed at 80% of the development progress.

Just in the blink of an eye, the bright red tip of the Twilight Sword came to him and hit the thunder ring fan made by Zhenjin heavily.


A huge explosion sounded no weaker than a large-yield C4 bomb.

The red flames swept all around with the explosion of air instantly, completely engulfing Roger, who was holding the thunder fan.

The red flames gushing out of the sword of twilight lasted for more than ten seconds before slowly dissipating, revealing the scene after the attack.

Rogge, who resisted the Sulter sword from the front, still stood in his original position, and the thunderball held in his left hand slammed against the tip of the Twilight Sword, like a shield to block Twilight. sword.

Physical skills, strange power!

The strange power is still the strange power, but after the fairy body is further improved, the power conferred by the strange power is also stronger.

With an 80% development level of the immortal human body and physical skills and strange powers, Rogge showed a physical power no weaker than Surtel.

"Sulter, the legendary flame giant, has this strength?"

Roger's disdainful voice reached Surtel's ears clearly.

Although Sirtel couldn't see the expression on Roger behind the Thunderbolt fan, he could imagine the mocking expression on Roger's face.

"Atrium people, don't be too arrogant!"

Sulter raised the Twilight Sword again, intending to give Rogge another fierce sword.

However, at the moment he just raised the Twilight Sword, Roger suddenly disappeared from his sight.

Lei Shushen!

Before Sulter could react, he saw Roger, who suddenly jumped high and jumped in front of him, and the Kusanagi sword entwined with silver-white lightning.

Kusana Sword and Thousand Bird Blade!

Under Surtel's gaze, the Kusanagi sword, which was not as thick as his fingers, slashed fiercely on his head that merged with the crown.


There was a banging sound like metal.

The Kusanaru sword in the center of Surter's forehead didn't cut in as Rogge expected.

Is it so hard?

Rogge didn't expect that Surtel, a seemingly ordinary forehead, could actually block the attack of Kusanasword and Chidori Blade.

Although not unharmed, it was surprising enough.

Head iron!

After seeing this scene, the word suddenly came to Rogge's mind.

Just when Surtel tried to stretch out his left hand and grabbed Roger, who was in the air, he suddenly received a slap in the face.


The person who slapped Sulter was not someone else, but Roger.

Although Kusanagi Sword and Chidori Blade did not cause enough damage, it did not mean that he would end this attack.

Before he grabbed his left hand, he slapped his backhand with the thunder ball, interrupting his unrealistic fantasy.

This slap slapped by the Thunder Group's fan is not very harmful to Surtel, but it is extremely insulting.

In his own palace, before his hands, he was actually slapped in the face by an atrium man.

For Surtel, who was once the ruler of Musbelheim, it was a more serious insult than mocking him for "no heat in the lower body".

Relying on the reaction force of this slap in the face, Rogge quickly fell to Surtel's left.

Subsequently, he performed a water escape ninjutsu.

Water escape, water breaking!

As soon as Surtel turned his head and looked at Rogge angrily, he saw an ultra-high pressure water column that was extremely small for him.

Surtel's forehead was fused with his crown, so it showed amazing hardness.

However, his face was not protected by a crown.

Although the ultra-high pressure water column of the water breaking wave is very thin, its power and water pressure are extremely terrifying, and it has the terrifying lethality of a metal blade.

Even the roots of the sacred tree can be easily cut off from the broken waves of water displayed by Hokage II.

Although Rogge was so proficient in water escape, the water breaking wave he displayed possessed the power of unbeaten time.


The jet of water from Rogge's mouth hit the left cheek like a bullet.

Afterwards, it penetrated his entire face directly, and came out from his right cheek.

If there is any insult more serious than a slap in the face, it is after slapped the other person and then spit in his face.

At this time, Rogge, with his own actual actions, proved what is called a series of face attacks.

Because of the life form, the flame giant is a race that is particularly prone to anger.

Their tempers are the same as the flame energy that sustains their lives. They only need to be stimulated a little bit to be completely detonated.

"I want to kill you! I must kill you!"

After being slapped in the face by Roger one after another, Sirtel could no longer suppress the anger in his heart, and the whole person screamed loudly as if out of control.

Now Sirtel has no other thoughts in his mind.

His only idea now is to completely frustrate the atrium guy who did not know where he emerged, and use his blood and life to wash his shame.

"If you want to kill me, then you can use all your skills!"

Rogge didn't take the threat from Sirtel at all. The reason why he irritated Sirtel again and again was to completely anger Sirtel.

Only in this way, Sirtel will use all his abilities to deal with him, fully fulfill his duties as a "teacher", and show him all the ways to use the sword of twilight.

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