Omega Summoner Book 3 Chapter 284

Volume 3: The Undead War Chapter 284 Dimensional Teleportation

Due to the announcement that the undead war is coming, many players are either excited or afraid. They have seen the destruction that a marching legion of undead could do so many are afraid. It could be their main city that is targeted next so many are gearing up more and getting higher levels.

The most perilous situation has already arrived because the Church of Life is finally out of order. The higher ups that are left are middle ranking members. The Elders of the Church of Life are either dead or out of commission.

The major church that is still functioning is the Church of Light but Adrian does not trust that church that much. As he is thinking of a way to help even the odds for the war against the Lich King, Adrian got contacted by his best friend that he found news about the Church of Death.

Levin Cloud: I found traces of the Church of Death from the book that Elder Willow hid. Come to Aflheim after you are done with your business. I am going to need your help in getting there.

Equinox: No problem. I am still waiting for my quest reward so I will join you later.

Levin Cloud: Okay. I will search more about the place we are going anyways but come immediately when you are free.

Equinox: Roger

In a swirl of ice and snow, the Ice Queen Elona returned to the smithy to give Adrian the reward that he needed. Elona brought with her a unique orb that is a bit familiar with Adrian because he has seen an orb like that but different in color.

The orb that the Ice Queen Elona brought is releasing a frosty aura that is a cold mist. Inside the orb is a whirlpool of water that continuously rotates. The Ice Queen Elona handed over the orb towards Adrian and told him that it would be extremely useful to one of his soulbounds.

Item: Orb of True Ice

Tier: Legendary

Type: Weapon / Material

Effect: All water type abilities or skills will be boosted by 30%.

Description: Not much is known about this orb or how they are made. It is rarely seen in the outside world because water or ice type monsters eat this treasure to evolve and gain stronger elemental type abilities. Some theorized that it was naturally made by the world or that it is the god of water's tears that he shed during the War of the Gods.

"I am very thankful for the reward but do you not think this is a bit excessive?" Adrian asked as he feels that he is sure that this orb is precious.

"Oh! You do not need to worry. I have like ten more of that and it is quite easy to find in the far north. Also, your hard work must be commended as it still took you quite some time to even find the Everfrost Flower as I pointed you to the wrong place." The Ice Queen Elona stated in a serious but endearing tone.

"If that is your reason then who am I to reject your courtesy." Adrian stated but in his mind, "I would have haggled you for a mythical item but that would be too greedy even for me. Anyways, I will use my extra knowledge later when she asks something of me again."

"Thanks for the reward but I am needed elsewhere so I will see you later. Feel free to contact me when you need help." Adrian stated as he used the enhance version of teleportation that is now available to him.

Skill: Dimensional Teleportation (Daemos Version)

Tier: Legendary

Type: Movement

Effect: Channel your mana to interfere with the dimensional planes and traverse them with ease. Can bring about a group of ten at most. Casting can be prepared in advance but the charge must be expended in four hours. After the charge has been consumed will the spell be on cooldown.

Mana Cost: 50% of Maximum Mana of the User

Cast Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 10 seconds or until closed

Cooldown: 2 hours

Adrian used this skill and it is unlike the effects of teleportation. As he was channeling the skill, he felt a resistance that he never felt before from using teleportation. He felt like he was pushing a door in order to breach the dimensional walls.

Adrian then pictured going to the realm of Alfheim where the elementals and the faekin live. He imagined himself at the gigantic tree that covers almost a quarter of the world of Alfheim. Unlike teleportation that just whisks Adrian away, Dimensional Teleportation conjures up a door or portal.

Adrian remembers this because this is what Ascalor often uses whenever he would send the former away on different worlds. Adrian could not believe that he could finally use a skill that he once dreamed of having. He is still an amateur at it though as Ascalor said that the mana cost would decrease upon mastery of the spell.

The portal that Adrian conjured liked directly at the skies of the giant world tree. He did not conjure it up in the town square because he knows that guards will flock to the location as the portal can be seen both ways. Adrian now knows why Ascalor made sure the portal it at the atmosphere but the old man could have at least made it closer to the ground.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/omega-summoner_16507643905192405/dimensional-teleportation_50769025541662011 for visiting.

Adrian entered the portal with wings spread as he will need to descend down.


Adrian descended at the center of town with a commotion as he managed to attract the attention of the guards. Thankfully, he already sent word to Levin Cloud where he will land so he did not have to get interrogated.

"Why do you always have to have a flashy entrance?" Levin Cloud stated while shaking his head.

"And you now look different! Did you do something with your hair?" Adrian stated as a joke.

"Does it look good? It is new." Levin Cloud replied with a witty remark.

Levin Cloud now looks different but he still retained his elf like ears. The sides of his face now has vine like marks that glimmer like magic. His skin is now green like a leaf full of life. His hair though looks like dead vines as it was deathly gray in color. The major change would be to his attire as now he is wearing armor made of bark and leaves.

"What happened to your armor? Is your priestly robes, race specific? Is that why you are wearing that now?" Adrian asked as he is curious.

"Nope. This is a racial armor. A living armor if you I do say so myself. All dryads that turn into a.d.u.l.ts manifest their Nature Vest. You can consider it as a growth type armor." Levin Cloud replied.

"Yikes! I hope you are ready for the agony." Adrian muttered.

"Did you say something?" Levin Cloud asked.

"Nothing. I am just happy for you. So where is that clue you are talking about? I really want to go because all the other faekin are staring at us." Adrian stated as they walked towards the tree of life.

"Sorry about that. Since I am the first of my kind, the others are rather curious." Levin Cloud stated as him and Adrian hurried their pace towards their destination.

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