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  • Doomsday Bunker Upgrade

  • Genres : Sci-Fi -  Apocalypse -  Male Protagonist -  System -  Post-Apocalyptic -  Time Travel -  Kingdom Building -  Slow Growth at Start
  • Status : Ongoing
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Doomsday Bunker Upgrade summary:

A meteorite with a diameter of ten kilometers hits the blue star. Can human beings desperate interception save their destiny?The dust raised by the impact obscured the sky and plunged the world into an extremely cold and long night that would last for hundreds of years.Because of the lack of sunlight, the surface without seeing the sky fell into an extreme cold of tens of degrees below zero.Under such doomsday, there is only one refuge dug by himself and an upgrade system that he picked up. How should Chen Xin survive the crisis of the doomsday and survive?Can human civilization continue, and can the fire of hope light up this cold night and bring warmth to mankind?Destiny has given the test questions, can human beings hand over answers that are different from the dinosaurs that were extinct that year?- Description from MTL

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Doomsday Bunker Upgrade Chapters

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Chapter 322:a month ago
Chapter 104:a month ago
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