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  • You Make Me..crazy

  • Author(s): Suilan
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You Make Me..crazy summary:

#BLNovel #Boymeetsboyworld Rebellion's Lead Singer Kim Jaehan moves back home after a villainous agency blocks the band from performing independently. Depressed and defeated, Jaehan adopts a simple life, forgetting his fame, and instead embraces the small town life of Gong. Until his band mates ask him to return to Seoul to meet a man who could help Rebellion get back on stage. When Jaehan meets Suk Dan, he isn't ready to trust a man associated with the mob. Having faced betrayal from someone close to the band before, he is wary of Dan at first sight. Suk Dan is a man determined to prove the world wrong about himself and Rebellion. Labeled a crooked business man with ties to the mob, he meets Rebellion with only one goal: to make them successful again and to silence the wagging tongues. At their first meeting, Kim Jaehan is distrustful and guarded, and Dan quickly realizes he must prove himself to Jaehan and Rebellion if he's to accomplish his goal. Dan's determination to help Rebellion is soon fueled by love as his attraction to Jaehan grows. And even though Jaehan is too wrapped up in Rebellion and the fight to notice his love, Dan challenges him, pushing him to follow his heart despite the many obstacles that N-sang Entertainment throws at them. All the while hoping that Jaehan will one day look at him and see what lies in his heart.

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