I Have Ten Strongest Beasts Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Meet Ding Ling Again

Since the last time we met at the ruins, Qian Linglong has had some opinions on Ding Ling. Those mean and blunt words that day still persist in her mind.

Suning and Ding Ling exchanged a few words. Ding Ling was about to get to the point. When she saw Qian Linglong, the corner of her lips twitched, "Isn't this the Lord of the Thousand Patriarchs? You...?"

"Long time no see, is Patriarch Ding okay?" Qian Linglong said hello with her hands in a low gesture.

"Everything is fine, but it's the Patriarch of the Thousand Patriarchs. After a long absence, my complexion has improved. I must have had a good time recently." Ding Ling gave Suning a meaningful look.

According to his habits, most of them have already brought Qian Linglong back to Kuntianyu.

Qian Linglong was able to speak well on weekdays, but every time she met Ding Ling, she was so speechless that she gritted her teeth and felt a little angry.

Suning and Jiang Bailin on the side felt the smell of gunpowder, and they hurried out to interrupt. Jiang Bailin walked around to Ding Ling, "I heard that you have something to find Suning. Did you come here on a special trip?"

"Why? How could the Ding Patriarch commit himself to find Xiao Ningzi?" Qian Linglong said in a weird way, but she would never let it go whenever there was a chance to beat Ding Ling.

As the words fell, the atmosphere became more condensed, and the smile on Suning's face stiffened, and then he gave Jiang Bailin a slightly furrowed eyebrow, all to blame, which pot was opened or which pot was lifted.

"The thousand family masters are joking. Compared with your thousand family, our Ding family is just a small family in the upper three continents. The four-sided spirit lock formation is not comparable to the prophets who are proficient in the laws of space."

Ding Ling deliberately emphasized the words of the Sifang Locking Spirit Array, and at the same time, she reminded Qian Linglong that if she hadnt taught Suning the formation method, they would not have been so easy to deal with the Shadow Demon when they entered the remains of Case City , And Qian Linglong is just sitting back and enjoying her success.


"Okay, okay, let's go back to the inn first, there are many people here." Suning looked around and said in a cold voice, ending the two people's argument, paused, and whispered, "Noisy from Case City Taikun City is not too tired."

Hearing this, Jiang Bailin glanced at the bickering two women, and walked forward to Suning's side, "Where there is a woman, there is right and wrong. This is true, haha."

Suning squeezed a smirk. If it weren't for being on the street where the masters are frequent, for fear of being too swagger, I really want to fight Jiang Bailin, this person is getting worse and worse.

It is said that there are three women in one play, Qian Linglong, Ding Ling, and Qian Tingting are all together. I don't know what will happen. I feel a headache after thinking about it. He is not a master of water handling.

After returning to the inn, Suning asked Qian Linglong to go back to her room to rest, and gave Ding Ling a look that followed me.

"What happened?" After confirming that no one was around, Suning asked, looking at Ding Ling suspiciously.

Ding Ling hesitated for a while, and did not speak for a long time. He went on to say, "Is there anything else you can't say between you and me? Just don't hide it, and I can help you figure out a solution."

"I... I have something to ask you for help, but I know this request is too unreasonable."

"There is nothing unreasonable or unreasonable in our relationship. As long as I can help, it is absolutely incumbent." Suning patted his chest and vowed.

After hesitating for a long time, Ding Ling sat on the chair, with her head down with a little bit of crying, and two tears dripped on the table. Suning was taken aback. He had never seen Ding Ling so fragile.

"I want to ask you to ask some powerful people of the holy rank to live in Ding's house and become the elder of Ke Qing.

Suning was slightly taken aback, he just heard it right, right? want? Not borrowed? "What do you want a Saint-Rank strongman to do?" He still feels a little uncomfortable about this kind of digging a wall. He built Kuntianyu to converge so many strongmen, not for giving away, even if it is a relationship Well, if one person asks for a few, it won't take long for him to be the only one left in the entire Kuntianyu.

Even the people of the Pang family felt that their foundation was unstable, and they wanted to advance spiritual power to cultivate in Kuntianyu.

The air became silent, and there was silence for a while, and Suning slowly said, "You can send people to Kuntianyu to practice, and I will never hide my personal information. I will send the strongest in Kuntianyu to teach them."

"No!" Ding Ling stood up suddenly, tearful eyes and tears on her white cheeks, but her attitude was very strong.

"Why? Although Kuntianyu has developed rapidly in recent years, there are still many families who are eyeing them." Suning retorted.

"I know, that's why I said that this request is unreasonable. If the Ding family urgently needs me to revitalize the family, I would not make such a request. I know the situation of Kun Tianyu. Although someone is staring, it is better than Our Ding family is good, the Ding family is no longer what it used to be, and my elder brother is gone. Only you can help me." After saying this, Ding Ling took a deep breath and calmed her breathing.

Ding Ming is gone? Suning stunned her lips and moved, only to feel a bit astringent in her throat, not sure what to say.

No wonder Ding Ling looked unspeakable when she saw him in the ruins. She had been holding back without speaking, "Why are you telling me now?"

"Last time I went to talk to you about this, but when I was in the ruins, I thought about being able to live out of the ruins and then talk about it. After you came out, you went home directly, and I thought that you should be very tired. When I go tomorrow, when I go the next day, you have already left." Ding Ling said in a daze.

In order to avoid being chased by the Holy Spirit King that day, they left Case City overnight. Suning recalled the incident and sighed and asked her about the Ding family.

"The Ding family was originally an old big family. Later, an evil force infiltrated the Ding family. It gradually disintegrated the Ding family and ruined the elders of the Ding family. His brother also died. Now the entire Ding family has been emptied by them. Several elders acted as threats to force me not to tell the truth."

"After my brother left, they pushed me out as a clan in order to conceal people's attention and maintain the status of the Ding family in the impression of the big families. In fact, there is no power at all. I was able to come out only when several big elders tried to protect me. "Ding Ling said, crying more and more sadly.

"Why don't everyone know about such a big thing?" Suning looked at her in shock.

If Ding Ling hadnt said it personally today, he couldnt believe that in the eyes of everyone, this big family is now in charge of others. When Ding Ming left, he thought it was just a fate. The factor is.

In the next half an hour, Ding Ling told Suning about the collapse of the Ding family.

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