Nine Realms Sword Master Chapter 2946

Chapter 2946: You Have No Choice

Although Bai Ye's mouth was respectful and polite to the God Fire Eagle, he was not an idiot, and he had never believed in the God Fire Eagle from beginning to end.

And what kind of space gap should be filled in a good way... This is not a normal thing in Bai Ye's heart.

If there is any gap in space, Shenhuoying will inevitably run to repair it.

But when Bai Ye repaired, there was no trace of repair at all.

So Bai Ye had doubts in her heart.

Now, it is all confirmed.

The gap reopened.

The road from the imperial tomb to the outside is also clear.

Bai Ye looked at the Shenhuo Ying blankly, and said lightly: "So, now?"


The God Fire Eagle was trembling, and it was difficult to speak.

Bai Ye, who possesses the outstanding strength of the Hong Bing, knows the energy of this guy. If he really wants to kill on the outside, even if he can't destroy the Condor Clan, it will definitely cause the Condor Clan's vitality and countless deaths.

At that time, whenever a potential clan attacked the Condor Clan, it would bring disaster to the Condor Clan!

"Are you willing to surrender?" Bai Ye Shen said: "Or, let me go outside to kill, in order to vent your condor tribe's hatred of deceiving me and insulting me?"

The expression of the Shenhuo Eagle changed sharply, and he didn't know what to say. After a while, it spread its huge wings and moved its huge body, fanning its wings toward the mountain, and said in a painful voice: "Ancestors, Shenhuo Eagle incompetence... God fire eagle incompetence!"

After finishing speaking, those huge eyes like the sun and the moon flowed like tears like magma.

Bai Ye watched silently.

After a while, Shenhuoying turned around again.

"Boy, I can surrender to you, but you have to make sure that you not only can't hurt the members of the Condor Clan! You must also use your great soldiers! Protect the Condor Clan! Otherwise, I would rather die than be with your life. Fight!" Shenhuoying growled low.

The determination in that voice cannot be described in words.

"I can promise you! But I also have a request, that is, you must not betray me, you must obey me absolutely, otherwise, I am not afraid of you fighting with your life!" Bai Ye said indifferently.

Shenhuoying's expression was unnatural, but in the end he agreed.

After all, the current initiative has been completely controlled by Bai Ye...

I saw a long sound of the God Fire Eagle, and then a flame-like feather on the neck fell off on its own and flew lightly towards the white night.

Bai Ye reached out and grabbed it.

"This is my original feather, it is not Niyu, but it is connected to me. You can use it to summon me! I get news, and I will rush to work for you! I have wings for thousands of miles, and within a day, it can be vertical and horizontal. Li Shengzhou!" Shenhuoying said.

"it is good!"

Bai Ye nodded and said calmly: "If this is the case, then I will believe you once! That's it for today's affairs!"

After speaking, he turned to leave.

But before he took a few steps, Bai Ye suddenly thought of something, and said, "Yes, there is one more thing I have to ask you!"

"What is it, you say!" Shenhuoying said solemnly.

"If... it's not that I want to move your Condor tribe, but the people of your Condor tribe want to move me, then... what should I do?" Bai Ye asked.

"Impossible!!" Shenhuoying hummed: "My Shenying tribe would move you for no reason? This is absolutely impossible!"

"You have been stationed in the imperial tombs for many years, and do you know anything about the members of the Condor tribe? You don't understand! Believe it or not? As soon as I walk out here, you will be surrounded by the members of your Condor tribe!

"If they really do this, you can do it your way! Even if you kill them, it doesn't matter! After all, they asked for it!"

Shenhuo Ying said angrily.

Although it is loyal to the Shenying clan and is always thinking of the Shenying clan, it is not foolish.

If the Shenying people are so stupid, it will not be able to protect them forever.

A strong man like Bai Ye holding a strong army is not something ordinary people can provoke.

This is the rule of Li Shengzhou, the weak provoke the strong, and even if they are killed, there should be no complaints.


Bai Ye nodded and moved forward directly.

Shenhuoying looked at Bai Ye with huge eyes, and even though it said so, it was still vaguely worried.


Shenhuoying shouted again.

Bai Ye stopped and looked at it sideways.

"What else?"

The Shenhuo Eagle hesitated for a moment, and whispered: "You open the door, I... will look at the situation outside later!"

How can Bai Ye know the meaning of the God Fire Eagle? He smiled faintly and nodded: "Okay!"


The door opened.

Space power wraps the white night.

He walked out directly, but did not close the space door.

The crowd outside was crowded with people from the Condor tribe.

Most people knelt to the ground on one knee, as if welcoming something, the scene was very sacred.

And the patriarch of Shenying stood at the front.

His head drooped slightly, as if waiting for something.

When Bai Ye walked out of the ancestor's mausoleum, the patriarch Shenying suddenly raised his head, his eyes hot.

The other members of the Condor clan stared at him.

Everyone is eager to see through.

"Lord White Dragon!"

The patriarch Shenying stepped forward. He wanted to say something, but he held back and said hurriedly: "You have worked hard, everything...is it going well?"

"Successfully." Bai Ye nodded.

"Really?" The patriarch of Shenying breathed in a hurry, and asked immediately: "So, where is the Heavenly Feather? Can you get it?"

"I didn't get it." Bai Ye said.

As soon as these words came out, the patriarch of Shenying was shocked, and then he asked: "What is the joke of the White Dragon Lord? If you are all going well, how can you not get this thing?"

"The **** fire eagle is too strong, I am not an opponent, if I fight hard, even if I defeat him, I will be seriously injured, so I gave up!" Bai Ye shrugged.

"what did you say?"

The face of the Condor chief was all black.

He engaged in such a big show, he didn't even care about the things he did yesterday in the white night. He originally hoped that he could get the **** feather of the sky, but he never thought it was a waste...

How can the Condor Patriarch be willing?

"The patriarch doesn't seem to be happy?" Bai Ye asked strangely.

"Of course, Bai Ye, I order you to return to the imperial mausoleum now! Get the **** feather of the sky back!" Clan Chief Condor said coldly.

"Master Patriarch, I am not its opponent!" Bai Ye said.

"You don't want my Condor Clan to help you resist foreign enemies?"

"Of course I want it, but I'm not an opponent, do you want me to die?"

"Bai Ye, you have no injuries on your body, and your aura is still sufficient. You didn't even fight the opponent well! I think you are simply scared!" The patriarch Shenying hummed.

"You're right, I'm really scared! Didn't I say it? I gave up." Bai Ye said.

"Give up? It's a pity that you can't give up!" The patriarch of Shenying flashed his hand with a chill in his eyes.


A large number of masters of the Condor Clan gathered around.

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