Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Carefree Days

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Gu Shouyan was saying it as it is.

For Ella’s situation, if Gu He wasn’t in the country, they could only leave her in the care of either Gu Shouyan or Gu Hong’s family.

But wouldn’t it be a torment for them?

Gu Shouyan definitely wouldn’t agree to it.

“In the past, I felt that Qingjiu would always be an outsider no matter how you raise her. But now, under comparison, Qingjiu is sensible and capable.”

Gu Hong: “”

Gu He: “”

Gu He looked towards his older brother with envy. “Say, both of us adopted daughters. Why is the contrast so stark?”

Gu Hong revealed a rare chuckle. “I guess it depends on affinity. But you have to handle Ella’s matter properly. You know that things could get troublesome otherwise. After all, you’ve raised that child for so many years. Surely there’s some kinship there?”

“I just fear that if she continues behaving this way, it will destroy the last of that kinship.”

While the trio was discussing, Gu Qingjiu and her family returned home first.

In the car, Gu Qingmo said, “What is wrong with that Ella? If it weren’t because she is my cousin, I would have scolded her.”

Qi Yuefeng rolled her eyes at Gu Qingmo. “As a big boy, aren’t you embarrassed to be so calculative with a little girl?”

“She was insulting my younger sister. Mom, you have no idea how nasty that Ella’s words were. She said the way Qingjiu eats is so brutish it’s as though she’s never eaten anything in her entire life. Are you able to tolerate that?”

Qi Yuefeng paused. “Did she say that?”

“Why else do you think I got so mad?”

Qin Wange placed a hand on Gu Qingjiu’s arm and comforted him with a smile. “Alright, Qingmo, stop it. Qingjiu’s not even angry about it.”

Gu Qingjiu pursed her lips. “I’m a patient.”

“I haven’t even told you off about your injury!”

Qi Yuefeng pointed at Gu Qingjiu and said, “But it seems like the last time your father went overseas. It was about Ella’s matter.”

“Ella’s matter?”

Gu Qingmo, who was at the wheel, asked in a puzzled tone.

“Right, your dad said that Gu He intends to send Ella back to her biological parents. They’ve raised her for so many years and surely must feel a kinship for her. Why are they thinking of sending her back?”

The three youngsters exchanged gazes.

They thought more deeply than Qi Yuefeng and instantly understood the reason.

Gu Qingmo said, “Young Uncle isn’t able to tolerate Ella in certain matters?”

“No idea. Your great aunt and dad will handle this. You kids should stay out of this,” Qi Yuefeng reminded.

Gu Qingjiu said with a chuckle, “Mom, we didn’t intend to meddle in this. It’s more important for you to stay out of this.”

“Why would I meddle in it?”

Although Gu Qingjiu said she would change her wound dressing when they reached home, she didn’t dare to show them her wound.

After making up some excuse, she escaped to her room, then secretly changed her wound dressing inside.

At night, as there were quite many people at home, Qi Yuefeng made Gu Qingmo, Gu Qingjiu, and the few of them sleep at a hotel.

Early the next morning, Gu Qingjiu ate breakfast outside before rushing back home. When she got back, she then learned that Gu Hong and Gu He and his family had taken a flight to the capital.

Gu Shouyan also went with them.

It was said that they were going there to attend to some matter.

Likely it had something to do with Ella’s matter.

Great Aunt had left Xiaoxi behind for the time being and asked Qi Yuefeng to take care of her.

Qin Wange and Gu Qingmo didn’t stay long at home before leaving because the two of them now had to work and weren’t that free.

After pretty much everyone left, Gu Qingjiu, Gu Xiaoxi, and Qi Yuefeng were left at home.

Such carefree days were rare.

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