Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Why Are You So Calculative When Were In A Relationship

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“Sister Qingjiu, I can’t clear this round”

Early in the morning, Gu Xiaoxi was pestering Gu Qingjiu to help her clear a round in the game, in her cartoon pajamas.

At that moment, the sleepy Gu Qingjiu had her head buried in the blankets.

She felt that life at home was too carefree and that she was getting increasingly lazy.

After helping Xiaoxi clear the round, she received a call from Commander Lu Yimei.

“Qingjiu, you must remember to return to the capital on the 17th of July. You’re taking the eight pm flight that night with Commanding Officer Nian to the UK. The venue for this year’s international competition is out. It’s going to be held in the UK.”

Gu Qingjiu instantly felt awake.

“They have confirmed the competition venue?”

“Mm. 17th July, remember that. The school took care of your visa for you.”

“Okay, got it! Thank you, Commander!”

“You’re welcome. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first. Bye, Qingjiu. Have fun and enjoy the delicacies there, haha.”

Gu Qingjiu felt excited.

She didn’t know where the competition would be held before this. Now, she learned that the venue was overseas this year.

That meant she had to go overseas.

But only Gu Qingjiu could go.

Back then, she had promised Yu Bao’er she would get her an entry pass, but it seemed like that wouldn’t work now.

Because the international competition wasn’t an open event, those invited to view were senior officials from various countries.

For Gu Qingjiu, the only reason Commanding Officer Nian could bring her to view the competition was that she was a sharpshooter.

Even Lu Yimei couldn’t go.

Yu Bao’er wasn’t even someone from a military school. All the more couldn’t go.

But at the thought of going overseas, she felt kind of excited.

She speedily got out of bed, got changed, and washed up.

Seeing her excited expression, Xiaoxi asked curiously, “Sister Qingjiu, are you pleased?”

“Yeah, Sister is thrilled.”

Gu Qingjiu replied as she brushed her teeth. After she was done, she went out and told Qi Yuefeng about this. “Mom, I must return to the capital in a few days. I need to go overseas to take part in this school event.”

She simply said she was taking part in it to avoid having to explain a great deal more.

Qi Yuefeng, who was washing the clothes, paused for a moment. “You need to participate in an event during the summer break? Moreover, you’ll have to go overseas?”

“Yeah, to the UK. This is my first time going overseas. Mom, is there anything you’d like from there? I’ll bring back some local specialties.”

“Don’t waste money.”

Qi Yuefeng smiled. “But I’ve got to confirm with your commanding officer.”

After all, going overseas was a significant affair. Qi Yuefeng felt worried.

Gu Qingjiu nodded, not minding it. “Go ahead and ask.”

Qi Yuefeng went to call up the commanding officer.

A few minutes later, Gu Qingjiu received a call from Helian Niancheng.

He was straight to the point. “You ought to have been informed of the competition venue. When are you coming back to the capital?”

“It’s still early.” Gu Qingjiu mumbled, “It’s only the start of July, and we’ll only be heading to the UK on the 17th. I’ll be staying at home to keep my mom company.”

“Then when are you coming back to keep me company?”

Once the deep voice rang, Gu Qingjiu felt shy. “At most, I’ll keep you company for a few days more after returning from the UK.”


After a momentary silence, he continued, “Your father is in the capital.”

Gu Qingjiu paused, then said, “Ah right, but they’re there to attend to some matters.”

“I know that your family is currently investigating something. With no other help, they won’t be able to uncover something that happened so long ago. Do you need my help?”

Helian Niancheng tossed out a seduction. Gu Qingjiu hesitated, then said, “That’s my Young Uncle’s family affair. But Chief Instructor, if you can be of help, you can”

“That certainly isn’t a problem. How are you going to thank me?”

Gu Qingjiu was speechless.

Why are you so calculative when we’re in a relationship!

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