Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Parasitism And Sudden Change

A few days later, in the Thousand Lights Star System of the Shattered Star Ring, a Black Star Army armed fleet flew out of the stargate. There were thousands of battleships of various models. In the middle of it was a very large, conspicuous flagship.

Inside the command room, the Calamity Grade officer nodded at Aesop and said, "Your Excellency Aesop, were here."

"Quickly get to work then." Aesop nodded calmly with hands behind his back.

Usually, Nero would arrange at least two Calamity Grade Supers as Aesops bodyguards, at least a thousand battleships, and Black Stars mechanical army and Lords Avatar. When in danger, Black Star would be able to arrive at any moment. He was very well protected.

"The tracking team nearby have all been called here to search the area. They have yet to find anything for the time being. Lets go take a look at where it happened." "Sure." Aesop had no objection.

The fleet advanced quickly through Star Zones, soon arriving at the planet where the battle happened.

The ground location where this Super Star Cluster Alliance transportation fleet once stopped was already occupied by the army warriors who arrived a few days ago and guarded as the crime scene.

A small ship carried Aesop and was launched out from the bottom of the flagship, crossing the cordon that the army had deployed at the exterior atmosphere of this planet.

When the hatch opened, Aesop stepped onto the ground in a light protection suit, surrounded by a group of bodyguards. There were dim depressions on the ground in front of them, clearly the marks left by a battleship stopping and taking off. Aesop quickly walked to it, squatted down, and closely observed these marks while occasionally touching them with his hands. After he walked around the entire crime scene, he finally stopped and closed his eyes as if he was meditating

This process lasted for about two minutes before Aesop opened his eyes and clapped. "I saw some transportation spaceships sailing through the universe. The organization symbol on them has already changed to something else. This Super Star Cluster Alliance fleet shouldve changed into different disguises and gone in separate directions. Ill draw out these organization symbols for you later, so you can search the fleets of these organizations in the nearby area."

"Thats great. Thats extremely helpful. The great prophet Aesop never disappoints. Your efficiency is amazing, and receiving your help is our great honor," the fleet commander said, clearly having learned how to bootlick from Hadavy.

"Just a small matter." Aesop waved. "However, this is not enough. If you guys can seize one of their battleships or capture their men, I will be able to obtain more accurate leads and search for their original destination."

"Dont worry. With the intelligence youve provided, catching them is just a matter of time. Unfortunately, well have to trouble you to stay in this area a short while longer. Well need you when we seize the enemy ship."

"Hmm, thats no big deal. I happen to want to take a walk outside too."

Aesop did not mind and wrote down what he had seen in the prophecy, all the organization symbols of the enemys disguises. The fleet commander immediately gave the order and sent this information to all the tracking teams.

The group of them returned to the fleet and was about to depart for the army base of this area and standby when the fleet commander suddenly received a message. He looked down at the communicator, and his eyes gleamed.

"Your Excellency Aesop, youre such a lucky star! Ive only just sent out the crucial information you provided, and theres a tracking team thats already found the target. They happened to be resting at a city planet and discovered the suspicious transport spaceship that matched your prophecy. Plus, that ship is alone."

"Thats surprisingly quick." Aesop smiled. "Looks like were still in luck. This team that discovered the enemy did a good job."

"Let me take a look Oh, the one weve discovered is the only surviving spaceship from before. I remember they were searching everywhere for these guys. Now theyve finally got their revenge." The fleet commander smiled. "I told them to standby and keep an eye on the enemy spaceship, to wait for us to arrive and not scare them away."

The fleet departed immediately and hurried all along the way, reaching the destination very soon.

A light purple and bright silver planet hovered in space outside the porthole. The surface of it was filled with colorful galactic cities

This was a rather prosperous colonial planet. It belonged to the ruler of the Thousand Lights Star System, the Light Rune Civilization.

The Black Star Army would not do whatever they wished without restraint when they were in city planets that belonged to a civilization like this one. The main reason was that there was no need to. Most of the civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring had a good relationship with the Black Star Army, so the army would not offend them for no reason.

"The tracking team is still surveilling the enemy spaceship. Theyre not moving. What do you think?" the fleet commander said.

"Did they see any of their crew?" Aesop asked. "The tracking team has already requested to look at the surveillance footage from the officials and shared it with us. According to the surveillance, that suspicious spaceship sent a total of forty-three crew members out. They seemed to be purchasing daily supplies and all returned to the ship not long ago Weve come just in time. Any later and they might have departed."

"Okay! We must seize this transport ship," Aesop said slowly. "Inform the officials to work with us, evacuate the locals, and lock down their departure path so that they cant take off."

The Black Star Army members had a lot of privileges in the Shattered Star Ring. Even if it was just a middle to low-level army member, as long as their identity checked out, they would be able to request official support from the various civilizations if they were on their planet. This was all thanks to the connections Han Xiao had built. It was part of the faction privileges. The fleet arrived around the dock very quickly and formed an encirclement, while some Supers entered the dock with assistance from the officials, closing in on the target hangar.

Aesop and the fleet commander waited in the flagship in the outer atmosphere and monitored the operation remotely.

On the screen, the Super team charged into the hangar. Very soon, sounds of intense crossfire erupted from within, and flashes of energy cannon attacks flickered inside the hangar, leaving burn marks on the silver alloy walls.

The sound of the battle lasted for about a few minutes. The report from the operatives at the frontline came.

"Report, we only have three team members suffering from light injury, no casualties. The enemy ship contained a total of 271 crew members, who resisted, hiding in the battleship. We killed 209 targets, and the rest saw that there was no way out and ended their own lives. We were not able to capture anyone alive."

"Shame, I was hoping to interrogate them." The fleet commander shook his head. "Never mind, these low-level crew members probably dont know much either. Seizing their transport ship is enough. Your Excellency Aesop, please." Aesop nodded. He landed on the dock with his guards and came to the hangar where the battle happened.

He looked at the seized transport ship. Its exterior appearance was almost undamaged. There were only some burn marks on its exterior armor.

He stepped forward, pressed his hand on the bottom of the spaceships armor, closed his eyes, and activated his ability.

At the same time, in a rented temporary stronghold in a galactic city not far from this airport, the Soul Swap Twins were using the Soul Swapper hovering in front of them. Dozens of Modo Supers surrounded and aimed their weapons at them. There were also quite a number of portable cannons around.

There was more than one Modo Civilization spaceship that had arrived on this planet, but they had secretly turned the tracking team into their people, so they had all kinds of ways to remain undiscovered.

The commander walked back and forth on the side nervously.

"Have you locked onto the target?"

The elder brother of the Soul Swap Twins hand was devoured by the mirror of the Soul Swapper. He casually stirred it and said, "Yes."

"Can you sway him out?" "Tsk, us brothers are just Grade C Supers. Aesop is a Grade B. The success rate of us swapping his soul out of his body isnt one hundred percent."

"To be safe, use the second plan," the commander said.


The Soul Swap Twins focused their energy into the Soul Swapper. Black ripples appeared on its mirror sides as it was activated.

At the same time, Aesop, who was far away at the port, suddenly opened his eyes, and his pupils shrunk abruptly to the size of a needle.

He felt like countless voices had suddenly rushed into his brain and fused into a deafening noise that echoed in his mind. His head was hurting immensely.

He wanted to raise his hand to hold his forehead, but he could not move his body at all.

The aide-de-camp beside him saw that he was acting unnaturally and asked, "Whats wrong?"

Aesops expression changed several times. It became stiff for a moment but then returned to normal.

He coughed, lowered his voice, and said, "Nothing, Ive already completed the prophecy." "What clues did you get?" Aesops eyes gleamed, and he said, "Ive discovered the real destination of this Super Star Cluster Alliance. Its a secret resources stronghold in a desolate universe belt. The coordinates are"

He gave the coordinates, and the aide-de-camp hastily wrote it down.

"Hmm, this is enough information. Lets return to the spaceship."

Then, Aesop turned around and left without waiting for his aide-de-camp to reply. The bodyguards beside quickly followed.

On the other side, inside the temporary stronghold where the Soul Swap Twins were at, the commander asked, "Was it successful?" "Hmm." The younger brother of the Soul Swap Twins replied with a husky voice, "We have swapped the many soldiers souls over. Theyve successfully become parasites in Aesops soul." The main function of the Soul Swapper was to swap souls, but there was no such rule as one for one. Stuffing many souls into one body or just swapping the soul out of the body and turning the body into an empty shell, there were many possibilities.

Unlike with Feidin and Chen Xing, it was a type of puppet manipulation using parasites. The souls of many soldiers and Aesop were fused together temporarily like puppet strings injected into Aesops soul. Aesops mind had become fuzzy, and he could no longer think normally. He felt that all his actions came from his heart and did not realize what was wrong with him at all Putting it simply, it was similar to how someone might go crazy when drunk.

"Aesops bodyguards wont realize, right?" someone asked. The commander shook his head and said, "Dont worry, the Soul Swappers powers are extremely stealthy. No one will be able to notice it other than Beyond Grade As who excel in the mind or soul related abilities, not even Calamity Grades Of course, peak Beyond Grade As might notice something wrong too, but Black Stars main body isnt here, and he wont monitor such a small matter with Lords Descent. So, theres nothing to be afraid of."

After the commander said that, he clearly looked more relaxed. He turned to the Soul Swap Twins and said, "Your mission is complete. What comes next wont involve you. Put down the Soul Swapper."

The Soul Swap Twins exchanged looks and laughed creepily at the same time.

"Hehe, sure."

As soon as they said that, a change occurred!

A black shockwave expanded. Other than the commander, all the soldiers eyes rolled and fell to the ground, not moving.

The Soul Swapper had silently swapped everyones soul out!

At the same time, the infant-sized younger brother opened his mouth and sucked one soul after another from the Soul Swapper, swallowing them.

The commander instantly reacted to it. He was shocked and furious.

He did not expect the Soul Swap Twins to dare to do this even when they were targeted by so many weapons. Had they really given up living?

However, at this time, a powerful energy erupted from the Soul Swap Twins. Feeling this energy level, the commanders expression changed drastically.

"Grade B? We ran a check on you right before we departed. Arent you guys Grade C?"

The older brother of the Soul Swap Twins laughed out loud. "Hehehe, people grow!"

The two of them had always been acting weak, making the Modo Civilization think they were Grade C Supers. The method they used was not just simply hiding their real strength but a hidden ability they had never told anyone about-their energy could move freely between the two of them without any restrictions. This was related to the mutation these two brothers went through.

If they focused most of their energy on one of them, he would temporarily become a Grade B. If they spread it evenly, they would be able to fool the Super Grade Detection Devices of the Modo Civilization. The two of them had been planning their escape for many years, deliberately controlling their growth speed to stay at this level, all for an opportunity like today.

The Soul Swap Twins laughed creepily and said with a confident tone, "Think about it, were now Grade B Supers. These cannons wont be able to kill us instantly. The Black Star Armys men have yet to go far. If a battle breaks out here, it will definitely attract their attention. So, think thoroughly about whether you want to attack us because your plan is at risk of being exposed!"

The commander was startled. He quickly yelled at his comrade who was controlling the cannons, "Wait, dont fire."

"Thats right. Play nice, and your plan will be able to continue."

The Soul Swap Twins snickered. They chose to do this now exactly because of this reason.

The commander suppressed his rage and questioned, "What do you want?"

"Simple, Modo have been using us as tools for many years. Weve contributed enough, and now is the time we take back our freedom Hehe, I know what youre thinking. Dont worry, we just want to escape. We didnt sabotage the plan with Aesop. Take this as the last mission well ever execute for Modo. We dont owe you anything anymore.

"As for this treasure, it naturally belongs to us, so well be taking it away. Anyway, no one but us can use it."

The Soul Swap Twins sneered. The shadow shrouding their body devoured the Soul Swapper and absorbed it into them.

Then, the two of them stepped back to the wall, activated their ability, turned into two piles of ink-like shadows, and disappeared. The commander was furious beyond imagination, but he still did not dare do anything

He was not only worried about alarming the Black Star Army, which was not far away, but also because he was not confident enough to stop the Grade B Soul Swap Twins. He had no choice but to watch the two of them leave with the Soul Swapper.

It was dead silent in the room. The only sound was his heavy gasps for air.

"Quickly report this to the upper echelons. Weve lost control of the Soul Swap Twins. Theyve escaped!"

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