Reading To Become Stronger Since I Was A Special Soldier Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: The Wolves Are Coming

The exercise center determined that the Red Army commander had been killed!

Seeing this line of eye-catching characters, the command hall suddenly cheered.

"Wow! The Red Army commander was actually killed. How did this happen?"

"Deputy Captain Shao and they are so powerful, they can turn defeat into victory even when they are surrounded!"

Several female communications soldiers hugged each other in cheers.

"Report to Dragon Team, our video communication signal has been restored, but for some reason, we can't get in touch with Vice Captain Shao and the others for the time being!"

A correspondent reported loudly.

Long Xiaoyun stared at the radar screen without blinking.

During the time when the control was taken away, she could think of it with her toes, and this must be a scheme by the red side.

Moreover, something unexpected must have happened, otherwise it would not have lost contact with the commando for no reason.

What made her even more surprised was that in the desperate situation where the Wolf Warrior Commando was surrounded, without any assistance, she could actually complete the plan of surprise beheading.

This is incredible!

Long Xiaoyun's pair of beautiful eyes was full of surprise. She understood Shao Bing and knew more about his abilities. She felt that this must not be something he could do.

Then there is only one possibility, it is Lu Yu!

Although she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she was confident about Lu Yu's ability.

Otherwise, she would not deliberately invite the latter to the exercise, specifically to guide the wolf.

"Lu Brigade, you must have done this..."

Long Xiaoyun muttered to himself.

Unfortunately, the communication signal in front of her could not be established immediately, and she could not contact Lu Yu the first time to ask what was going on.


In the lofty mountains on the other side, the dark clouds dispersed, and the night sky reappeared with moonlight.

The darkest hour of the day passed.

In the eastern horizon of the barren hills, a faint gleam of light was revealed, and the **** cried and dawned in a while.

The exercise did not end, and the three of Lu Yu had to continue to flee.

Inside a thatched house in the forest.

I don't know which corner of the lump I picked two wild pears, Lu Yu and Yu Fei, both chewing and talking happily.

"Lu Brigade, I didn't expect it to be so exciting to be behind you! The battle tonight was so enjoyable, I haven't been so excited in a long time."

Lu Yu chewed crispy pears in his mouth, and smiled: "Where is this? You will follow me for a while and you will know what the real special operations are."

Shi Sanba, who was on guard outside the thatched hut, couldn't help muttering and complaining: "There is a bit of excitement, but I am here to fight for war. What's the point of daily exercises? On the battlefield, only life and death can be separated!"

Hearing this, Lu Yu frowned: "Exercise is actual combat, don't you know?"

"Brigade Lu is right!" Yu Fei quickly agreed, turning into Lu Yu's little brother.

Shi Sanba coldly snorted: "Fart! Do you use blank bombs in wars?"

Yu Fei gnawed the pear in his hand and threw away the nucleus, expressing different opinions on this.

"You know what a fart, what's the good in fighting? Hold your child's wife on the head, and life is enough!"

Lu Yu deeply agreed with this.

The ordinary life is the most true display for everyone who can not fight, and who is willing to fight.

Several people laughed and talked, and suddenly there was the sound of rapid footsteps from outside.

The three spoke at each other and looked at each other, and immediately grabbed the weapon in their hands and drew out the thatched cottage vigilantly.

Shi Sanba glanced outwards through the scope, and was shocked when he saw the figure that arrived.

"It's Deputy Captain Shao!"

Lu Yu also saw the visitor clearly.

Although it was pitch black and the figure was far away from them, after Lu Yu's eyes upgraded to the invincible golden pupil, he was no longer hindered by the night.

He not only saw Shao Bing, but also the little special soldier by his side. At this moment, the faces of the two men were panicked.

After the two got close, they discovered Lu Yu and the three of them, but none of them said hello.

They spread their feet and ran over, and the five converged in front of the thatched cottage.

Shi Sanba looked at the back with a look of surprise, "Team Shao, what about the others? Only you two?"

"The others are sacrificed, only the two of us are left!" Shao Bing said solemnly.

Yu Fei glanced behind them in wonder: "What are you two running? Are there chasing soldiers behind?"

The little special soldier took a few breaths and said hoarsely, "There are... there are wolves!"

What? Wolf? !

A few people were shocked, are you kidding? How come the wolf has jumped out!

However, looking at the surrounding deserted mountains and wild ridges, it seems not surprising that there are wolves in front of the village and behind the shop.

Before a few people could say a few more words, I heard a gruesome wolf howl in the dark night behind.


Along with the night breeze in the jungle, the howling of wolves tore the air and pounced straight ahead, causing several people to shudder.

In the dark night, a large lantern glowing with a gloomy green brilliance gradually emerged, staring straight at the crowd, approaching here with a stern chill.

In an instant, Shi Sanba and Yu Fei shed cold sweat.

The wolves... really come!

Oooh! Oooh!

One after another, the howls of wolves were extremely scary, one after another in the dark mountains and forests, it seemed that even the surrounding air had condensed in an instant.

Lu Yu looked around intently, frowning slightly.

A good tiger can't stand a pack of wolves, especially a pack of hungry wolves, whose fighting power is far superior to that of military dogs.

Moreover, obedience and awe have never been said among wolves.

Either they will be killed, or the living food will soon become their oral meal.

Encountering a pack of wolves in the wild is even more terrifying than a tiger!

The sharp teeth, the screaming roar in the dark, the strict organizational discipline and the crazy speed of action, make the wolves enough to clean the entire forest.

Lu Yu frowned slightly. Seeing the craziness of the wolves in front of him, he had been hungry for several days, fearing that the perception of everything might not be able to control them.

Wolves are relatively advanced animals, no better than birds and schools of fish.

With so many wolves, Lu Yu was not sure to control.

There is no choice but to fight with the wolves!

Shi Sanba and Zhuang Xiaolong, a small special soldier beside Shao Bing, fought each other.

Seeing the look of fear on Zhuang Xiaolong's face, he couldn't help but seize the opportunity to mock: "Hey, isn't it just a few wolves? Look at what scared you, what a disgrace!"

After talking ~wuxiaworld.online~, he took out a dagger from his body and took a few steps forward courageously.

"Look at your Grandpa Shi, how do you make these beasts kneel to beg for mercy~wuxiaworld.online~Welfare] Pay attention to the public.. [Book Friends Base Camp], read books every day and get cash/points!

As a result, this product is just a mouthpiece. It has just walked forward less than three steps, and is alive and scared to live in place.

I saw only a few wolves just now, but at this time, countless green eyes appeared from the hillside in all directions.

The green pupils tore open the night, and countless evil wolves rushed up the hillside in groups, besieging the five of them in front of the hut.

"Fuck...fuck! Have all the wolves in the mountain come over? Killing!"

Shi Sanba couldn't help but shiver.

Huh, at a faster speed than before, he retreated to the team facelessly and didn't dare to make another second.

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