Entertainment Game System Chapter 853

Chapter 853: Enter The Museum

Perhaps many people will think that it is their own responsibility, so why should they distribute such rewards to others? This somewhat makes one feel unfair.

But Wang Zheng is not like this. It is like a very rich man. If a person owns ten million and asks him to take out one thousand, it is just a trivial matter at all. Worth caring about.

On the contrary, if a person only has ten dollars left, if he asks that person to take out one dollar, it is the same as cutting his flesh, which makes him feel very reluctant.

In Wang Zhengs view, its okay for him to give these points, because if he really wants to get points, its just a simple matter. So, since getting points is so simple, He naturally wouldn't care about the points given.

Of course, Kato and Kenno, the remaining four violent stars, were given to them. Each of them fought against one of the violent stars and successfully got the points of one of the violent stars.

Although in this mission, Wang Zheng got the points of two testy stars, and they only had one, but no one thought it was unfair. In their opinion, they could get the points of one testy star. It is a rare thing.

"Now we have completed the task like this?" Xuanye was the last person to make up the knife. After killing the last irritable star, Xuanye exhaled.

"It should be considered as completed. Just now, the violent star has already called all his companions over. We have all killed these violent stars, and it is considered to be completed!" Kishimoto guessed.

But after they waited in place for a while, they didn't wait for the **** ball to send them all back. This is weird. There are obviously no other alien creatures here. Could it be that the **** ball made a mistake?

However, based on his understanding of the **** ball, Wang Zheng knew that this was not the case. The reason why he has not been sent back now is definitely because their mission has not been completed.

"Let's go in and take a look!" Wang Zheng said to the others.

Since the target of their mission this time is the Tempest Stars, I am afraid that there will still be Tempest Stars here, because the Tempest Stars like quiet places, there may be some Tempest Stars, because they have not been disturbed yet, so they are still in themselves. Stay alone.

And now the place Wang Zheng said they want to enter is a house in another place, which should also belong to the scope of the museum.

The reason why they didnt go in, the door of the mobile cultural relics museum in front of them, was because they were fighting here, but their loud noise did not attract other irritable stars, which shows that there is no other irritable nearby. Star people, even if they were there, they would be farther away.

So now they need to go a little further away, not here.

Others naturally had no objection. They had already seen from the battle just now how powerful Wang Zheng was. Now, it is natural that Wang Zheng would believe whatever he said.

Therefore, after Wang Zheng said this, a few of them walked towards the door of another mobile museum. Here are the ones just now. After seeing the first irritable star moving, the people who fled around to perform the mission came. The place.

But now its not as quiet as when they first came here. On the contrary, after Wang Zheng and the others approached here, they heard a little noise. Although they were a little far away, they could be sure that they didnt. Misheard.

It seems that there are indeed other mission objectives in this museum that have not yet been eliminated, and those mission objectives should still be dealing with those other people who performed the mission.

Its because the six irritable stars have just been resolved easily. Although there is a big reason for this, it is because of the existence of Wang Zheng, but Xuanye and the others are still very interested now, and they have discovered that there are others. After the mission goal, instead of being afraid, he was eager to eliminate all these irritable stars.

After discovering the movement here, the few of them did not hesitate, but went straight into this museum.

Contrary to the brightly lit scene outside, this is a museum that turned out to be dark. I dont know if it was because the circuit was destroyed and the lights were all turned off, or because the distance was that the lights were not turned on at night. of.

Although it is dark here, Wang Zheng can still see what is different in this museum from the empty space outside! This is a museum full of many window cases.

Naturally, some antique connoisseurs are placed in these window showcases, but some of these window showcases with antiques have been destroyed. The glass was broken all over, not to mention the antiques that were easily destroyed.

It can be said that this place is now in a mess. If it weren't for the sign on the outside, it would be hard to believe that it was still a museum an hour ago.

"Help!" When Wang Zheng and the others were observing this place, a person suddenly ran out of it.

This person was already covered in blood, and he could still see the horrified expression on his face, as if he had encountered something that scared him very much.

And now it's like a man desperately fleeing, making people feel like something is chasing him inside.

Even if other people can only recognize that this is a person because they can't see anything at night, Wang Zheng can tell that this person is the one who came here with them to perform the task.

Its just that Wang Zheng doesnt know the name of this person because his sense of existence is relatively low, but if he wants to confirm the identity of this person, it can be seen from the combat uniform on his body, but now The combat uniform on the whole person has been destroyed, and it can't play any protective role at all.

Even if he saw the oncoming person, this person did not stop, but continued to run towards the outside.

It seemed that the alien creature chasing behind him was still a terrifying existence.

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