Ninja God In Comics Chapter 509

Chapter 509: Two Pupils At The Same Time

Before crossing, Rogge had seen such a setting in an anime.

The giants Achilles heel is located at the back of the neck 1 meter long and 10 cm wide.

Of course, this is just a setting in that anime.

In other worlds, the fatal weakness of giants may not be located on the back of the neck.

However, this still does not affect Rogge's intention to attack the back of the flame giant Sirtel's neck fiercely.

When using the Twilight Sword to attack the Achilles tendons of Sulter's legs, he discovered that the Twilight Sword is not a very sharp sword.

To some extent, the Twilight Sword is more like a magic sword than a sharp sword based on physical damage.

If it had to be sharper than the sharpness, the sharpness of the Twilight Sword was not even as sharp as the Kusanagi sword he often used.

Although the Twilight Sword was not as sharp as he had imagined, it was more than enough to attack the back of Sulter's neck.

Along with the flying of the Twilight Sword, Surtel's back neck, which was thicker than his waist, ushered in a series of sword strikes like a meat grinder.

In just a second or two, the back of Sulter's neck was cut off by the Twilight Sword by more than half, making his huge head appear shaky.

However, at the moment when the attack of the Twilight Sword ceased, Sulter's injured back neck quickly recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Within a few seconds, Surtel's neck completely recovered, as if everything that happened before was just an illusion.

Unlike the extremely rapid regeneration of flesh and blood creatures, the recovery method that Surtel showed at this time was an energy manipulation technique.

By consuming the flame energy in his body, Sulter can not only recover his injuries at any time, but can even directly change his body shape.

For example, becoming as tall as a mountain.

Of course, the premise of all this is that Sirtel has enough flame energy.

If Sirtel still had the eternal fire at this time, he could completely ignore Hela and Rogge, and even let them attack his body.

But it is a pity that it is not him who has the eternal fire now, but Roger.

After landing, Rogge did not continue to stay behind Suerter, instead he cast his instantaneous spell and came right in front of Suerter.

Just as Sirtel was about to use his fist to teach this little guy who dared to attack him madly, Roger made a move that was completely unexpected.

Rogge took back the eternal fire entwined with "Endless Greed", and then threw the Twilight Sword, which had been severely "shrunk" in size, back to Sulter.

Under his precise control, the red-tip Twilight Sword drew a beautiful parabola in the air.

Afterwards, he plunged straight into the ground in front of Surtel, and the red sword tip just sank into the ground.

"Give you the sword of twilight, let's do it all!"

No one thought that Roger would actually return the Twilight Sword to Surtel.

However, after he voluntarily gave up the Twilight Sword, Sulter not only didn't immediately pull the Twilight Sword inserted on the ground, but took a step or two vigilantly back.

This is not in line with common sense!

This is a trap!

Looking at the Twilight Sword that had accompanied him for countless years on the ground, all kinds of conspiracy theories emerged in the not-so-bright mind of Sulter.

Not only did Sulter not believe in Roger's kindness, but Hela, the goddess of death who had fought with Roger, also showed a look of doubt.

Although Hella had only played against Roger once, she knew that Roger was the kind of person who would try to increase his chances of winning.

To describe it in simpler words, it is that Roger is the kind of person who never compromises for victory.

And what he did at this time was obviously inconsistent with his previous style.

"Don't you dare to give it back, Musbelheim's last ruler, don't you have the guts?"

Seeing Surtel with a vigilant look on his face, Rogge began to attack with "sarcasm".

The reason why he would return the Twilight Sword to Sirtel was of course not for the so-called fairness of battle.

And even if Sulter had the Twilight Sword, this battle was still not a fair battle for him.

Sulter couldn't even beat Hella, so how could he win Rogge, who beat Hella.

If it is described by the rank in the game, at this time Sirtel is one big rank lower than Roger, or even two ranks.

Under this kind of power gap, as long as Rogge does not waver himself, the odds of Sirtel winning are only 10% at most.

Although Rogge was ridiculed in public, Surtel still maintained his vigilant appearance.

Surtel was watching Roger warily, guarding against his sudden attack.

At this time, Roger voluntarily closed the writing wheel.

To be precise, the right eye of the writing wheel is closed.

Originally, the writing wheel can only choose to open or close two states.

However, after the development of the fairy body reached 80%, Roger suddenly discovered that he could perform different operations on the left and right eyes.

After closing the writing wheel eye of his right eye, instead of keeping his right eye in its normal shape, he opened the white eye with his right eye.

With the opening of his white eyes, the blue veins around his right eye burst out instantly, making his eyes present an asymmetrical and alternative beauty.

The left eye writes round eyes, the right eye blanks!

The two completely different blood follow-up techniques gave him a special perspective that he had never experienced.

This feeling is a bit like opening the other eye when using a monocular.

After opening his left and right eyes with different pupils, Rogge did not urge Surtel, who was still entangled, and pulled out the Kusanaru sword he was wearing on his waist and the thunder fan behind him.

He held the Kusanaru sword in his right hand with "endless greed", while the huge thunderball fan, which did not fit his body shape, was held in his left hand.

When Roger held the weapon in both hands, Surtel, worried about whether he had any conspiracy, finally drew the Twilight Sword that was stuck on the ground.

At the moment Sulter pulled up the Twilight Sword, a ball of flame emerged from the body of the Twilight Sword, and its shrinking size also expanded rapidly with the rushing flames.

When the flames dissipated completely, the Twilight Sword in Surtel's hand returned to his size, turning into a two-handed giant sword nearly ten meters long.

"It turns out that the size is changed like this. I accept this method!"

After witnessing the scene where Sulter restores the Twilight Sword to its original state, a satisfied smile appeared on Roger's face.

The reason why he returned the Twilight Sword to Sulter was to copy it from him, or to learn the best way to use the Twilight Sword.

In this universe, Sulter is undoubtedly the person who knows best how to use the Twilight Sword.

With such a "teacher", Roger didn't need to explore the best way to use the Twilight Sword himself.

The writing wheel eye of the left eye is used to replicate and observe Sirtel's use of the Twilight Sword.

The white eye of the right eye is used to observe the energy flow in Surter.

Under this kind of observation and learning without dead ends, he can master the best use of the Twilight Sword in the shortest time, so that the Twilight Sword can completely become a new hole card in his hand.

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