Ninja God In Comics Chapter 511

Chapter 511: Copy Surtel's Physique

As Rogge had predicted, Sirtel was completely occupied by anger at this time.

The wound on his cheek had just healed, and Surtel, holding the sword of Twilight, attacked Rogge like a beast that was thoroughly enraged.

The sword of Twilight with the red tip of the sword seemed to feel the anger of Surtel, exuding an even more alarming heat, and the front half of the sword body also turned into a bright red like magma.

Seeing Surtel rushing towards him, Rogge didn't stand still waiting for his arrival as before, instead of retreating, he also galloped towards Surtel.

From the comparison of body size, Roger at this time is like a domestic pet cat trying to challenge wild tigers.

But everyone in the cave knows that Roger, who is smaller, is the tiger that eats people.


The Kusanaru sword, which was not in the same level at all, greeted the Twilight Sword frontally, blocking Surtel's extremely angry sword.

Although Surtel used all his strength, the Twilight Sword could not hold down the Kusanagi Sword in Roger's hand.

Afterwards, under the gaze of Sulter, Roger, who was under the sword of twilight, suddenly retracted the sword of Kusanaru, causing the red tip of the sword of twilight to hit the ground heavily, setting off a pure The flame exploded.

The fire engulfed Rogge again.

However, before the flames had completely dissipated, he, holding the Kusanaru sword and the thunderball fan, stood on the sword of the Twilight Sword like a ghost.

Although the Twilight Sword comes with astonishing heat, it is protected by Chakra's coat, and he doesn't need to worry about being burned by the Twilight Sword.

Compared with the amazing size of Surtel, Roger has the speed and agility far surpassing him.

"It's me!"

Standing on the body of the Twilight Sword, Roger said blankly to Surtel.

In the next second, he stepped on the blade of the Twilight Sword and ran towards the huge and ugly head of Surtel.

Although Surtel shook the Twilight Sword for the first time, he tried to throw Roger off the sword.

However, all this is doomed to be futile.

In the blink of an eye, Roger followed the blade of the Twilight Sword and Surtel's arm, and came to Surtel.

Kusana Sword and Thousand Birds Blade!

Although the Kusanaru sword and Chidori blade that were used before did not chop the head of Surter that was fused with the crown.

However, this time, Rogge did not continue to attack Surtel's head, but pointed the tip of the Kusanaru sword at Surtel's right eye.


The Kusanagi sword entwined with silver lightning, as if piercing a soft cake, pierced into Surtel's right eye.


Although the flame giants are not flesh and blood creatures in the conventional sense, they also have the sensation of pain. When they are hit, they will also feel the extreme pain deep into the bone marrow.

After a sword pierced Surtel's right eye, Rogge again made an unexpected move.

Under the gaze of Hela, Dumu and others, he released his right hand holding the sword.

Lei DunChidori!

The creaking thunder sound like a thousand birds chirping at the same time suddenly sounded.

Roger's right hand with "endless greed" was instantly shrouded in silver lightning, and his entire right hand seemed to turn into thunder.

Then, he pierced the right hand, which was like Thunder, into the left eye of Surtel.

After previous fights, Rogge has roughly understood the physical strength of Sirtel.

Even if he didn't use Chidori, he could still pierce Surtel's left eye directly with his right palm.

However, in order to make the battle scene a little better, and more importantly, to make Surter more painful, he uniquely used Chidori.

Without any suspense, Rogge's right hand pierced Surtel's left eye like an indestructible sword, completely destroying Surtel's left eye.

If it was to kill Surtel, he could completely destroy Surtel's entire head at this time, turning him into a ball of flame and blending into the crown.

But he didn't do this, because he still had a small job to complete before killing Surtel.

After using a thousand birds to stab Surtel's left eye, Rogge released the thousand birds on his right hand and opened the "Endless Greed" copy function that can only be used once.

Copying the physique of the flame giant Sulter was his second preparation for the full use of the eternal fire.

With only the sword of twilight, he may not be able to maximize the power of the eternal fire.

Therefore, Sirtel's special physique, he also did not intend to let it go.

In addition to the main plan A, prepare a spare plan B, which can effectively reduce accidents and plan failures.

A cautious ninja will never put all his hopes on one plan.

The tactical glove "Endless Greed" created based on the copying ability of the Super Skulls quickly completed the copy of the physique of Surter.

It took less than two seconds from the time Rogge pierced his right hand into Sirtel's left eye to the completion of the copy of "Endless Greed".

In such a short period of time, Sirtel couldn't even recover his eye injuries.

After confirming that "Endless Greed" had been copied, Roger drew out his right hand and held the hilt of Kusanaru sword again.

After doing all this, he gave Surtel a kick on the nose and returned to the ground with the Kusanaru sword.

When Rogge stepped on the ground again, Surtel finally had time to recover from his eye injuries, allowing himself to regain his vision.

Surtel's vision was restored, but his tragic experience did not end there.

After copying Sirtel's physique, Roger started a unilateral crushing battle, constantly forcing Sirtel to fight his life.

A little bit of time passed, when this cat-and-mouse-like battle lasted for more than ten minutes, Roger finally had the plan to end the battle.

During the ravages of more than ten minutes, Sulter showed all the ways to use the Twilight Sword.

Although he didn't hurt himself to jump up and down once, and he didn't seem to be like a human Rogge, his efforts made him a conscientious "teacher", and he taught Luo what he had learned all his life. grid.

RaidunThousand Birds Sharp Gun!

Before Sulter could turn around, Rogge inserted the Kusanaru sword diagonally on the ground, and summoned a sharp spear made of lightning.


Under the control of Rogge, the more than ten-meter-long Thousand Bird sharp spear cut off Surtel's right hand holding the sword instantly, causing the Twilight Sword and the broken arm to fall to the ground with a bang.

Then, when Surtel quickly recovered his broken right arm, he sprinted forward, leaped high, and performed the finishing moves of the battle.

NinjutsuSuper Jade Helix Pill!

Jumping to Rogge above Surtels head, he condensed a super-large jade spiral pill with a diameter of ten meters, and smashed this super-large jade spiral pill like a small blue sun on Sur. On Tel's head.


The amazing size of Surtel instantly knocked down the super-large jade spiral pill, and the body composed of flame energy shattered every inch under the terrifying distortion of the super-large jade spiral pill, returning to the most primitive flame form.

When the super-large jade spiral pill broke out completely, Surtel's body also disappeared completely, turning into a group of red flames, pouring into the demon-like crown that was more than one meter long.

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