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  • The Wife Is Like Fire: The President Of Hidden Marriage Is Sultry

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist
  • Status : Completed
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The Wife Is Like Fire: The President Of Hidden Marriage Is Sultry summary:

(Wife addiction VS guardian crazy, super sweet and hilarious)“Ye Yuchen, go away!” “Promise to marry me first.”“Don’t marry, say goodbye.” When the voice fell, Mu Wanqing slipped away.However, Ye Yuchen took her long arms and arbitrarily circled her back in her arms, “Want to run, eh?”Since then, Emperor Shao Ancheng teased her and became addicted, but the queen of the singing world was still unable to follow her. She hid in the space every night to play and disappeared. The Shao Emperor simply threw out her marriage certificate and complained, “Qingqin, you abandoned your husband!”Just as the power of the power space was exhausted, Mu Wanqing was kicked back into the arms of the emperor, and she was stunned, “Ye Yuchen, I treat you as a boyfriend, and you secretly marry me as a wife!”“If you don’t admit it, I can only be expensive by the father and the son.”“…”- Description from MTL

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The Wife Is Like Fire: The President Of Hidden Marriage Is Sultry Chapters

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