Back To The 80s To Raise A Wolfy Boyfriend Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177: Gu Jin: I Don't Believe You

Gu Jin turned around, staring at Ling Qiong with cold eyes, and the whole body was wanton and strong killing intent.

She couldn't hear anyone cursing Xiao An.

That is her life, her heart.

Who touched, who died!

Lingqiong could naturally see how much Gu Jin cares about the kid in the stream.

When Gu Jin was ready to do it again, he slowly curled his lips: "Although he is dead, there is no way to save him."

Gu Jin's expression slowed down: "What should I do?"

The spirit dome floated to the middle of the stream, tapping the surface of the water with its toes, and looking down at An Mingji who was soaked in the stream.

Gu Jin flew away quickly, for fear that he would hurt An Mingji.

Ling Qiong stared at An Mingji, and slowly said: "Man has three souls and seven souls. The three souls are refreshing spirits. Fetal light, ghosts, and seven souls are included. The first soul is called the corpse dog, and the second soul is named Fuya. , The third name is Bird Yin, the fourth name is Swallow Thieves, the fifth name is non-poisonous, the sixth name is Shiyin, and the seventh name is Smelly Lung.

This kid has lost two souls and seven souls, and only one soul is left. This is also the most important soul. It is the main god. If a person is lost, he will die soon.

So I said he was dead, and I was right. He is now the living dead. No matter how much spiritual energy or elixir is consumed, he can't be saved. "

Gu Jin doesn't understand this, but he understands the meaning.

An Mingji's matter has exceeded her cognition, and the matter is too complicated.

She felt her temples throbbing, and her heart sank into the abyss.

The anger in Gu Jin's eyes receded, panic and anxiety appeared on his face, and his red lips were pressed tightly.

"You said there is a way to save him, tell me what to do?"

As long as An Mingji can be rescued, she won't be able to kill her.

Ling Qiong raised his eyes, and a faint smile flashed through the deep and passionate peach blossom eyes: "There is only one way to save him, which is to find out his lost two souls and seven souls, and look for them where they are lost."

"Then I will find it now!"

Gu Jin strode towards An Mingji.

Kunlun Mountain, Death Valley, she will definitely find Xiao An's soul.

When Gu Jingang picked up An Mingji and was about to leave, the voice of Lingqiang sounded from behind him.

"He can't go out. Only the aura of space and this stream can warm his weak fetal soul."

When Gu Jin turned around, what caught Lingqiong's mouth was a smile that seemed like nothing, mixed with a little joke.

His brows are clear and clear, and his peach blossom eyes have a color of compassion, like a **** of compassion for all living beings, solemn, sacred and inviolable.

But the other party's words sounded in Gu Jin's ears, but they blew up.

She said coldly: "I don't believe you!"

The spirit sky suddenly appeared in the space, she hadn't figured out the details of the other party, how could she rest assured that An Mingji was under his nose.

If this person hurts her Xiaoan, or hides the person, she will regret it too late.

Lingqiong's voice is clear and with a smile: "I know, but you can take me out of the space."

"Can you go out?" Gu Jin frowned slightly, feeling incredible.

The other party is no longer human, but there is an entity.

Just now when she combed Lingqiong's hair, she could touch his black hair, but also touch his shoulder, and the touch between the **** when she took the hair band.

Everything shows that this strand of spirit is like a normal person, full of flesh and blood.

"Naturally, it is possible." Lingqiong turned his head and looked towards the enchantment of space entry and exit: "I used to be too lazy to toss, now, some things have become interesting, and I want to see the outside world."

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