Back To The 80s To Raise A Wolfy Boyfriend Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178: Inexplicable Familiarity

Gu Jin was silent, she put An Mingji back into the stream.

Looking down at him half of his body soaked in the stream, he was lost in thought.

Ling Qiong's proposal is not impossible.

It's just that she has to weigh the pros and cons of this matter.


In the end, Ling Qiong followed Gu Jin and left the space.

An Mingji, who fell asleep, was left alone in the space.

In order to prevent him from having any accidents inside, Gu Jin sent Duoduo into the space.

They even got the secret signal right. If An Mingji has any accident in the space, Duoduo can scream at her.

Gu Jin can use consciousness to connect everything in the space.

Sending Duoduo into the space to accompany An Mingji, just in case, is the safest way she has come up with.

After leaving the space, the first thing Gu Jin did was to make people call Alan, who had just lay down and slept for less than half an hour.

He also instructed Linda to summon all the Darwinians with supernatural powers, and they should immediately set off to the Kunlun Mountains.

Alan was yelled, and when he stepped into the hall, he felt a strange and dangerous aura coming.

His relaxed body immediately tensed up and stared at the man sitting next to Gu Jin vigilantly. Wearing a red brocade robe, his aura was very strong, and he looked noble and enchanting.

What makes Allen unacceptable is that this man looks neither male nor female, with long hair, which is longer than many women, making it too delicate, charming, beautiful, and sexy, and it is really attractive.

If it weren't for the Adam's apple on the opponent's neck, he might actually recognize this person as a woman.

Ling Qiong put away his curious gaze looking at the furnishings in the room, looked back, and met Allen who was staring at him.

Alan's heart shook slightly when facing the dark and wanton eyes of Lingqiong.

I don't know why, he always feels that this man has a little sense of familiarity, which is hard to say, but it is to make him awed from the bottom of his heart.

Gu Jin saw Ellen's face changed, she beckoned: "Ellen, come here."


Alan watched warily, a strange man who was neither male nor female, while approaching Gu Jin, his heart was complicated and difficult to distinguish.

After Ellen approached, Gu Jin handed him a porcelain white medicine bottle.

"The pill inside can quickly restore energy to your body. I'm going to Kunlun Death Valley. Xiao'an was with you before. I want you to go in again and walk the route that Xiao'an has taken from the beginning."

Allen poured out a pill without hesitation and swallowed it directly.

Seeing this, Ling Qiong sneered: "You are obedient, so you are not afraid of her poisoning?"

Hearing this, Allen turned and glared at him.

In the eyes of the diehards of the Darwin family, no one is allowed to be disrespectful to the Patriarch and future mistress.

Even if Alan fears this strange man from the bottom of his heart, once he breaks the bottom line, he will fight to the death.

He squeezed the medicine bottle in his hand, and a nasty smile waked up at the corner of his lips.

"Dead shemale!"

"Huh?" Ling Qiong tilted his head, wondering what he meant.

The corners of Gu Jin's lips twitched, and he raised his hand to touch the tip of his nose.

For Allen's actions, she almost wanted to stand up and applaud.

She had long wanted to stun Lingqiong, but it was a pity that this man had the method to save An Mingji in his hands, and she could not offend him easily.

During the trip to Kunlun Mountains, she was not sure that she would be able to find the two souls and seven souls that An Mingji had lost, but if there was a spiritual vault, she might get twice the result with half the effort.

One thing she has to admit is that the spiritual sky is very strong.

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