I Have 100m Summoning Scrolls Chapter 217

Chapter 217: End

In a burst of explanations by Ye Ling, Zhang Yun understood the truth of the world. He was like a bug born in a program, which would cause harm to the entire universe and all worlds.

As a "virus" that endangers the world, the best outcome for these awakened ones is to die silently and disappear completely from the entire universe, without leaving traces that might affect future generations.

But this is just what the observer says.

Putting it on the side of the revolutionary fire, they think.

Natural selection and survival of the fittest are the normal laws of development in the world.

Every awakened person who possesses special abilities or has experienced special events is the product of natural evolution, and they are the true future of the universe.

Observers want to maintain the balance of the universe and kill all the awakened born by accident. It is absolutely because they harm the interests of the observers that they are so extreme.

After all, humans will never be true to ants, but they definitely want to kill all mosquitoes.

What is the truth of the facts, what are the interests of the observers, the Eidolon does not know, nor does the revolutionary fire know.

But they know.

If you want to find out the truth of everything, you have to hit the end of the world and meet the group of high observers.

"and so."

"Zhang Yun, are you willing to join our revolutionary fire and fight against the hypocritical laws of this world?"


[A linkage task appears!

Destiny decision task --- the same kind (two-way choice).

[Mission introduction: As you can see, the people of the fire of revolution show up, they want you to be one of them, against the group of those who want to eliminate all the transversal, rebirth, Long Aotian... but the high observer , Would you like to join them? (Hint: Some people have also made a choice for this task. Your decision will affect the other persons future, please choose carefully)]

[Task objective (optional one): join.

[Task objective (optional two): not join.

Task Reward: A new future will be born based on the decision of you and another selected person.


The task of two-way selection?

This one?

Is there anyone like me who has received the same task?

Zhang Yun pondered for a while, and finally made a decision: "Well, since you are all about it, I will agree to your request and join your revolutionary fire."


"If you lied to me, don't blame me for turning my face ruthlessly!"

Ye Ling said slowly: "I didn't lie to you. When you follow me out of this middle world, you can understand the truth outside, and then you will know."

[Hint: Your choice is "Agree"!

[Hint: The other person's choice is also "agree"!

[Reminder: The follow-up destiny mission has been opened, please help Revolutionary Fire to attack the prison named "Scourge Tower" and save another person!

[Hint: Complete the first stage of the destiny selection mission and get rewards. Your experience gain speed is doubled, and the experience gain of all summoned creatures is doubled!


Ignoring the dense task prompts, Zhang Yun looked at Ye Ling: "You just said that the flow rate of this world is faster than the normal world, and only one day out of a year?"

Ye Ling nodded: "Yes!"

Zhang Yun touched her chin: "So, we still have plenty of time? Don't worry about going out now?"

Ye Ling continued to nod his head: "Yes."

Zhang Yun said, "Well, you can do me a favor, get rid of the outer gods in this realm, and then accompany me to do some things, and we will go out when we are done.

Ye Ling said slowly: "No...I know very well that your ability is to swallow, you can absorb the energy of others and evolve yourself."

"and so."

"The group of outer gods and the newly-born void creatures are all left to you to clean up, anyway, your current ability can already kill them at will."

"And I will look for the whereabouts of the Lord of Nothingness, and get rid of these truly threatening things... Wait until your strength is strong enough, and then confront these things, lest they are accidentally killed."

"Wait for the world here for the past year and a half, you should be able to do everything well, and your strength can be raised to a level enough to watch."

"At that time we will leave here again."

"Go and do something big."

Zhang Yun knowingly asked: "What are you going to do?"

Ye Ling said slowly: "Robbery, save another Hanging Wall with the ability to'swallow', his name is... Liu Wuhen!"


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