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  • I Really Didnt Want To Be A Savior

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Sci-Fi
  • Status : Ongoing
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I Really Didnt Want To Be A Savior summary:

The ordinary born Chen Feng appeared in his sleep after a thousand years and saw the end of humanity.Waking up from the nightmare of ruining everything and returning to reality, everything remains the same.He stood at a fork in his life and wandered blankly.Do you want to be a shameless porter, bury yourself in mediocrity and wait for death?Or to be a lonely savior, stepping on the never-ending struggle?Fear of the unknown and reliance on reality made him stand still.That day, he found that he only sold three songs and created a technological revolution for civilization.His heartbeat began to accelerate, and the butterfly flapped its wings.That day, his future child mother said the day before the end, she was pregnant.His anger began to boil, and the boy became a father.Born to be a person, he must carry the burden, Chen Feng decided to carry everything.“I will let this battle burn forever until your civilization is burned out.”- Description from Qidian

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I Really Didnt Want To Be A Savior Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 499: Game7 months ago
Chapter 491: veil7 months ago
: Testimonials2 years ago
Chapter 319: D2 years ago
: Testimonials2 years ago
Chapter 28: Bet2 years ago
Chapter 2: Have2 years ago
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