After Transmigrating I Made The Antagonist Cry Chapter 73

Chapter 73:

Shao Yanxi opened the door, and Liu Yuan stood outside the door, eyes facing each other, neither of them moved.

In the end, they didn't know who started the head. The two kissed. Liu Yuan took Shao Yanxi, who was half his head, into his arms: "Stop thinking about it, huh?"

Shao Yanxi gave an "um", poked his head at Liu Yuan's neck and bit Liu Yuan's side neck.

Shao Yanxi has tiger teeth and is very sharp. Liu Yuan bit him every time. Fortunately, he didn't use any force this time. Liu Yuan only felt a tingling numb, not painful. He chuckled softly, Liu Yuan raised his hand and held him up. The restless head was even brought down in his arms.

Shao Yanxi pressed half of his face into his shoulder, invisible, and affected his breathing.

Pushing him, Shao Yanxi fished his head out of Liu Yuan's arms and put his chin on Liu Yuan's shoulder. Suddenly he thought of something. He leaned back, and his upper body was separated from Liu Yuan. He looked at Liu Yuan and said:" How many years do you need to serve in the military?"

Because it was too sad before, Shao Yanxi did not hear everything that Liu Yuan said. In addition, their world persuaded, military, and service are generally ordinary people, because even if powerful people enter the army, the team is the advanced army or the school, and then leave. Join the army and school on this road and then enter the team.

After all, promotion requires academic qualifications.

And powerful people are bound to be promoted.

Shao Yanxi was born only as Liu Yuan.

Originally, he wanted to confirm with Liu Yuan, but was afraid that Liu Yuan would think about it, so he didn't ask.

Ordinary people don't care, anyway, he will make money, and then he can make money to raise Liu Yuan.

Shao Yanxi thought silently.

At the same time, he gave Liu Yu'an a yamda, stunned Liu Yuan, who had just planned to tell him, "I'll go back to discuss and discuss, and try to avoid a few years."

Then Shao Yanxi said: "Forget it, it doesn't matter for a few years."

After speaking, he firmly announced: "I have decided. I will go to your world with you. Then you will go to serve in the military. I will make money at home and wait for you. When you come back, I will go to your company for an interview. Do tasks with you."

Liu Yuan didn't know that he had thought so much in his heart, and when he heard Shao Yanxi's words, he silently swallowed the words in his mouth.

Just say: "Okay."

In fact, he also wanted Shao Yanxi to go back with him.

The main world is not only advanced in science and technology, but also in advanced medical technology. Shao Yanxi may live one or two hundred years longer.

If it is one or two hundred years old, they can go to the world of cultivating immortals together.

Live him for hundreds of thousands of years.

When I think about it, I feel happy.

"Then it's so decided. Don't regret it." Shao Yanxi emphasized: "Wait for me to deal with the company's affairs..." At this point, his eyes rolled and he didn't know what was thinking, and asked Liu Yuan: "You said Jiang He is this The protagonist of the world?"

"Right." Liu Yuan said.

But this world is different from the original world.

Not exactly.

"Ah." Hearing Liu Yuan's words, Shao Yanxi exclaimed, "Then you still help me, I'm the villain, if I defeat the protagonist, will this world be unstable?"

Liu Yuan looked at him and felt calm when he said the word villain.

I felt a little relieved.

It seems that this guy has well accepted the fact that he is the villain.

Not only is it not sad, but on the contrary it seems to be a little proud.

There is no one.

Liu Yuan tilted his head and looked at him with a smile: "You are my wife. If you don't help you, let me help him?"

When he thought of Liu Yuan going to help Jiang He deal with him, Shao Yanxi suddenly became unhappy: "Forget it, you should help me." After finishing speaking, he asked Liu Yuan: "Does that have no effect on this world?"

"Do not worry."

Liu Yuan smiled and squeezed Shao Yanxi's face. This person looked very cold, but in fact he was very soft-hearted and very cute.

This is what Liu Yuan thought about.

For him to speak out, Assistant He must be the first to jump out and object.

Shao An, open your eyes and look again. You can't just see him being soft to you and not being fierce to us.

"This world is different from the original world, and his accident will not affect the trajectory of the world."

"That's good."

Shao Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. If Liu Yuan said that Jiang He's accident would affect the world, he would let Jiang He go.

After all, this is the world they love, and he wants to keep this beautiful memory, maybe they can come back to see when they are old.

And this is the world that Liu Yuan maintains, he doesn't want Liu Yuan's mission to fail.

But since it does not affect, he is sorry.

There is someone behind the Jiang family. Shao Yanxi already knows it, but it doesn't matter. I can't cure you politically. Can't I let your company go bankrupt?

In fact, Shao Yanxi had thought of using hospitals to close business to force officials to stand in line.

After all, his hospital accounts for 60% of the total number of hospitals in this country and 32% of the total number of hospitals in the world.

If all his hospitals were closed, within two days, the country would be chaotic, and the officials would inevitably give him a compromise.

Even if they do not compromise, other countries will definitely want them to exert pressure, and they will compromise if they do not compromise.

Just like the world before he was born again.

But Shao Yanxi knew that Liu Yuan must be unhappy that he did this.

So this idea came out and he denied it.

He doesn't need to do so much, he doesn't need to send them to jail, he just needs to manipulate the economy to bankrupt the Jiang family.

Although there is a Jiang He in the Jiang family, he reacted shortly after he took the shot, and he did cause him a lot of trouble, but what about it, he was not afraid at all.

He is sure he will win.

After getting the answer he wanted, Shao Yanxi began to push Liu Yuan: "I want to take a bath, you go out."

"I also wash, together."

"No." Shao Yanxi quit, pushing Liu Yuan out of the bathroom forcefully, poking his head out of the door, licking a mouthful of white teeth, and smiling at Liu Yuan: "I will wash first, and you will wash after I finish washing."

This person is not something especially, washing together, not only is not clean, but also gets dirty more and more.

He just don't do it.

After speaking, Shao Yan closed the door hesitantly and locked it again.

Go to the shower happily.

Liu Yuan outside the door: "..."

Touching his nose, his reputation is so bad, after thinking about it, it seems that it is really bad.

Indifferent shrugged.

Walking over and lying on the sofa, Shao Yanxi took more than 30 minutes to wash before coming out.

When I came out, I was wearing a bathrobe and a towel in my hand. The hair was wiped but still dripping. Liu Yuan looked at him and motioned to the bathroom: "Go and wash."

Liu Yuan got up, but did not go to take a bath immediately, but asked him, "Do you want me to give you medicine?"

Thinking of applying medicine, Shao Yanxi blushed, "No, go take a bath."

This person is too annoying.

He had forgotten, he insisted on reminding him.

"It's okay." Seeing how he resisted, Liu Yuan smiled: "The medicine is in the drawer under the bedside table. You can go and call me if it doesn't work."

"Okay, well, got it, you go now."

"Good." Liu Yuan shook his head helplessly and entered the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Liu Yuan went to the bedroom and took a look, only to find that Shao Yanxi was asleep.

Maybe these days are too tired.

Covered him with the quilt, Liu Yuan came out to the living room and contacted the Virtual World Management Center. He probably told them about his affairs, and then proposed to take Shao Yanxi back.

I heard that Liu Yuan was the little prince who had been missing for six years.

The little girl in the Virtual World Management Center was so shocked that her jaw dropped, and she confirmed with Liu Yuan over and over again.

"Are you really the little prince with 3S mental power?" The little girl's excited voice changed.

Liu Yuan had a good temper: "It's me."

"Ahhhhh, I am also a prince's caller." The little girl evaded the communicator and yelled in excitement, then came back and replied Liu Yuan in a professional voice, "Okay."

Reports from the communication layer after layer were finally reached by the person in charge of the virtual world management center, and then transferred from the person in charge to his brother.

His brother slapped his head and covered his face.

However, Liu Yuan wanted to ask others and didn't dare to talk back. Instead, Rainbow fart didn't want money.

He blew his elder brother out of the score, so he agreed to let him lead people out.

"But I want to remind you that the emperor father should already know, you just wait to be trained by the emperor." Although his brother's voice is serious, Liu Yuan can still hear gloating in his voice, but he wants to ask now. Yuren did not dare to attack.

Liu Yu'an "disappeared", and all the stars know about his missing person notice.

With his appearance, those people will definitely report him for the huge bonus.

His father knew it was not unexpected.

He blew his brother a few more rainbow farts, which made his brother comfortable, and then broke the communication.

If only Liu Yuan left alone, it would be very convenient and could leave at any time, but Shao Yanxi is different. Shao Yanxi belongs to this world. The procedure for him to leave is very complicated, at least half a year.

This is why it takes 100 million points to leave the virtual world.

You know, they can earn up to 200,000 points for doing tasks in a world, and in many cases they can't get 200,000 points.

Up to seven hundred and eighty thousand.

If the task is not completed well, there may be only 10,000 points of hard work.

One hundred million points, at least five hundred worlds.

too difficult.

Therefore, Liu Yuan knows that there are only five people who bring people from the virtual world to the real world.

Because it takes a long time.

Except for the first two days when Shao Yanxi was very excited, their lives were no different from before.

Shao Yanxi's "economic war" with Jiang's family originally estimated that it would take another month to end. Who knew it would be over within a few days. Not only did the "economic war" end, Jiang He's father also entered the game.

Shao Yanxi was a little dumbfounded.

The information he submitted did allow Jiang He's father to enter the game, but there are people in the Jiang family, and he has no hope.

Who knows, there was such a surprise.

As a result, the surprise did not last long, and he found out that it was the Hao family.

Shao Yanxi didn't think the Hao family would help him.

Checking it again, it turned out that Liu Yuan went to them.

I don't know why, but Shao Yanxi felt a little lost in his heart. After the loss, he soon became relieved. This is normal.

At this time, Liu Yuan had already gone to the crew of "Youth is All You".

Shao Yanxi had promised Liu Yu'an to explore the squad before, but he has been busy because of Jiang He's affairs.

Now that he was free, he immediately thought of Liu Yuan.

Immediately packed his things and prepared to visit Liu Yuan's class.

I haven't seen those little girls who don't understand anything on the Internet are already guessing if they have changed their marriage!

He must break this rumor.

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