After Transmigrating I Made The Antagonist Cry Chapter 74

Chapter 74:

Because of the needs of the scene, Liu Yuan and the others are now shooting in a small county in the neighboring province. Shao Yanxi used to take a plane to their provincial capital and transfer to a train to reach that small county.

On the way to the airport, Shao Yanxi was still looking at the documents. He didn't know what he thought of, and stopped suddenly and said to Assistant He, "Assistant He, find some reporters to wait at the airport."

Looking for a reporter? Are there any activities?

Assistant He muttered in his heart, a little confused.

But the decision as an assistant boss does not require him to understand, he only needs to implement it.

Immediately contacted several media that cooperated with Hengan.

When I arrived at the airport, I watched the reporters holding the microphone and asked their boss: "Mr. Shao, are you going to visit Shao Ans class?" Although their boss was cold, he did not ask the bodyguards to drive the reporter away and slowed down and said, "Yeah. "At that time, Assistant He finally understood.

People want to show affection.

No wonder he didn't understand.

How could he understand this kind of thing as a single dog.


The plane is a private jet.

After getting on the plane, Assistant He silently found a corner to put himself down, while Shao Yanxi sat by the window where he usually sits and started reading documents.

From Lai to the next provincial capital, a half-hour flight.

Along the way, Shao Yanxi has been immersed in the processing of documents. He wants to process all the documents on the plane so that he can accompany Liu Yuan well after arriving on the set.

About three or four minutes before landing, Shao Yanxi also read the document in his hand and signed his name.

Then he packed up the documents, put them in the briefcase, closed his eyes and began to wait for the panic and shortness of breath caused by weightlessness when the plane landed.

Although he often takes planes, Shao Yanxi is not used to it. He feels particularly uncomfortable every time the plane rises and falls, and he feels his heart is about to jump off his chest.

I'm not used to the rising and falling of the airplane, but I am used to the pain caused by the rising and falling. As long as I close my eyes and squint, it will pass quickly.

Shao Yanxi sat for a while after the plane landed because of discomfort.

Shao Yanxi does this every time, and those who fly with him are used to it.

Some of them looked at their mobile phones, and some of them squinted like Shao Yanxi and took a nap.

Assistant He took out his mobile phone and glanced at the Internet, and the Internet was overwhelmingly full of news about Shao Yanxi's investigation class Liu Yuan and her husband's love.

Shao Yanxi Liu Yuan's Weibo is lively like a bazaar.

Does Yanyan want to send it to thousands of miles?

Today is also a day for Xixi Ai Ange.

Oh, my knocked cp is awesome, I am sending sugar every day.

Even his little assistant has many comments on Weibo:

Assistant brother, you quickly stop Xixi, he is the boss, how can the boss send him thousands of miles! ! !

Assistant brother, you have to take care of Xixi, don't call him too tired.

Assistant He complained in his heart: Your tyrant not only sent it thousands of miles away, but also didn't want to go back.

And whether you are tired or not, is that his assistant decides?

That was decided by Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan wanted to make him tired, so he couldn't keep out of bed the next day; Liu Yuan didn't want him to be tired, he would definitely be alive and kicking the next day.

Assistant He was very tired of the comments made by fans, but he just took a look.

Never reply.

quite a while.

Shao Yanxi got up, everyone stopped what they were doing, and followed Shao Yanxi to get out of the plane.

Get off the plane and take the special passage out.

The person who arranged to pick them up was already waiting in the parking lot. Seeing them getting off and greeting them, they respectfully greeted Shao Yanxi and the others in the car.

Delivered to the train station.

Shao Yanxi seldom takes the train, the last time seems to be a few years ago.

Sit again, it's still fresh.

At the end of December, there were not many people in the car. The car was covered by Shao Yanxi and the others. The car was full of their people.

Everyone quietly play with mobile phones.

Shao Yanxi also checked Weibo and looked at the comments on Weibo and the comics drawn by fans of him running towards Liu Yuan's husband Liu Yuan. Shao Yanxi twitched his mouth severely, and then smiled.

Shao Yanxi sat alone in a row.

He laughed and no one saw it.

As a result, he unscrupulously started Weibo, and even read a short story about him and Liu Yuan's son.

Of course, he is attacking.

Shao Yanxi's face couldn't be stretched when Liu Yuan was pregnant and told him to attack his legs and asked him to massage his legs, and the cheeks twitched and almost laughed.

It's kind of interesting.

Shao Yanxi thought secretly.

After reading that book, he found a few more of their fanarts that he was attacking.

In a pile of socialist literature, Shao Yanxi unexpectedly discovered a Haitang article, and then opened the door to a new world.

All kinds of plays literally blinded him, and the people who watched him were full of blood. The only regret was that.

He is affected.

It is the one by this and that.

The train at the beginning of K was very slow. When it arrived at the small county town, it was already late. At the first glance, Shao Yanxi went out of the station and saw Liu Yuan and his assistant who came to pick him up.

When Shao Yanxi saw Liu Yuan, Liu Yuan also saw them.

They are a group of individuals, all in suits and shoes, and their goals are really obvious.

As soon as he saw Shao Yanxi, Liu Yuan quickly greeted him, and kissed Shao Yanxi on the forehead in front of everyone. He took Shao Yanxi's hand and asked him, "Is it tired? "

"It's fine."

Just read the Haitang essay, and now Liu Yuan is in front of so many people, Shao Yanxi's thoughts flew into the essay instantly.

The blush was like the clouds in the sky outside.

Teng Teng was steaming.

Shao Yanxi is thin-skinned, but he is good at disguising. Generally, in this situation, although he is shy, he will have a cold face in order to cope with changes. Liu Yuan didn't expect him to react like this, and was immediately shocked. Just about to ask him what's going on, Shao Yanxi pressed it in his palm: "There are so many people at the station, let's go."

After speaking, he pulled Liu Yuan and walked out.

But I was blocked by fans after not taking two steps. However, the small station was not crowded and everyone was not crowded. Both of them brought bodyguards. Liu Yuan took off his mask and said a few words to them, so that they could come back soon. Home.

He took Shao Yanxi and left.

They hadn't seen each other for several days. Liu Yuan missed Shao Yanxi, so as soon as he got on the car, Liu Yuan couldn't wait to let the driver raise the baffle, and then kissed Shao Yanxi.

My dear Shao Yanxi's tongue was numb, and after a push, Liu Yuan let him go.

Then, Liu Yuan hugged Shao Yanxi, whose eyes were red and misty, and took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the heat in his heart, and asked Shao Yanxi, "Do you want me?"

Shao Yanxi glanced at him.


Why don't you want me to come to you.

Too lazy to pay attention to Liu Yuan, Shao Yanxi poked his head directly into Liu Yuan's neck and almost gave Shao Yanxi a mouthful on his neck.

Liu Yuan was stunned: "My ancestors, don't you, you go down, how can I make a movie, take off my clothes and bite tonight."


If it weren't for that habit, Shao Yanxi would roll his eyes.

After that, the two of them said something differently. Shao Yanxi talked about Jiang He's affairs. When he mentioned the Hao family, Shao Yanxi was a little unhappy: "Why are you looking for them, I can solve it myself."

Just as Liu Yuan wanted to explain, his mouth opened, and Shao Yanxi said: "You go to them, what did you promise them?"

Based on his knowledge of the Hao family, it is impossible for the Hao family to help him for no reason.

Shao Yanxi had no affection for the Hao family, and Liu Yuan did not conceal his death. He told Shao Yanxi about the decline of the Hao family. After speaking, he explained to Shao Yanxi: "In fact, I didn't do anything, so I told them. The things that led to the downfall of the Hao family...If they are smart enough, they are prepared now and preemptively, they might be able to escape."

"That's okay." After hearing Liu Yuan's exchange of terms, Shao Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Liu Yuan would do anything against his will to harm his body in order to help him.

Since neither is, it doesn't matter.

As for the decline of the Hao family, it is not his concern at all.

With those times, it would be more comfortable to kiss Liu Yuan.

The result of the comfort was that when they got out of the car, their lips were swollen.

Assistant Zhang Xu Qingqing and other bodyguards: "..."

Watching the nose and the heart, pretending that they didn't see each other.

In my heart, these two people abused the dog madly, which was too much.

Fortunately, Liu Yuan didn't have a night scene. After the passing, the two went directly to the hotel and happily rolled the sheets for most of the night.

They were rolling the sheets, but Weibo exploded because of their actions today.

The photos were taken by a reporter called by Shao Yanxi, as well as by passers-by.

A 360 record of the joy of the two when they met, and the scene of Shao Yanxi, who was kissed by Liu Yu'an in the public, was pulled away by Liu Yu'an with red ears and hands and feet.

The president who was kissed by the same hands and feet is inexplicably cute, hahahaha.

Such a lovely Mr. Shao, Shao An, you must bully him so hard that you cry.

I'm so petted, I also want to be the one who is petted by An Shao.

If you want An Shao Chong, please become the richest man first.

Among the comments, there is a particularly wrong style of painting: Mr. An Shaoshao got out of the car just now, and both of them have swollen mouths.

Of course, with so many comments, there are also some scolding people who scold the two for showing off, maybe they are already divorced.

However, these comments were instantly drowned out in the sound of praise.

People who had only "married" two days ago, today Shao Yanxi's exploration team has instantly become a husband's love, a model husband in the entertainment industry.

The cp fans kicked up cp happily again.

Even the little girls from the crew smashed when they watched Shao Yanxi sitting in the corner of the studio and watching Liu Yuan.

"Ahhhh, this pair is so good."

"Look carefully at Mr. Shao's eyes at Liu Yu'an. They are full of love."

"Isn't An Shao, right? Did you just see him turning his head to look at Mr. Shao? My heart is dead and my legs are weak."

"Those media talk too much about the marriage change."

"Mr. Shao, he just slapped his face."

Hahaha, a few little girls laughed and gathered together while they were okay, secretly knocking on the two CPs.

Time was very fast, two days passed.

Originally, Shao Yanxi planned to spend a few more days on the crew, but he was called by the Hao family on a phone call.

Said that the old man was dying to divide the inheritance.

Shao Yanxi was not interested in their inheritance, and refused without even thinking about it.

The Haos family was bitter, and even moved out of Shao Yanxis mother: "It should be your mother who is supposed to guard it, but your mother is unable to guard in the situation now. As your mothers only son, you should treat it as your own. Can he satisfy the old man's wish?"

The Hao family said so. Although Shao Yanxi was not happy, he still went.

Liu Yuan wasted a while because of taking time off before. Now the scenes are all piled up. He is very busy. There is no way to ask for leave. In addition, Shao Yanxi doesn't want him to go. Liu Yuan stays on the crew.

The author has something to say: ask for a pre-collection of "The Movie King and His Idol Officials are Announced", originally called "Gao Leng Movie King Love Brain"

#Jiang Chenxia, who is number one in the vase list, wants to transform into an actor#

As soon as this news was released, it exploded inside and outside the entertainment industry, and Flay stood up:

Live eating and kicking the ball...

Jiang Chenxia disagrees.

His gaze fell on Luo Feng, the actor who came to the door to guide his acting skills on the opposite side: "Thank you Mr. Luo, then."

After finishing speaking, he said with a slight guard in his heart: "I don't plan to do emotional scenes for the time being, just forget about kissing scenes."


Jiang Chenxia won the actor, and the whole network is boiling:

#Genius is 1% talent plus 99% hard work#

#As long as you work hard, Jiang Chenxia can also become a actor#

Swipe the screen.

But the person involved secretly knocked on Luo Feng's door: "Mr. Luo, you said that you need to review the past and learn the new. In order to improve your acting skills and gain a better foothold in the entertainment industry, tonight we first review the past and kiss the drama, and then learn about the new ship drama. Look at this. How is the arrangement?"

Luo Feng made his baby debut, arrogant for half his life, can not afford to look at traffic stars, but does not want him to like a traffic one day.

Because he played Weibo, voted him for statistics, saved his pictures, listened to his songs, and even...

Ladies went to his concert.

Hearing that he was looking for someone to guide his acting skills, Luo Feng approached the door with unprecedented anxiety.

Then they officially announced.

The whole network was dumbfounded.

#Gao Leng actor chasing stars, he has a young life! ! #

#Ahhh, I also want to announce with my idol #

Bai Qihei is really fragrant all the way to the top of the air VS outside cold and inside hot star chasing star chasing his own idol

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