After Transmigrating I Made The Antagonist Cry Chapter 75

Chapter 75: End Of Text

Because the old man of the Hao family insisted on sharing the inheritance with Shao Yanxi, the Hao family was unhappy, and Shao Yanxi slumped his face when he went.

Shao Yanxi glanced at her when her aunt said "Xiaoxi is here."

The old man gave him the inheritance for fear of death, but the inheritance didn't even have one ten-thousandth of his assets. To be honest, Shao Yanxi didn't take it seriously.

He didn't look good, but the people in the Hao family were squeaky and crooked. Since he appeared in the hospital, he has been irritating.

They said that they had done their best to help him raise his mother, saying that he had never done his filial piety and should not take the inheritance...

What Shao Yanxi has is money, and money is just a number to him, and he has already decided to go to Liu Yuan's world with Liu Yuan, let alone take money seriously.

Originally, he didn't plan to ask for those inheritances, but the Hao family has been babbling.

Therefore, as soon as the father's funeral was over, Shao Yanxi immediately asked the lawyer to do the matchmaking.

Then he turned his head and sold the inheritance and donated it to the Hengan Fund. He also deliberately told the Hao family about this matter.

Annoyed the Hao family.

Liu Yuan smiled and tilted his head after learning about it: "You are really bad." Seeing Shao Yanxi's gaze on the screen, he was very eager to survive and immediately changed his words: "But I like it."

He was so embarrassed that he made Shao Yanxi laugh.

"You are so scared."

"Counseling to my daughter-in-law can be called counseling? That is love."

Liu Yuan drank a sip of water. Today, I was busy filming and didn't drink water well.

On the screen, Shao Yanxi hesitated, her eyes flickered, avoiding Liu Yu'an's gaze, and her voice was a little awkwardly cold and said, "I love you too."

Hearing what he said, Liu Yuan's drinker was taken aback and put down the water glass.

Although they are intimate, Shao Yanxi rarely expresses feelings so straightforwardly.

Liu Yuan was happy to hear that, blood and blood surged up: "Baby, don't tempt or confuse me anymore. I won't be able to go back in a week. Please be considerate and considerate of me."


Shao Yanxi seldom expressed it like this. She was a little embarrassed at first. Hearing Liu Yuan's words, he was embarrassed to disappear into the clouds.

He snorted.

The two said something more.

Shao Yanxi told Liu Yuan that he went to see his mother after Father Hao's funeral two days ago.

The doctor said that his mother's condition suddenly deteriorated. Fortunately, the medicine he brought in the past would otherwise be gone.

I haven't seen him for many years. Shao Yanxi has no affection for his mother, but it is his mother.

I was still a little sad.

"When I come back and accompany you to see him." Liu Yuan knew about the death of Shao Yanxi's mother.

It should be in front of the old man of the Hao family.

"Good." Shao Yanxi said.

After returning from the funeral of Mr. Hao in Xinjing, Shao Yanxi has been cleaning up the companys assets. He plans to clean up the assets under his name and set up a fund named after him and Liu Yuan to reward talents who have made outstanding contributions in various industries. .

This matter is relatively big.

Shao Yanxi has been busy for a long time and has not finished.

However, Liu Yuan's "Youth is All You" finished filming.

Because there are still a few months before they leave this world, there is no rush to clean up.

But the doctor said that his mother would not live long, so when Liu Yuan came back, Shao Yanxi went to Xinjing with him and met his mother.

I don't know if it was a return to the light or something, but his mother recognized him this time.

"Xiaoxi?" Because he hadn't seen him grow up, his mother asked uncertainly.

Although the doctor told him that his mother was sober, when Shao Yanxi came over, she was still in fear.

But when he really heard calling him "Xiaoxi," Shao Yanxi's nose suddenly became sore.

"Mom" was about to cry.

Then he called mom several times.

Liu Yuan saw that Shao Yanxi's mother was indeed sober, went out with the doctor, and closed the door.

Accompanied by a doctor, wait for Shao Yanxi to come out.

In the room, not only Shao Yanxi cried, but his mother also cried. The mother and son cried together in their arms.

Crying and crying, Shao Yanxi found something was wrong.

He turned his head and found that his mother had stopped breathing.


Shao Yanxi yelled, picked up his mother and put it on the bed.

Liu Yuan and the doctor were talking outside the door. He heard Shao Yanxi's voice opening the door and went in. Then he saw Shao Yanxi holding his mother's hand and shouting desperately: "Mom."

Hearing his choking voice, Liu Yuan immediately understood what had happened-Shao Yanxi's mother had passed away.

The heart was caught suddenly.

Liu Yuan hurriedly went over and embraced Shao Yanxi into his arms.

For so many years, his mother has always regarded him as his dad. When she saw him, she either beat or tore. Today she finally wakes up and recognizes him.

He died within a few minutes.

Shao Yanxi's face was in tears.

The doctor was also frightened by him and hurried over.

At first glance, Shao Yanxi's mother died.

The expression on his face was serene and there was no need for rescue.

Just after thinking about it, Shao Yanxi said, "Doctor, my mother."

"President Shao, please be sorry." The doctor said.

He has seen many people pass away, and there are not no men crying with tears, but he did not expect that in the media, he would always have a cold face. Shao Yanxi, who looks unhuman, would cry like this.

"Okay, you go out first." Liu Yuan said for Shao Yanxi.

The doctor wanted to tell his boss about Shao Yanxi's mother's death, and left.

As soon as the doctor left, Shao Yanxi's eyes were lost in tears: "My mother...she passed away."

Liu Yuan sighed, hugged the person, and did not speak.

Shao Yanxi's head was poked in Liu Yuan's arms. Fortunately, he still has Liu Yuan. If his mother died, he would really be a lonely family.

Fortunately, there is Liu Yuan.

"Don't cry, you have to deal with mom's funeral."

"Yeah." Shao Yanxi came out of Liu Yuan's arms, and the tears on her face had been wiped on Liu Yuan's clothes.

He didn't feel it himself.

Raised his hand to wipe the tears from his face.

The hospital has contacted the funeral home.

Shao Yanxis mothers funeral was not held, probably because of the death of her father. Uncle Shao Yanxis family didnt care about Shao Yanxis mother anymore, but they all came when they went to the funeral.

Except for his uncle's family, Liu Yuan's family, and several senior executives of the company, there are no other people.

The Hao family was very dissatisfied with this and thought it should be done.

However, Shao Yanxi had the final say on this matter, and they had nothing to do without Shao Yanxi.

Finally left in a serene manner.

After Shao Yanxi's mother went to the funeral, Shao Yanxi was not in a hurry to work. He threw the matter to the vice president of the company, gave himself a few days off, and went to a sunny and warm place with Liu Yuan.

I came back the day before the Jinbei Award.

The Jinbei Award is a film and television award held by the Film and Television Association. It is divided into two sub-awards for film and TV series.

Liu Yuan originally didn't plan to participate.

But Director He kept calling him, telling him to be there.

It happened that he and Shao Yanxi had been playing for a few days, and the two of them returned before Shao Yanxi's work had been explained.

Liu Yuan participated in the Golden Bay Award and won the best supporting actor in a TV series.

Liu Yuan didn't feel anything when he got the award, but Shao Yanxi turned around him: "Whenever you think that you have actually played a narcissistic role as the Demon King, and you played for more than a hundred years, I just want to laugh."

"Laugh." Liu Yuan said.

Shao Yanxi didn't laugh anymore, put her arms around Liu Yu'an, and said with a serious expression: "I will tell you one thing."

"What's the matter?" Seeing his face suddenly becoming serious, Liu Yuan also stopped the movement in his hands and looked up at him.

"I am not the Shao Yanxi of this world either."


Liu Yuan raised his brows, looked at Shao Yanxi, and let him continue.

"I was born again." Shao Yanxi said: "Just the world that was destroyed before."

"When you got married?"

Liu Yuan understood after a little thought.

At the wedding, Shao Yanxi suddenly changed, and then separated from the original plot.

Because Shao Yanxi is really not a good character in the book, he is afraid that if he is not careful, he will do something that will make his mission fail.

Who knows that it was reborn long ago.

"Yes." Shao Yanxi said: "At that time, I just died. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was marrying you. I thought of you in my previous life... That person, at that time, I thought it was you. When I was injured and hospitalized, I left me and escaped from marriage. I was angry. If there were other people at the time, I would want to beat you up."

"You didn't strangle him in your last life." Liu Yuan kindly reminded.

"That's because I didn't meet anyone."

Liu Yuan smiled, and reached out to take Shao Yanxi into his arms, and did not continue this controversial topic.

A few months after the Golden Bay Award, Shao Yanxi handled the company's affairs with Liu Yuan's help. The two spent the last two months on a global trip.

After the trip, I went to Liu Yuan's world together.

The author has something to say: the text is over.

You can say what you want to see.

If not, I will write a few chapters outside their main world (Liu Yuan's world), and it will be over.

Thank you everyone for your company. The comments in this chapter have red envelopes.


Ask for a pre-collection of "The actor and his idol official announced" in a few days, and the following is the copy.

#Jiang Chenxia, who is number one in the vase list, wants to transform into an actor#

As soon as this news was released, it exploded inside and outside the entertainment industry, and the flag stood up:

Live eating, playing with the head...

Jiang Chenxia disagrees.

His gaze fell on Luo Feng, the actor who had come to the door to guide his acting, "Thank you Mr. Luo, then."

After finishing speaking, he said with a slight guard in his heart: "I don't plan to do emotional scenes for the time being, just forget about kissing scenes."


Jiang Chenxia won the movie king, and the whole network is boiling:

#Genius is 1% talent plus 99% hard work#

#As long as you work hard, Jiang Chenxia can also become a actor#

But the person involved secretly knocked on Luo Feng's door: "Teacher Luo, you said that you need to review the past and learn the new. In order to improve your acting skills and gain a better foothold in the entertainment industry, tonight we first review the past and kiss the drama, and then learn about the new ship drama. How is the arrangement?"

Luo Feng made his baby debut, arrogant for half his life, can't afford to look at traffic stars, but doesn't want him to like a traffic one day.

Because he played Weibo, voted him for statistics, saved his pictures, listened to his songs, and even...

Women went to his concert.

Hearing that he was looking for someone to guide his acting skills, Luo Feng approached the door with unprecedented anxiety.

Then they officially announced.

The whole network was dumbfounded.

#Gao Leng actor chasing stars, he is young! ! #

#Ah, I also want to announce with my idol #

Bai Qihei is really fragrant all the way to the top flow attack VS outside cold and inside hot star chaser chasing his own idol actor

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