I Took Home A Mummy Chapter 66

Chapter 66:

Song Jingchen looked at Mo Huai in front of him, full of anger. Except for his appearance, the other party couldn't compare with him. He felt that Ning Mitang was simply blind, and he had to pick up a broken tile without picking the treasure.


Song Jingchen straightened his glasses with his hand, "I'll give you one last chance. Should I stay with this porter?"

Ning Mitang didn't want to pay attention to him, but looking at Mo Huai's tall back, her heart moved slightly, her dark eyes were filled with soft light, "My answer is only Mo Huai, except for him or him, it will only be him. "

In the dark night, the surroundings were silent, and the girl's clear voice sounded, and the firm and clear tone shocked people.

At this moment, Mo Huai seemed to have electricity flowing through his body, and it was as if the girl was scratched with a small hand, itchy, crisp, and the corners of the tight mouth could not be restrained, he was raised high, and the eyebrows could not be restrained The proud and arrogant color. If a tail grows behind him, then a strong tornado must be shaken at this time.

Mo Huai turned his head and glanced at Ning Mitang, his eyes touched the broken light of the stars in the girl's eyes. The dimples on Jun's face could no longer be hidden, and faintly appeared. It was clearly the eyes of the sword eyebrows, as clear as the moon. The face is extremely cute.

Sure enough, Tangtang loved him miserably.

The two people in front of him stared at each other with lingering eyes. This scene was simply eye-catching. Song Jingchen's face was dark and composed. He licked the corners of his mouth, with a harsh tone, and directly asked the guards behind him to detain him. Ning Mitang, he wanted it. , Mo Huai's life, he wants too.

The smile at the corner of Mo Huai's mouth narrowed, and he pushed the messy hair from the girl's ear to her back, and said softly, "You stand here obediently, it won't be long."

"Ahuai?" Ning Mitang grabbed the corner of his clothes and shook his head. "Can you guarantee that you won't get hurt?"

Mo Huai stared at her with dark eyes rippling, "I promise, but what if it is hurt?"

"Then I will feel very distressed." Ning Mitang bit her lip and added: "The distress is so distressed."


Mo Huai replied softly, a heart softened into water.

He stroked her long black hair, then turned to face the people coming here.

There are not many people in Song Jingchens villa. One guard to monitor Ning Mitang and two guards at the door, but they all exist in the top ten. This is why Song Jingchen only arranges so few people in this hidden villa. .

The first one to rush was the security guard Mo Huai had attacked and passed out before, and he had already woke up. At this time, he scratched Mo Huai fiercely with his gaze, the muscles on his arms were stretched out and he was ready to get back.

Ning Mitang was very nervous, biting her water-colored lips, her bright black eyes stuck to Mo Huai's body, half-moving.

Seeing the security guard swinging a strong fist at Mo Huai, Song Jingchen's eyes flashed with satisfaction, his hands wrapped around his chest, waiting for Mo Huai to be beaten by a punch.

Kong Wu's powerful fist quickly approached Mo Huai's face with a bitter cold wind. Just when the security guard showed a contemptuous and happy look, Mo Huai easily took the rough fist down and settled in front of him in the next second. In the dumbfounded eyes of everyone, he kicked people away.

The stout security guard really flew, and his whole body slammed into the iron gate of the back door, making a loud noise.

The other two were dumbfounded for an instant, and they wanted to rush over, but they were startled by Mo Huai's heavy kick. They were stunned and didn't dare to step forward.

Song Jingchen Bai Jun's delicate face lost his demeanor for the first time, and his face showed hatred. He yelled at the other two, "Don't do it yet?"

The other two are very good at fighting, and they have been mixed for a while before, but their eyes touched Mo Huai's cold and cold black eyes, and they felt the cold and terrifying aura and killing intent from him, and their hearts suddenly froze. The creeps are also growing all over, but they don't know what they are terrified of.

"What are you hesitating about!" Song Jingchen said bitterly with dissatisfaction hidden in her eyes.

Perhaps feeling the anger of their boss, the two stopped hesitating, and at the same time made a fierce attack on Mo Huai.

Mo Huai stood still on the spot, facing the fiercely attacking fists and feet, his eyes didn't blink, and a cold sneer suddenly appeared on his lips, "I just like to be overpowered?"

Before the two of them could react, Mo Huai's figure seemed to have been completely swallowed by the darkness and merged with the night. When they returned to their senses, they were already holding their stomachs and curled up on the ground and shouted in pain, how did the other party make the move? Did not have time to see clearly.

Seeing this, Ning Mitang's hanging heart was let go, and his eyes touched Mo Huai's cast over, with hidden triumphant eyes, ripples in his heart rippled.

"it's your turn."

Mo Huai moved his gaze to Song Jingchen, Ying Ting's eyebrows frowned, with an astonishing coldness, "You put someone else's body in the bungalow, trying to confuse my sight?"

Song Jingchen didn't expect Mo Huai to be so agile. He pressed one hand on his side, his face was unpredictable, "You are wrong, I didn't put you in my eyes at all. I have to deal with the police. "Speaking of this, his expression changed abruptly, a bit vicious, "How did you find this place?"

He was confident that the police would never suspect that he would hide Ning Mitang privately. With Jiang Xiancai's homicide evidence, and Su Xiaotong's face was destroyed, they would never investigate again.

Mo Huai's gaze penetrated the desolate and cool darkness, and the coldness between his brows became deeper and deeper, and he slowly uttered two words: "Fetters." There is no distance or hindrance between him and Ning Mitang. Time is hindered, as long as she is in this world, and there is a breath, he can find it.

Therefore, in this world, there is no more suitable couple than him and Ning Mitang.


Song Jingchen moved manually on his side.

Mo Huai's sneer became more vigorous, and he walked directly towards the opponent with a chill. However, at the moment of approaching, Song Jingchen suddenly shot, and a cold knife pierced him directly.

On the side of Mo Huai's figure, avoiding the tip of the knife that had been drawn from his waist, he turned around and clasped Song Jingchen's wrist that was about to stab again, and forcefully broke him off.


In the cold winter, Song Jingchen was sweating with pain, "Dare you!" The blue veins on his forehead became prominent, and he scolded.

Mo Huai kicked him to the ground casually and snatched the knife from his hand. The knife cleverly turned in his hand a few times, and then the sharp point of the knife was aimed at Song Jingchen.

"What do you want to do?" Song Jingchen's face was pale.

Mo Huai's eyes were cold.

Song Jingchen looked at the point of his knife gradually approaching, and his heart trembled slightly, and a chill appeared all over his body, "Don't you want to kill me?"

Mo Huai's gaze touched the sharp tip of the knife, and his eyes flashed with disdain. Compared with any royal knife he had used before, this knife was simply unsightly.

The ground covered with white snow is very cold, but it is not as cold as the chill on the body at this moment. Song Jingchen looked at the tip of the knife placed on his neck, his eyes flashed panic, "Mo Huai, are you crazy? Dare to kill me?"

Mo Huai held the handle of the knife and handed it forward, but he drew a few minutes closer, but did not answer his words.

This lunatic!

Song Jingchen's eyes were red, and his eyes scratched at him angrily, "You will go to jail for murder. You killed me and charged with murder. Don't you want Ning Mitang?" He felt the stinging sensation of the knife's piercing skin. He squeezed quickly and shouted at Ning Mitang who was not far away: "Ning Mitang, don't you stop this lunatic? Are you not afraid of him going to jail?"

The tip of the knife pierced in bit by bit, and Mo Huai spoke slowly: "She is my only bottom line, and you are trampling on my bottom line." After a pause, his tone suddenly became severe, "I want you to do it." Its nothing more than that. So, you can die."


Facing the strong danger, Song Jingchen couldn't help shaking his whole body. He screamed in panic, "Ning Mitang, hurry up and stop this lunatic!"

At this time, Ning Mitang walked over as he said.

She looked at Song Jingchen on the ground coldly, but her words broke him: "He is not a lunatic, I don't want to hear you scold him again." She took the knife in Mo Huai's hand, it was pink and tender. A small smile was on his lips: "You reminded me that Ahuai really can't kill you, but I can."

She pointed the tip of the knife at Song Jingchen's heart, "You have imprisoned me and want to kill me, even if I kill you, it's just a defensive defense." She looked at Mo Huai with her bright, clear eyes and blinked. : "Ahuai, did you say that my position is aimed at his heart?"

The other people who fell down and couldn't get up all took a breath. The girl was beautiful and soft, and she didn't expect her to say such horrible things for granted.

"Not bad."

"Crazy man, Ning Mitang, are you crazy too?"

Song Jingchen incredulously looked at the girl who was still beautiful in front of him, but also shocked him, as if he had only met her for the first time.

Ning Mitang did not respond to him, but looked at Mo Huai, "A Huai, can I stab him?"

She thought she was not a good person, and her Ahuai wanted to kill him, so she took the knife.

Mo Huai pulled the person into his arms and took the knife from her hand with a big hand, "Tangtang, I don't want to kill him." His Tangtang is clean and flawless, so he won't let this person be tainted by dirty blood. Tangtang's white and tender little hands.

The coldness between Ning Mitang's eyebrows faded, "Well, I listen to you."

Mo Huai's thin lips bend, and the hand holding the knife "Xu, Xu" twice at Song Jingchen, and then Song Jingchen yelled with pain, his handsome facial features completely distorted, "What did you do to me?"

"It's just to break your hand muscles."

The security guards on the ground didn't dare to make a painful grunt. It turned out that the man had been merciful to their men just now.


After leaving the villa, a car was waiting on the side of the road not far away.

"Brother Huai, Miss Ning..."

Seeing the movement, Cao Yang immediately woke up and was shocked. He didn't expect that Mo Huai had actually found someone. It was unbelievable. He had planned that Mo Huai would be driven out by the villa owner.

"Miss Ning, it's really you. It's great that you're okay." Cao Yang was full of joy. "You don't know. Brother Huai thought you were gone and didn't eat for a few days, so he said that he would commit suicide to accompany you. ..."" Mo Huai's gaze accidentally touched Mo Huai's slanted eyes, he hurriedly closed it, and touched his head, "Anyway, it's great that you are safe, Miss Ning."

Hearing the word "suicide" in Cao Yang's mouth, Ning Mitang glanced at Mo Huai, her heart filled with sourness.


Mo Huai glared at Cao Yang coldly and saw him open the car door. He stopped and said, "It's not called you to get in the car, you are waiting for the police here." Then, in Cao Yang's startled gaze, he pulled Ning Mi. Tang drove away.

The car drove very smoothly. The man's sleeves were half-pulled, revealing a strong half of his arm, and his slender fingers were casually placed on the black steering wheel, which was indescribably beautiful.

"When did you learn to drive?" Ning Mitang asked.

Mo Huai turned smoothly without responding.

"Song Jingchen's hand muscle is really broken?" Ning Mitang didn't care about the man's silence, and continued: "Now that the medicine is enlightened, you can take it back if your hand muscle is broken."

She pursed the messy pieces of her ears behind her ears, and pursed her slightly dry lips: "Is what Cao Yang said just now true? Are you going to commit suicide for me?"

At a sudden stop, Ning Mitang's body leaned forward inertially.

The car stopped steadily on the side of the road, and Mo Huai was a little helpless and anxious: "Tangtang, don't talk first, otherwise I am worried that I will be unable to control it and do something indescribable to you in the car!" What is she There is no need to do anything, just talking to him softly, the blood in his body is already screaming.

Hearing this, "Huh!" Ning Mitang's face turned red, the color of scarlet was beautiful, she hid her face halfway in the collar of the coat, only showing the red ear tips, she did not dare to make any more sound.

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