I Took Home A Mummy Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Huan Huan

Back at the apartment, the door had just been opened, Xiaoba had already dragged his lame leg and rushed forward: "Wang! Wow! Wow!" It circled around Ning Mitang's feet and missed it very much.

"Little Eight."

Ning Mitang squatted down, gently stroked its wrinkled head with his hand, smiled and asked, "I haven't seen it for a long time, do you miss me?"


Xiaoba wagged her tail happily, arching her head with her hand.

"Tangtang, leave it alone." Mo Huai glared at Xiaoba.

"Ahuai, Xiao Ba seems to be thinner." The chubby body was obviously thinner.

Seeing this ugly and stupid dog actually stick out his tongue to lick the girl's white fingers, his face instantly floated with frost, lifted his foot and kicked it away, "Go away, Tangtang is mine."

"Ahuai, didn't you feed it during this period of time?"

Looking at the ugly and stupid dog that had rolled on the ground a few times with disgust, Mo Huai shook his head and resolutely said: "Hey." Tangtang disappeared this week, and he was sad every day. How can I take care of it? The life and death of this stupid dog. However, its vitality is tenacious, and it is so energetic without eating for a week.

However, what Mo Huai didn't know was that every time Cao Yang came to guard him, he would prepare Xiao Ba to eat. Otherwise, it would really be starved to death. The dark eyes were shining brightly, and Mo Huai found a reason: "It wants you to lose weight."

As he said, he put the girl's hand on his face, Qing Jun's face with an aggrieved look, "Tangtang, I also miss you very much, do you see if I have lost weight?" He kept rubbing the girl. With the soft palms, Xiao Ba who acted like a coquettish was alive and well.

"Well, thinner."

Ning Mitang looked at his increasingly sharp face with distress, his fingertips painted his perfect outline, "You didn't eat well."

"You are not there, I can't eat it."

His tone was extremely serious, "I miss you too much."

The apex of Ning Mitang's heart moved slightly, as if he was bitten by an ant, a little painful and itchy. She was silent for a while, and saw that the man's clear eyes were full of her reflection, only her appearance.

The heart is so soft.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed the corner of her slightly pursed lips, "Ahuai..."

Mo Huai also sent the corners of the other side of his mouth, "Go on, here too."

Smiling, Ning Mitang took the initiative to cooperate with his movements.

After several kisses back and forth, Mo Huai was satisfied. He blinked his dark and wet eyes and said, "Tangtang, you go to rest first, I have something for you tomorrow."


"Tomorrow you will know." As he said, he led Ning Mitang into the room, completely ignoring Xiao Ba who was yelling at him constantly.

Seeing that Ning Mitang and Mo Huai were about to leave, Xiao Ba hurriedly dragged their lame legs, followed them with a fart, entangled Ning Mitang. Mo Huai was impatient and kicked him again, kicking him further.

Hmph, it's a guilty crime to want to pester him.

Xiao Ba rolled directly on the floor for a few laps before stopping after landing on his buttocks. It collapsed its ears, its round black eyes turned, and saw that the door was closed, its head was lying weakly on the ground, and it was full of sadness and wailing: "Woo!"


The next day, when I woke up, it was noon. The sky was no longer gray and snowy, but the sky was clear and blue, clear and cloudless.

Looking at the white ceiling, Ning Mitang blinked, and suppressed the sleepiness in her eyes, remembering that she had been rescued by Mo Huai.

The pink lips curled, um, she missed him.

I changed my clothes and just opened the door of the room.

Ning Mitang was slightly startled, and looked at the man in front of him in a bit of astonishment: "A Huai, early." Mo Huai stood tall and straight at the door, domineeringly occupying the entire aisle.


The man replied in a low voice, his voice clear. He couldn't wait to step forward and took the girl's hand, and kissed her on the forehead, "Did you sleep well last night?"

Ning Mitang's pink lips are curved, and she smiles lightly, "Sleep well."

"Tangtang, are you hungry? I made breakfast for you."

"Have you cooked breakfast? Ahuai, you are awesome!"

Mo Huai's black eyes were shining, and he was a little proud, "Tangtang, if you find it delicious, I will cook it for you in the future, okay?"


He kept muttering fuzz, leading people to the dining room.

"it is good."

Ning Mitang followed his movements, patiently answering his ensuing questions.

The girl was well-behaved and supple, extremely gentle, Mo Huai's thin lips could no longer be restrained, and they were raised high.

He pulled the chair away, sat next to the girl, and put a bowl of white porridge in her hand, "Tangtang, let the porridge stand for a while, it won't be hot."

"have you eaten?"

Mo Huai shook his head.

"Then you eat with me, okay?" Ning Mitang said softly to the extreme.

"Good." The coldness between Mo Huai's eyebrows and eyes is long gone, only the joy of the warm spring breeze.

Mo Huai's eating speed is fast, but he did not compromise the elegance of his royal family in the slightest. He placed his chopsticks and stared at Ning Mitang, who moved his small mouth, and ate the gentleman. "Tangtang, let me feed you, OK?"

If the man was caught off guard, Ning Mitang had a meal with the spoon in her hand. She shook her head and quickly refused, "I can eat it myself."


Mo Huai's black and bright eyes darkened, and the expression of regret was not too obvious.

After breakfast, Ning Mitang took some dog food and fed it to Xiaoba.

"Tangtang, you just need to put some whatever you want." Mo Huai stood aside, and gave Xiaoba a look impatiently. Well, he was stupid, ugly, and greedy, and he really didn't like it.

"Is he very hungry?"

Xiao Ba was very anxious to eat, pouting his hips, shaking and gutting.

"It looks like this glutton all the time." Mo Huai couldn't wait to step forward, "Tangtang, leave it alone, you can control me." He pulled Ning Mitang, as if waiting for a long time, and rushed to the study. Go.

In the brightly lit study room, the heating is turned on very much, making people feel warm.

Ning Mitang looked at the paintings hanging on the wall and was silent for a long time.

"Like it?"

Mo Huai stood behind her, hugging her from behind, unable to see the girl's positive look, he was a little nervous and a little expectant.

Ning Mitang did not respond.

Mo Huai held her hands tightly, and hesitated again, "If it is, you don't like it, I can make changes..."

The paintings hanging on the wall, from the wedding to the birth of the child, the adult and the old age, the two of them are still holding hands together. What remains unchanged is that he wears a splendid blue robe, she closes the red dress, and has been dependent on each other. White hair grows old.

Ning Mitang turned around, she raised her eyes to look at Mo Huai's eyes, and there was a trace of panic looming in the depths of the man's dark eyes, yet there was still time to hide.

"Do not change."

At this moment, she extremely confirmed that whether it was Mo Huai who lost his memory or regained his memory, he only wanted her and loved her that way.

She won a big victory in his emotional world.

Holding Mo Huai's sturdy waist back, Ning Mitang raised her small face, her eyes were full of broken stars, the corners of her eyes were a little red, her pink lips were soft, her voice was soft and soft: "Ahuai, I like it very much. She is also very happy." She put her head on his chest, rubbed it profusely, relying on it.

In my heart, I was so full of likes that it was about to overflow, and I didn't know how to bloom with joy. The rise is like hiding a delicious candy when I was a child. I didn't want to share it with others. I secretly tasted it. It only belonged to her. One bite after another, the sweet and happy taste made her very satisfied.

Ning Mitang's black eyes covered with water were shining brightly, and her words were extremely soft: "Ahuai, what should I do." She seriously said, "I love you so much."

She really likes this man so much, it kills her.

Mo Huai's heart trembled, unfamiliar sentiment rushed, and blood boiled clamoringly.

At this time, his clean eyebrows are beautiful, and they are more sultry than the breeze and bright moon. His beautiful black eyes are like dazzling stars, and the corners of his mouth can not be restrained. "I know." Tangtang loves him miserably.

The study room was warm and lingering, and the flowing air seemed to carry a hot breath.

Mo Huai was in a good mood. His rippling eyes flashed and flashed, his fingertips moved slightly, and then he hugged the girl's soft body in his arms, "Tangtang, I will teach you how to draw."

"Huh?" Ning Mitang looked at him puzzled.

"I teach you to paint."

As he said, he couldn't wait, he led the person to the desk, "Sit here."

Mo Huai sat down on the chair and pressed Ning Mitang to sit on his lap.


Ning Mitang moved unnaturally, and her cheeks were heated by sitting too warmly.

"Hey, just sit like this."

Mo Huai trapped her between his arms and the desk, took the brush from the pen holder, dipped it in ink, and stuffed the pen into her hand. His big finger joints are distinct and slender, with a hint of roughness in his fingertips, which completely envelops Ning Mitang's small jade hands.

"I can't paint."

The clear bamboo scent on Mo Huai's body was clear and good, and it kept coming, which was his own. Ning Mitang blushed, trying to ignore the oppressive feeling behind her.

With a smile in Mo Huai's eyes, a bright and charming light flashed, "It's okay, I'll take you to paint." As he said, his stiff chest was directly on her back, his head close to her neck. , Her thin lips opened slightly, and all her hot breath was sprayed on her fair skin, "Tangtang, let's paint a picture of "Spring Sleeping Tibetan Color", how about?"

The heating in the study is sufficient. Ning Mitang had already taken off her coat when she came in just now, and she was wearing an off-white dress. The man's scorching body temperature penetrated the thin skirt and soaked into her skin. Ning Mitang tightened her fingertips while holding the pen holder, and responded in a low voice, "It's up to you."

The pen and ink are stained with white drawing paper, the outline is powerful, and the pen is like a god. In a few strokes, the embryonic form of the woman has emerged.


Ning Mitang exclaimed, and the shape of the character came out with just a few strokes.

She became a little interested, and began to concentrate on looking at her hand being moved. The tip of the pen was jumping on the white paper, and the shame she was sitting on Mo Huai's tight and tight thighs had been forgotten.

Not long after, the enchanting figure of a woman appeared on the white paper, and the small mole on the small earlobe was very obvious. Ning Mitang bit her lip and asked, "Is this painting me?"

Mo Huai pressed against the delicate skin on her neck, her thin lips moved slightly, and a deep, clear voice sounded in her ears: "Yeah."

He clasped Ning Mitang tightly in his arms, and his thin lips began to touch her skin nonchalantly. It didn't take long before he slid along the slender neck to the side of her ears, and the hot breath sprayed out. Without saying a word, he put the round and lovely ear beads in his mouth.


Her ears suddenly fell into moist, warm mouth, Ning Mitang exhaled softly in fright, her whole body tense.

She struggled slightly, feeling Mo Huai's arms tighten, and then she softened and let him make trouble.

The earballs were sucked heavily, making them very itchy, and there were bursts of heat, and the tingling itch came, making Ning Mitang's body tremble. Her black eyes sparkled, as if water could drip out. When her eyes touched the tip of the pen, she realized that in the blink of an eye, a scene that made her blushing and irritable was drawn on the drawing paper.

In the painting, the man is tall, and his whole body closely presses the woman on the chaise couch. When the Luo skirt fell to the side, the woman's long black hair was spread, and a few strands stuck to the man's back. What they did was self-evident.

Her hand stopped, and she didn't want to paint anymore.

"Aren't you talking about painting Chun Mian?"

Ning Mitang asked embarrassedly, her white face was already hot and hot, she felt the man's teeth were constantly rubbing the soft flesh of her earlobes.

Mo Huai licked the small red mole on the earlobe, slowly uttered, explaining: "Well, spring is overflowing, it's the most emotional time, when you sleep well." With that, his body turned to Ning Mitang's. Close to his body, leaving no gap, his voice was dull, with a fatal temptation, and he began to mutter: "Spring is coming, willows are dew, and the heart is moving. The heart is strong, the mandarin duck pillow..."

"Stop reading."

I wanted to pretend that I didnt understand, but when the man became more and more explicit, Ning Mitangs blush was dripping with blood. She quickly turned around, trying to cover the mans mouth, but the other party was holding her earlobe. Without letting go, she couldn't start.

Mo Huai laughed lowly, "Tangtang, the behavior of covering your ears and stealing the bell is not good."

"Let me down and don't paint." Ning Mitang was slightly annoyed, her face was red and her ears were dry, her body was hot and soft, and the obvious changes under her body made it difficult for her to sit still.

Mo Huai's lips opened slightly, and he spit out the dripping earlobe, with a layer of water on it. He replied dumbly, "No."

He pecked on the pink lips, "Don't you see?" He pushed his lower body to her, "Tangtang, I'm begging for joy."

"Huh!" Ning Mitang's face turned red.

The man's frank and straightforward words and suggestive actions made Ning Mitang completely stunned, "You..."

Mo Huai pecked his pink lips again, his eyes gleaming darkly, and Jun's face was full of desire. "Can you?"

Ning Mitang was at a loss, her jet-black eyes filled with astonishment, and she did not respond.

Mo Huai grabbed her small hand, her fingertips were white and slender, and her pink nails were round and glowing with a healthy glow. They were tender and beautiful. He squeezed his fingers, joy and panic again, and he asked again, "Tangtang, can you?"

Ning Mitang's eyes were gleaming, and she looked at him silently.

Mo Huai broke the jar, put the girl's fingers in his mouth, and pulled her eyelids a little bit coquettishly: "I thought of having fun with you yesterday, but thinking about you was tired... ...Tangtang, I want to go to Wushan with you." His ear tips under his short hair were embarrassed and red, "When you are here, I think every day. During your absence, I think about it even more, dreaming. I want to."

He was bewildered every word: "Tangtang, would you like to try painting with me?"

Ning Mitang felt the most softhearted when facing the coquettish Mo Huai.

She retracted her hand, and the wetness of her fingertips made her heart tremble. Long black eyelashes fluttered nervously, her voice was low and thin, "Don't tell me..."

She dropped.

The study was very quiet, and the lingering breath lingered throughout the room. The bright light of the day penetrated the floor-to-ceiling glass, came straight in, and reflected on the pair of sticky backs on the tables and chairs.

Mo Huai opened a pair of hot and sultry black eyes, the darkness was not bottomless, with a sinking passion. He pressed Ning Mitang's waist, imprisoned in his arms, and tirelessly asked for kisses. The lips and teeth are closely connected, leaving no gaps.

The delicate lips are like honey, held by a man, licking and sucking, wishing to eat it clean. Ning Mitang obediently raised her face and kissed fiercely in accordance with the man's predation, and occasionally chuckled softly.

Mo Huai entangled her pink tongues, and stalked each other fiercely. Then, the tip of the tongue began to lick every inch of the soft flesh in the girl's mouth again, scratching the gums, not letting go of every corner.

The body fluid in her mouth was slowly taken away, and all the air she breathed was taken away. Ning Mitang's head was empty and she was at a loss. Her mouth was numb and painful, she could only spit out her soft tongue obediently, letting Mo Huai drag it into his domain and savor it carefully.

The distance between the two people is getting closer.

Mo Huai's body was tight, and the softness of the girl's chest against his hard chest was a sweet torture.

After a while, he stepped back a little, panted roughly, picked up the person, and put it on the desk.

Ning Mitang was a little regained. She sat high at the desk with her feet separated by the mans sides, hanging weakly. "Ahuai?" Her voice trembled a little, her arms around the mans neck. Shaking too.

Mo Huai pressed the girl's slender waist and pushed towards him. The face of the person in his arms was fresh and ruddy, his eyes were squishy, and his red lips were slightly opened, which was extremely attractive.

The black eyes darkened suddenly, like a bottomless abyss.

"Hey, don't move."

He lowered his head and leaned over again, with his lips and tongue intertwined, his other hand directly pushed the hem of the girl's leg up to his waist, and his slender fingers stuck in...

Ning Mitang felt that her hands were shaking violently. She tried to cling to the man's shoulders time and time again, but she hung weakly again and again. She could only scream out, obviously being bullied to the extreme.


At night, the night is thick, and the surrounding is quiet.

Ning Mitang opened her eyes uncomfortably, and moved her feet, but found that she was entangled and could not move. She was about to get up, only to find that one side of her chest was held, and the whole was wrapped in the man's palm.

She blushed and stretched out her hand to remove the hand from her chest.

"Tangtang." Mo Huai took the person into his arms, his voice low and hoarse, full of sensuality, obviously with after-satisfaction pleasure, "You are awake."


Ning Mitang's ears were also dyed thin red, and she didn't know how to face the gaze of a man. From hanging around during the day to late at night, it was crazy.

Mo Huai was proud of the spring breeze and exuberant. He kissed the top of the girl's hair, his bright black eyes still dazzling in the middle of the night, "Tangtang."


"Tangtang." He yelled again in the girl's ear.



"What's wrong?" Ning Mitang raised her face to look at him, vaguely seeing his distinct outline.

"I'm so happy."

Mo Huai's fingertips rubbed the delicate and smooth skin on the girl's body, "I have lived so long, and the first time I discovered that there are such blissful things in the world, it is no wonder that so many people are eager to have fun."

Immediately, he turned sideways and pressed Ning Mitang under him again, "Tangtang, when you dont have that pain, lets do it again." His is too big, she is so small, so tender, and has been hurt. , He was reluctant to make her hurt again. So, take the opportunity to invite the next time.

Ning Mitang bit her lip and said, "I'll talk about it then." There is no such thing as an appointment in advance.

On the New Years Eve, every family lingered in a festive atmosphere.

Ning Mitang was standing at the table making dumplings. She saw Mo Huai walk in with the paste bottle and asked, "Is it glued?"

"Yeah." Mo Huai washed his hands and quickly returned to the girl's side to stick. "The people upstairs just passed by and saw that the couplet I wrote was beautiful, and wanted me to write him a pair."

"What about then?" Ning Mitang squeezed the dumpling wrapper tightly, and put the white and fat dumpling on the plate aside.

"How can my calligraphy be circulated at will? Of course I refused." Mo Huai's mouth turned slightly and his expression was irresistible. "I only write couplets for our family."

Ning Mitang shook her head dumbfounded and said, "These dumplings are ready, you can take them into the kitchen and cook them first."

Mo Huai held the dumplings, turned his head one step at a time, reluctantly, "Then wait for me for a while, and I will leave for a while."

"Good." Ning Mitang responded patiently.

Since the two got closer that day, he became addicted, pestering her every day, and now he has developed into a reluctance to leave her side, always sticking, where she went, where he followed, completely restored to nothing The style of memory.

At this time, the door bell suddenly rang.

When Ning Mitang was about to open the door, the man in the kitchen had already walked out with long legs. His eyes were filled with tenderness, "Tangtang, I will open the door."

"it is good."

Outside the door, Cao Yang was holding some gift boxes in his hand. He saw Mo Huai opening the door and said hello: "Brother Huai, New Year's Eve is good."

Mo Huai expressionlessly: "What are you doing here?"

Cao Yang held up the gift box in his hand, "I'm here to give a gift and eat dumplings by the way."

"No, go back quickly." Mo Huai frowned.


"Is Cao Yang here?" Ning Mitang's voice came from behind, "Come in now, the dumplings are almost ready."

"Brother Huai, Miss Ning let us in." Cao Yang said with a smile when he saw Mo Huai's suffocated expression.

Mo Huai walked back to Ning Mitang with an unhappy expression, "Tangtang."

"What's the matter?" Ning Mitang kept moving her hands, glanced at the man, and explained: "Cao Yang alone is here in City B, and he runs around for you at work. I want to thank him well. It."

Mo Huai twisted his eyebrows. He was still very unhappy because they were disturbed by their solitary world, but he didn't dare to say anything, for fear that the girl would annoy him.

Cao Yang sat on the sofa happily, teasing Xiaoba, he lowered his voice: "It's rare to see your overlord look aggrieved."

"Wow!" Xiaoba yelled several times.

Before long, the doorbell rang again.

Mo Huai had a premonition that he didn't want, until the door was opened and he saw the man standing straight outside the door, his face was cold, "What are you here for?"

"Is she there?" Qiao Ziyan's hard voice sounded.

"No longer, you left deliberately." Mo Huai was about to close the door.

Qiao Ziyan held the door with one hand, "I know she is inside, let me talk to her."

"Dreaming." Mo Huai's voice was cold and decisive, and refused without any discussion.

"Ahuai? Who is here?" Ning Mitang walked over, her eyes fell on the straight figure, slightly surprised, "Officer Qiao?"

At the dinner table, the atmosphere is a bit weird.

Cao Yang didn't notice it at all. He only buried his head in eating dumplings, and sighed that Miss Ning's craftsmanship was so good. The dumplings were full of flavor after eating them, and the whole bowl would not make people feel tired.

Mo Huai looked at the two people who were an eyesore at the dinner table, their handsome faces tense, very unhappy. Pulled his chair to Ning Mitang's side, put the dumplings in the bowl into Ning Mitang's bowl, and said softly: "Tangtang, you can eat more to get good energy."

Ning Mitang's hand holding the chopsticks trembled, and the tips of her ears were slightly red, "You can eat it yourself, there is still in my bowl."

Mo Huai was not satisfied: "Tangtang, do you dislike my saliva?"

"Are you enough to eat?" Ning Mitang was very innocent, her jet-black eyes looked at him.

"Then you will give me the contents of your bowl, and I will help you serve another bowl later." Mo Huai took it for granted.

Ning Mitang didn't hesitate, and directly put most of the dumplings in his bowl into Mo Huai's bowl, "It is not enough, I will help you serve it again, okay?"

"it is good."

Mo Huai's eyebrows were relaxed, and then he ate happily.

Cao Yang stared blankly, and slowly closed his mouth, feeling that Miss Ning was too used to Mo Huai.

For dinner, Qiao Ziyan didn't say anything, and quietly ate the dumplings made by Ning Mitang himself.

After the dinner was over, he spoke to Ning Mitang, "Can you give me one?"


Mo Huai stared at him angrily, and he knew that this man was not good at coming, and he coveted his Tangtang.

"I'll send Officer Joe down."

"No." Mo Huai's thin lips tightened, his handsome face cold.

"Ahuai." Ning Mitang called him softly, looking at him with her jet-black eyes.

"At most ten minutes, if I don't see you back, I will find you." Mo Huai was defeated, facing Ning Mitang, he was never an opponent.

Ning Mitang couldn't laugh or cry, "Okay."

The moon crawled out tonight, even though it was only halfway, the bright moonlight was still beautiful. The lively sounds from every house upstairs made this cold winter night a little bit quieter.

"It's nice to see you alive."

Qiao Ziyan's hard and cold voice broke the silence between the two.

"Thank you Officer Qiao for your concern." She listened to Cao Yang's words. Qiao Ziyan tried her best to find her before, and she thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

"Are you happy?" Qiao Ziyan stared at the girl with a delicate face in front of her, with a small smile on her lips, "I mean, are you happy with him?" He still wanted to fight for it.

In this life, apart from being a policeman, which he strives for from his family, the girl in front of him is the only thing he still wants to fight for.

"Yeah." Ning Mitang nodded.

"If, I said, there was no Mo Huai, would you choose me?" Qiao Ziyan asked frankly.

Ning Mitang was shocked.

"can you?"

"will not."

Ning Mitang quickly recovered, she was straightforward and decisive, and she didn't get muddled. He smiled and shook his head, "No if, if there is really no Mo Huai, then I will love nothing and be alone."

"I understand what you mean."

Qiao Ziyan's deep eyes darkened. It turned out that it took a chance to fight, and the girl didn't give him a chance.

"Officer Qiao, I'll take you here." She looked at her phone. It has been seven minutes, and there are three minutes left. Save it and go back. Otherwise, Mo Huai will definitely come and look for her.

The anxious look in the girls eyes was obvious. Qiao Ziyan felt that he had no need to fight for her. Her heart was filled with the man Mo Huai, and she didnt want to give it to others. She was afraid that the man would suffer. Wronged.

"it is good."

"Goodbye, Officer Qiao." Ning Mitang turned around and walked back quickly, wondering if Mo Huai would be uncomfortable.

Just a few steps, her footsteps stopped.

"It's not ten minutes yet." Why did he get down.

Mo Huai walked over, opened his coat, and wrapped the girl in his arms, "Tangtang, I find that I am getting stingy, and I am not willing to give you to others for a minute. You, you will dislike it. Is this me?" He asked a little uneasy.

"No, I like it very much." Ning Mitang obediently nestled in his arms, warmth filled her whole body, she looked at him with a smile, "Mo Huai, you can monopolize me, I belong to you ."

In an instant, Mo Huai's dark eyes brightened, his eyes burning, and the thousands of fireworks above his head could not reach the half magnificence in his eyes.

"Tangtang, I want to be happy with you."

"it is good."

The author has something to say: The poem comes from the **** words in "Huajianji". (*^^*)

It's over, all kinds of perseverance, arrogant little Yiyi, coquettish little Yiyi, overbearing little Yiyi...

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