I Took Home A Mummy Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Outer Antiquity

Wuqin heard the movement in the tent, she hurried forward to roll up the tent and waited for Ning Mitang to wash and paint her face. When Ning Mitang sat down, she slowly said, "Girl, Quancai has heard the news, my lord. Did not go to the morning court for nearly ten days."

Ning Mitang was taken aback for a moment, "Can you find out the reason?"

Wu Qin lowered her voice to the lowest level, and he hesitated to say: "It is said...it is said that the emperor is sick." These things shouldn't have been heard by them, but the girl in her own family has been bewitched by the emperor two years ago. , Follow that news all the time.

It's a pity that the emperor has issued a decree that he will not choose a concubine within three years, otherwise, with the appearance of a girl, he will definitely be able to accompany the emperor as he wishes, and he will be favored.

Ning Mitang lowered her eyes, the color of the water in her eyes was hidden, and she was silent.

"Girl, this news may not be accurate."

"There must be a reason for it." Ning Tang quickly wrote on the paper, "You find someone to put this letter in the hands of Dr. Cai."

"It's a girl." Wuqin took the letter and stopped talking.

Ning Mitang's eyes waved and glanced at her, "Is there anything else?"

Wuqin breathed slightly, even though she had been waiting for the girl for so many years, she would still be amazed, and the girl's eyes made her stunned.

Wuqins head was lowered and she told the truth: "Girl, Zi Xiu came to our Litang Garden again today, looking for the calligraphy that you discarded, the girl. It was supposed to be burned by Wuhua, but was stopped by Zi Xiu. Stopped, she took the poem that the girl had written the day before yesterday." Wuqin was very upset, it must be the second girl who wanted to use the girl's poem to impost her, and promote her title of first talented woman.

She half lifted her head and glanced at Ning Tang next to the sandalwood table. She wore a long skirt with aquamarine butterfly flap and waist, her eyes gleamed, her lips were like peaches, her teeth were as white as shells, and her long black hair was draped in half. Behind her, she became more beautiful and beautiful. Everyone only knows that the second girl from the Prime Minister's Mansion is a beautiful capital, and they have met people, but they don't know that the big girl is the real peerless and knowledgeable.

Ning Mitang heard this, without any fluctuations in her face. She just let it go, it is not worth paying attention to, but it is not just a maid who can slap her in the face, "Let someone pass a message to the second girl," If she still wants the title of talented woman, take care of her own people, otherwise, I don't mind tearing off her mask."

Wu Qin should be right now. The girl usually pays more attention to the emperor's affairs, and other things are casual, but if she really gets angry, she is decisive and can't fight back at all.


In the Zicheng Palace, the incense burner curls up, and the Qi Nan agarwood exudes the sweet smell of sweet rhyme, which makes people refreshing.

On the sandalwood chair, Mo Huai was dressed in purple nagza embroidered dragon emperor uniform, with one hand supporting his forehead and one hand holding a white jade chess piece. His tall posture was lazy and relaxed. He sat at the window in a leisurely manner, that was too casual. But his posture can't match his innate Qinggui Yongya.

Cai Zhiyi bent over respectfully, waiting for a reply. Even if the superior did not say a word, the emperor's coercion came on, he did not dare to be perfunctory.

The white jade chess piece landed on the chessboard, making a pleasant jade knock.

Mo Huai raised his eyes, and there was no expression on the overly pale Jun's face. He looked at Cai Zhiyi, "You have taken my pulse for me, what is the result?"

Cai Zhiyi calmed down his shocked heart secretly, and after considering his words, he cautiously said, "Return to the emperor, the poison in your body has penetrated into the spleen and lungs, and the five Tibetans and six provinces have been eroded..."

Mo Huai took back a sunspot, "Tell me truthfully, how much time is left?"

Cai Zhiyi's waist bends lower, "It's only seven days."

The hollow window was penetrated by sunlight, and it fell on Mo Huai's shoulders, casting a dark shadow. He slightly picked the deep black eyes, and the cold light flickered in his eyes, "With your medical skills, there is no way?"

Cai Zhiyi lowered his eyes, "Cao Min recently got a recipe. How effective is it is unknown, and the emperor's body cannot be easily tried."

Mo Huai was silent for a moment, "I am a dying person."

"The emperor..." Cai Zhiyi didn't dare to say anything. For a while, he hesitated and said, "The emperor's situation at this time requires a woman who needs the life of a phoenix to undergo a blood exchange. After the blood exchange, he will enter a state of suspended animation. You need to wait for your awakening. This method is peculiar and has not been implemented yet. I dont know how effective it is, and the subsequent sequelae are not clear."

"Feng Ming Girl?"

After Mo Huai listened, the line of his profile remained unchanged, without surprise or joy, he said slightly, "I am at the end of the road, what can I not try? I will send someone to look for the daughter of Fengming."

Cai Zhiyi instantly understood what the emperor meant. "The emperor can rest assured that Caomin will prepare everything else."


Ning Mitang was standing in the bedroom of Zicheng Palace.

The man did not lie down on the bed, but leaned lazily on the chair covered with soft cotton pads. He was reading the memorial, and when he heard the footsteps, he slowly raised his eyes.

"You are the daughter of Prime Minister Ning, Ning Mitang?" His low voice sounded in the huge palace.


Ning Mitang looked at him without blinking, her dark eyes flickering.

"Do you want to live with me for three days?" Mo Huai's thin lips curled up slightly, and he laughed out loud.

"Yes." Ning Mitang nodded.

"You know that I won't accept a concubine or make a queen, and after three days, you may not be dead." Mo Huai stared at the woman in front of him and stared for a moment, "Even so, I promise you one. The wish remains the same?"


Ning Mitang was beating the drum in her heart, a little disturbed, she was worried that Mo Huai would not agree to her request.

Mo Huai's dark eyes looked at her for a long time before he nodded, "I'm allowed." After all, I have seen too many aristocratic daughters and court ladies who want to attack him, and beauties presented everywhere. Ning Mitang is enamored He, he was not surprised at all.

first day.

After Mo Huai agreed to Ning Mitang's request, he didn't care about it. She wanted to live in the palace. He didn't care about such a simple thing. After three days, she cooperated and exchanged the blood to him.

However, what he didn't expect was that he had been in peace all day, it turned out he was waiting for this moment.

"Do you know what you are talking about?"

Mo Huai looked at the woman next to the bed, his face turned cold, he pinched his eyebrows, wondering who lent the woman's courage and asked to sleep with him.

The air is a bit dull.

Ning Mitang was jet-black, staring at him with clear and bright eyes, "Is the emperor unwilling?"

Mo Huai's eyes were difficult to distinguish: "You are just wishful thinking." He sneered, "That's what Prime Minister Ning taught you? Take the initiative to climb the bed?"

Ning Mitang pressed her pink lips, she was reckless and forgot the identity and situation of the other party. But she didn't spend much time with him.

Her tone was very weak: "The emperor, my request is that within three days, we will live together closely." As if the skin is extremely thick, she continued: "Living together with the quilt is also a kind of closeness. You are the emperor. Jiuding."

Mo Huai's long black eyelashes were drooping and his face turned pale. Even if he died soon, his long-standing aura was still strong and pressing, "If I don't agree, what will you do?"

Ning Mitang's eyes darkened, "Then I don't change blood, how will you be with the emperor?"

Mo Huai did not expect this woman to have a soft and pleasant look, but she was so bold.

He looked up and down at the woman in front of him, wearing a light purple embroidered plum snow satin dress, with double plum hairpins with white jade diagonally inserted in the bun, and the white jade skin was smooth and translucent. He didn't know how to evaluate other women's looks, but Ning Mitang in front of him, even if he didn't know how to appreciate women's looks, he still had to admit that her looks were the best.

"The emperor, I just ask my fellow mates to sleep together, and I will never do anything inappropriate to you." Ning Mitang's black and bright eyes blinked and promised.


Mo Huai snorted softly, what can this woman do to him?

In the sleeping hall, there is only a curl of dragon sandalwood, and the surrounding area is quiet.

Ning Mitang was lying on the bed, staring at the top of the embroidered dragon Xiangyun tent, she felt a little unreal. She turned over, facing Mo Huai lying beside her, staring at him. The handsome face in front of me, I have to say, is really pleasing to the eye. Mo Huai's eyes were closed, his distinct outline softened a bit, and a little less compelling.

Ning Mitang moved her body gently, leaning toward him, only a palm wide, still feeling dissatisfied, she continued to move.

"Are you going to sleep on my body?" The man's low and happy voice sounded in the tent, the words clearly.

Ning Mitangs ears became hot, and her heartbeat suddenly rose. She found that her face was getting thicker and thicker, "Can you?"

"What do you say!"

Mo Huaiying's eyebrows wrinkled, and she was a little unaccustomed to being so close to women, and the fragrance of women in her nose made him uncomfortable inexplicably. He instinctively refused this strange feeling.

Oh, this woman really dared to want to sleep with him.

the next day.

It was about to dawn, and Mo Huai had already woke up early this time.

Feeling the abnormality in his body, he looked down, and it turned out that Ning Mitang was curled up in his arms, clinging to him tightly. The **** thing is that his hands naturally cooperated and embraced her body. .

Unlike a man's sturdy body, the body in his arms is very soft, like a ball of cotton, and the overly soft and comfortable feel makes Mo Huai a little startled.

After a while, Mo Huai came back to his senses, he wanted to withdraw his hand. However, the next moment, his body suddenly froze.

There was a strong feeling of strangeness coming from the place of the morning erection, like being pressed by a soft thing, not painful, but inexplicably touched by his heart palpitations.

He raised his head slightly, looked around, and found that it was Ning Mitang's hand that was pressing Longgen.

A scorching heat exploded in his mind, and Mo Huai's eyes were extremely deep. He instantly retracted the hand that was holding the girl, without pity or pity, and pushed the person away from his chest, half annoyed, half It was panic, emotions fluctuated for the first time.

He scolded: "Absurd! Absurd!"

Ning Mitang was awakened from the shock. She raised her slender and snow-white neck, her eyes blurred, covered with a layer of sleepy mist, "Ahuai?"

"Ning Mitang!"

Mo Huai had deep black eyes. He pulled the thin blanket next to him with one hand to cover the embarrassing place, "You are simply shameless."

Before Ning Mitang had time to react, he heard the man gritted his teeth and said: "You woman, really..."

Ning Mitang blinked her black eyes, "What's the matter?"

"You take advantage of me!"

Mo Huai's delicate and firm jaw tightened, "Why did you sleep in my arms, even more..." put his hand on his place.

Ning Mitang shook her head, her black long hair was draped straight behind her back, and she was wearing a white fine-breasted snow silk, making her whole body more white as jade, delicate and soft. Her pink lips moved, and she whispered: "Last night, you pulled me over." Her shiny black eyes stared straight at him, as if helplessly, "You are the emperor, and I can't resist. "

Mo Huai's expression froze, but he actually took the initiative?

Thinking of seeing himself holding her hand naturally just now, he was actually not sure.

Finally, Mo Huai glanced suspiciously at Ning Mitang, annoyed, holding his legs and leaving in embarrassment.


After Mo Huai finished reviewing the last memorial that he had attached, he glanced at the palace lantern that was lit next to him and found that night had fallen.

Zhengfu bowed respectfully and asked softly: "The emperor, it's dark, it's time to eat."

The emperor's body has been getting worse recently, his lips are pale and bloodless, even if his face does not show up, how he knows how to serve as a close servant.

"What happened to that woman today?" Mo Huai asked lightly.

Zhengfu can't react, that woman? Which woman is it? The emperor is not close to women, what other women in the palace besides the maids?

No, Prime Minister Ning's daughter has already entered the palace.

He hesitantly said, "Back to the emperor, Miss Ning has never taken a step out of the Zicheng Palace today. I heard that she was reading a book."

Mo Huai put the pen on the pen holder, his eyes moved slightly, "Yes."

What does it mean?

The emperor has never been in contact with a woman, and now it is very rare to have a woman in the Zicheng Palace. Zhengfu asked, "The emperor, do you need to pass on food to the Zicheng Palace?"

Mo Huai glanced at him faintly, "Being smart."

With a soft sentence, Zhengfu was so scared that he broke into cold sweat, and he knelt down quickly: "The servant deserves to die."

After a while, Mo Huai stood up, stroked his sleeves, and said, "Back to the Purple Palace."

In the sleeping hall, the maids all retreated under Zhengfu's signal. Zhengfu looked at Mo Huai's eyes and walked away.

The pearl curtain was opened, and the woman was lying on the couch.

The eyebrows are like stars, the black eyes are full of autumn waves, and the body is wearing smoky veil. The woman was lying on her side, her white catkins swaying the fan, the light gauze slipped down, revealing half of her white wrists, and her waist and her long hair half-dangling on the soft pillow on the couch, covered in ink hair.

The clothes are half untied, the shoulders are bare, the prominent collarbone, and a faint whiteness on the chest, people can't help but peep into the spring colors in the clothes. And the vermilion lips were slightly opened, a pair of black eyes flowed in autumn, and the charming color between the eyebrows was full, and it made people blush inexplicably.

Mo Huai's eyes became deeper and deeper, he came to the couch, lowered his eyes, and looked at her. It was only then that the woman's white tender feet were half-closed under the skirt, and a few round and lovely toes were exposed, with an indescribable attractive color.

After a short breath, Mo Huai was startled to see that he saw God.

A bit of annoyance appeared in his dull black eyes, and his face was dark, "Are you dressed like this to seduce me?"

Ning Mitang's white face was full of delicate redness, and the snow skin that appeared outside was almost dyed with a light red, "If I say yes, Ahuai, would you accept the seduction?"

The corners of the woman's eyes were slightly raised, her appearance was extremely clear and gorgeous, and Mo Huai took a step back.

"Presumptuous, it is simply shameless, how can you call my name?"

Ning Mitang stared straight at Mo Huai with beautiful eyes, the color of the water was sparkling, as if it could make a fall. She sat up slowly, and the dress on her body opened wider with her movements.

At this time, her spring is boundless, especially her demeanor, she is full of peach blossoms and dew, and she is tender. She met Mo Huai's eyes, her red lips lightly opened, and she whispered, "A Huai, A Huai, A Huai..."

The apex of his heart seemed to have been knocked, and an unfamiliar feeling came strongly, and Mo Huai's thin lips were pursed, trying to resist this emotion. He has never met a woman like this. Not only is he not afraid of him, but he is not ashamed of him, and blatantly wants to seduce him. Who borrowed her courage?

"Shut up for me."

Mo Huai's handsome face was green, and he took a deep look at Ning Mitang. When her eyes fell on her lips inadvertently, she couldn't move away. The lips are brightly colored and shiny. I don't know what it feels like.

Being yelled at by the man, Ning Mitang did not continue to speak, but instead looked at him with a pair of black eyes. The eyes were full of water and glittering waves, and she looked so unimpressed that it made people feel like it. Crisp and soft.

Mo Huai's heart trembled slightly when he saw it, and the fingers hanging beside him moved, unexpectedly coming forward to coax her.

He squeezed his fingers tightly, it was ridiculous!


The third day.

When he woke up, Mo Huai looked at the woman who slept in his arms again. This time, he didn't push her away for the first time, but looked carefully.

Her face was very white, almost snow-colored, and her skin glowed and became more delicate and smooth. Her breathing was very light, and the fragrance of fragrant scent sprayed on his chest, itching slightly. Further down, her chest was bulging, and with her breathing, she buckled together, the curve was turbulent and perfect, like a pair of rabbits...

In the lower part of the body, without looking, he already knew that her little feet were placed in his feet, entangled with his, and her movements were natural and proficient, as if they should have been.

Mo Huai was annoyed at seeing it, and there was also a kind of contradiction that was sweet and sweet.

Suddenly, Ning Mitang moved.

Mo Huai closed his eyes instantly and breathed lightly.


Ning Mitang's small head rubbed straight against the warm and hard chest, buried it deeply, and stopped moving.

Mo Huai gradually opened his eyes, looked at the back of his head on his chest, and whispered: "I don't know how high the sky is." His face was expressionless, but the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

When Ning Mitang woke up, she was the only one on the dragon couch and Mo Huai was not seen.

The lady of the court hurried forward to wait for her to dress, acting gently, not dare to neglect the slightest.

"Where is the emperor?"

"Miss Ning, Zhengfu public bus is waiting, and the emperor is in the imperial study room." The maid cleverly added: "The dining room is prepared for early. The emperor specially confessed that it was prepared. Can we pass the meal now?"

Ning Mitang's expression moved slightly, "No, let people install it earlier."

Inside the Imperial Study Room.

Mo Huai looked at the handkerchief with bright red blood in his hand, his eyebrows furrowed, he felt the poison in his body deepened.

"The emperor!" Zhengfu gently handed out a cup of tea, looking anxious, and the emperor vomited blood. "The minion immediately notified Doctor Chen."

"No, you can withdraw first." Mo Huai rinsed away the sweet smell in his mouth, without wanting to say more.

Zhengfu stopped talking, and finally retreated as ordered.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he saw Ning Mitang coming, "Miss Ning, you are..."

"Father-in-law Zhengfu, please help me pass it through. I want to see the emperor."

Zhengfu wanted to let Ning Mitang go back first. The emperor had just vomited blood and felt unwell, but when he turned his eyes, let Ning Mitang go in to take care of the emperor and persuade the emperor to be a good thing.

"Miss Ning, wait a moment, and the Sajia will go in and pass you through now."

"There is Father Lao Zhengfu." Ning Mitang smiled lightly.

The royal study room is very quiet, and the corner of the corner is a hollowed out kilin incense burner, smoked with sandalwood, which makes people calm and soothing.

Without raising his eyelids, Mo Huai said directly, "What can you do if you are looking for me?"

"Today is the third day. The emperor promised to live together intimately for three days. However, except for sleeping together at night, you were not there during the day. I thought I was so panicked so I came to you." Ning Mitang said frankly. .

"Prime Minister Ning didn't teach you that you can't be too greedy?" Mo Huai narrowed his black eyes dangerously.

"I've only heard that before unloading the moss and killing the donkey, I have to give a bite of food."

"What do you want?" Mo Huai looked at her coldly.

Ning Mitang smiled, her ears were a little hot, and she felt that her face was getting thicker.

"Ahuai, can you give me a hug?"

She walked towards him, and the hem of Yang Qing's skirt fluttered, and lotus rose step by step.

Mo Huai's face was very pale, his thin white lips were tightened, and her deep eyes matched her bright and clear eyes, inadvertently touching the desire and unknown affection in her eyes, and his heart suddenly twitched. Like a ghost, he pulled her into his arms.

Mo Huai felt very right when he heard the fragrance and soft touch. Starting from this morning, there was a kind of hotness in his heart. He held the person in his arms at this moment, only to realize that it turned out to be a desire for her.

"Ahuai..." Ning Mitang nestled in his arms, holding his strong waist with both hands.

After returning to his senses, Mo Huai frowned, and he reached out and pushed the person away. However, Ning Mitang hugged tightly, stuck to it, and didn't want to let go.

"Let go."

"I don't." Ning Mitang couldn't be willful. "You took the initiative to hug me." She raised her red lips slightly, and complained aggrievedly.

"Tomorrow, I will give you a blood exchange, and I will give you my life. I just want you to hug me." Ning Mitang lay in Mo Huai's arms and whispered in a low voice, making Mo Huai useless. My heart hurts. He endured forbearance and gradually dropped his hand pushing away from her.

Ning Mitang's soft body was nestled against his strong chest, and his white as jade face was rubbing against his golden silk embroidered dragon uniform. It was a bit uncomfortable. She adjusted a comfortable position, smelling the familiar body, and feeling With the scorching body temperature, he whispered softly: "I heard from the genius doctor Cai that after the blood change, there will be sequelae. If I am gone and you forget me again, then I will suffer."

Mo Huai took a deep breath and suppressed the inexplicable irritability in his heart, "Then what do you want?"

Ning Mitang raised her face, her bright eyes looked at him, her eyebrows were crooked, full of smile, "I want to leave my mark, even if you have a favorite concubine in the future," the next moment, she As soon as the conversation turned, he glared at him, "No, Ahuai, you can't forget me, and don't accept the concubine, or I will be very sad, very sad."

After that, in Mo Huai's astonishment, she bit down **** his shoulder.


Mo Huai's whole body was tense, all his feelings were on his shoulders, and there was a tingling pain. His brave brows were frowning, but he did not push Ning Mitang away, but tightened his arms, sending the person more towards him. He took it in his arms, "You woman, really..."


Outside the main hall, a wall surrounded by hundreds of people inside and out. The guards are deep and there is a mysterious, solemn and solemn atmosphere around it.

In the sleeping hall, Cai Zhiyi handed over two bowls of steaming decoctions, "The emperor, Miss Ning, you first take these two euphemistic decoctions, which can relieve pain. When the medicine takes effect, you will fall asleep."

Mo Huai looked at Ning Mitang. Today, she was wearing a light blue embroidered blue butterfly and snow satin dress, and she looked more and more snowy plum, fresh and clean as the first snow.

Ning Mitang looked back at him, smiled lightly, like the white plum blossoms in the beginning, she was so beautiful, she didn't eat fireworks.


She called him softly, picked up the soup medicine, and drank it.

Mo Huaiying's brows were tightly twisted, and his heart was dull and congested. He tried to ignore the strangeness in his chest and drank the medicine in one gulp.

The two lie side by side.

Mo Huai turned his head and stared at the woman lying beside him with dark eyes.

Ning Mitang closed her eyes, still smiling at the corners of her mouth, her face quiet and beautiful.

"The emperor, Miss Ning, now I'm starting to exchange blood for you." Cai Zhiyi prepared the tools needed and walked to the two of them.


Ning Mitang replied in a low voice, her eyes still closed, and she whispered: "Ahuai, you must be fine."

There was a sudden pain in his heart, and Mo Huai's deep eyes deepened. He stared at Ning Mitang, and when he saw Cai Zhiyi holding a knife to cut her slender wrist, he immediately stopped, "Stop. "

"The emperor?" Cai Zhiyi was stunned.

"I won't change my blood."

Ning Mitang opened her eyes suddenly and looked at him questioningly, "Ahuai?"

"You pack up your things and step back. I won't change blood anymore," Mo Huai said.

"This... the emperor, think twice, this is the only way to save you." Cai Zhiyi exclaimed, "The emperor, the dragon body is important."

"My idea has been decided."

Cai Zhiyi glanced at Mo Huai embarrassedly, then moved his gaze to Ning Mitang, "Miss Ning..."

"Ahuai, don't be capricious." Ning Mitang lay still, "Doctor Cai, go ahead."

"I said no blood exchange, what I said is the imperial decree, will you resist the decree?" Mo Huai's expression was cold, he sat up and said calmly.

Ning Mitang raised her wrist and handed it to Cai Zhiyi, "Doctor Cai, please."

"Damn it, Ning Mitang, are you going to disobey my order?" Mo Huai got up and wanted to walk over, but found that the potion of the soup had been exerted, and he was weak.

"Do it."

Cai Zhiyi glanced at Mo Huai, who had a sullen face, and then cut a sharp knife on Ning Mitang's thin wrist.

Bright red blood filled Mo Huai's eyes, and the blue veins on his forehead became prominent, "Dare you? Cai Zhiyi, I order you to stop!"

"Ahuai, be good, don't make trouble." Ning Mitang coaxed him softly.

The bright red color became more and more, Mo Huai's heart trembled, and an unprecedented panic hit his face. His face was pale, "Cai Zhiyi, I order you to stop the bleeding immediately and stop the bleeding immediately. Have you heard?" He stood. After getting up, he fell to the ground before he could take a step.

His eyes were crimson, and his tone was fierce and ruthless, "Ning Mitang...Ning Mitang, if you dare to die, I will punish your nine races."

Mo Huai fainted as soon as he finished speaking.




"Ahuai...you wake up."

Ning Mitang pushed him.

Slowly opening his eyes, Mo Huai's black eyes reflected the girl's beautiful face, "Tangtang..."

"Have you had a nightmare?" She touched his forehead, cold sweat.

Mo Huai hugged her tightly, rubbing his head against Ning Mitang's body, and feeling her warm body, he constricted his dark eyes, "Well, I dreamed that you were dead. You wanted to save me. Give me all the blood on your body, you shed a lot of blood."

He buried his head on Ning Mitang's chest and said in a low voice, "Tangtang."




He confirmed it over and over again.

"Tangtang, in my dream, my heart hurts so much that I am dying." He grabbed the girl's hand and pressed it directly on his chest, "You rubbed it for me, and it was so painful."

Ning Mitang obediently rubbed him, "Will it be better?"

"not good."

Mo Huais thin lips struck her pink lips, holding the slightly curled lips, and muttered: "I think, probably only the most intimate contact can feel your presence and make me Don't panic."

As he said, he licked her inside and outside of her mouth vigorously, but still felt that it was not enough. During the lingering relationship, he played with him and asked him to call his name over and over again, until he was exhausted and his voice hoarse. Just stopped for a while.

Ning Mitang softly buried her face in his arms, complaining: "Don't have nightmares in the future..."

"Well, not anymore."

Mo Huai lowered his head and kissed the top of her hair, her smooth and delicate skin under his palm, soaked in a thin layer of sweat, it became more and more smooth.

He thought about that dream, no matter what the ending, she lay beside him at the moment, it was the best ending.


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