Super Skill System Chapter 404

Chapter 404: You And I Are Chess Pieces

When seeing this scene, even the face of the ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas became extremely shocked.

Because what he wanted to travel to was Chu Feng, the time period he was in, but now he was a little unbelievable that he had actually traveled to the prehistoric period, and the ancestor Wudijiang who was in control of the time was actually opposite him.

You must know that the Twelve Ancestor Wudi Zhongdijiang definitely has extremely strong strength, at least it is definitely not something that a small Buddhist like him can resist.

What if he is a saint?

After all, the strength of the saints is also different. What's more, these Dijiang Rivers in front of you can be said to have the name of Tu Sheng, who dares to provoke him?

So when the ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas just appeared here, his face suddenly changed, and he was ready to flash away.

He is quite sure that he is definitely not the opponent of Dijiang in front of him.

In the ancient times, the land will be controlled by a time rule that no one can beat.

Although at last I heard that Dijiang is in the midst of major time trends, of course there are some people who will die.

However, in the eyes of the ancestor of the ten thousand Buddhas, the news of the death may be false.

The cannon can travel through many periods of time, which means that he can leave a clone of himself for many periods of time.

Even if one of them died, what about it?

In this unearthly time, there is a clone of him for almost every second of time, so it is impossible for Dijiang to die.

It is almost impossible to die.

"Want to run?"

"Do you have that capital?" The man with a pair of huge wings, with a slight expression on his expression, said contemptuously.

Immediately, I saw him slowly punch forward, and the surrounding void began to collapse in the next moment.

At this moment, the color between heaven and earth changed,

The ancestor of the Ten Thousand Buddhas also spurted blood in his mouth, and was directly beat out by Di Jiang during this period of time.

When she appeared in front of Chu Feng,

Even Chu Feng was a little bit shocked, because he didn't even know how the ancestor of ten thousand Buddhas suffered so much damage.

At this moment, there was a pale white death breath slowly flowing from the eyes of the ancestor of the direct thousands of Buddhas, and he looked at Chu Feng in shock.

Chu Feng knew what the expression in his eyes represented, it represented fear, a kind of extreme fear.

But he didn't know what the source of this fear was?

"You are actually..."

"You are actually..."


The ancestor of the Ten Thousand Buddhas hadn't said the last words, he had slowly breathed, his pupils disappeared,

In the next moment, the time, space and time he was in kept changing, and it changed thousands of epochs in a short period of time.

As the saying goes, saints do not die, but it is just because the life span of saints is somewhat long, nothing more.

For hundreds of epochs, it is naturally no different from immortality.

However, no island of the saint has its own life span, and it is only a few hundred epochs.

Because they simply don't have the strength to survive the era of the end of the world.

At this moment, in the touch of death of the ten thousand Buddhas, a very powerful space and time fluctuations slowly emerged.

The next moment, a young man with wings on his back and a flat face appeared in front of Chu Feng.

This person has white hair and is vicissitudes of life, and the aura emerging in his eyes is shocking, as if he can't hurt his consciousness and the power of confrontation.

As he walked slowly, the laws of space and time around his body were constantly surging, like a king who controls time.

At the moment she appeared here, it seemed that all the time around was still, and no one was moving anymore.

The world stopped for it.

Chu Feng looked at the young man in front of him cautiously, frowned and said, "Who are you?"

Seeing Chu Feng in front of him, the man suddenly laughed a few times, his expression was a little bit of ecstasy, a little infatuated, and said, "Have you heard of Dijiang?"

When hearing these two words, Chu Feng's expression also changed slightly.

Dijiang is the head of the twelve ancestor witches,

Control space and time, according to legend, immortality.

There are clouds in the mountains and seas, three hundred and fifty miles west of the Tianshan Mountains, a lot of gold and jade, there are green males and yellows, facing the water, staying with the long river forever, life is longer than the sky...

Control time, not reincarnation,

So when he saw this, Chu Feng was a little cautious.

Di Jiang shook his head slightly, his expression was extremely plain, and with a scornful smile at the corner of his mouth, he said, "Although I don't know who you are, because your existence has been hidden by heaven."

"But you can get here, I think I should know your identity."

"It can be said that I have been waiting for you."

"Waiting for something between you and me."

Hearing this, Chu Feng's brow furrowed and his face became more cautious. He pursed his lips slightly, his long sword trembling, and said faintly, "What do you mean by this?"

At the same time, the first person directly in front of him shook his finger slightly in the void, suddenly forming an unimaginable picture.

The world is made of steel and cement, and there are metal objects galloping on wide roads.

There is no doubt that the scenes in front of me are all prominent, where the Aqua Star is.

"Do you understand now?"

"I know where you are from, and I know where you are going."

"Your life, I gave it to you."

"I give you all the strength of your body." The emperor said with an extremely plain expression.

"You mean that my life is all planned by you."

"So you know the beginning and end of my village."

"What I can experience is under your control." Chu Feng said in disbelief.

Because he didn't expect this result at all,

One person's life is controlled by another person.

Everything he experienced was like an extremely simple game.

This seems to make people feel a little unhappy.

It was as if his Chu Feng was just a chess piece of Dijiang.

It can be said that he doesn't want to be anyone's **** at all, and now he has to admit that he is just a **** in the opponent's hands.

"You control me."

"What's the reason?" Chu Feng's eyes flashed a little blood red, and his expression was extremely hideous.

It can be said that he has never felt such a terrifying mood swing,

When faced with anything, his expression was extremely plain.

As if nothing can break it.

But now that he heard what Dijiang said and did, Chu Feng was completely angry. It was an anger that ordinary people could not imagine...

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