Super Skill System Chapter 405

Chapter 405: A Hundred Times

It's not just Chu Feng. If you change to another person and be controlled by other people's all your destiny, what you foresee is that everything is under the control of others.

All life trajectories are determined by the ideas of others.

No one will not be angry,

Di Jiang looked at Chu Feng's weird expression in front of him, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly, with a slight smile, and his face was extremely flat and said: "If I'm right, you should have heard of the system."

"I gave you the system on you."

"Do you understand now?"

"Not only is your destiny controlled by others, even my destiny is also controlled by others."

Di Jiang raised his eyes slightly, a touch of icy air appeared in his eyes, and he looked towards the sky.

Strands of thoughts slowly rushed through his heart, and a moment of embarrassment suddenly appeared in this.

The next moment, I saw a sudden flash of blood red in Dijiang's pupils. The scarlet pupils carried an extremely strange power, which shocked people.

"Blood cycle eyes?"

When Chu Feng was shocked, how could the blood reincarnation eye appear on the body of the ancient demon **** Dijiang?

You know this is something in anime!

How could it appear in the opponent's body?

Such a shock made Chu Feng stay in the same place for a while and could not speak.

"You also have a system?" Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

But at this moment, Di Jiang shook his head slightly, his expression was extremely indifferent, and he said flatly: "I don't have the thing you said."

"And I'm not the same as you, even though you can be considered a traverser."

"But I am not as lucky as you."

"How can I get what so-called system?"

"Do you know how difficult it is for an ordinary person to survive in the wild?"

Are you a traverser too?

Even if Chu Fengdang caught the point directly,

There is no doubt that the emperor in front of him should be from the same place as himself.

What about all the descriptions of Di Jiangjiang in the novels I have read?

If he is really a traverser, it shouldn't be possible for such a thing to appear before he traverses.

"Are you also from Aqua Blue Star?" Chu Feng said in disbelief with a strong suspicion flashing between his eyebrows.

At this time, Dijiang shook his head slightly, and his expression was extremely flat, and even a icy smile crossed the corner of his mouth: "Me too?"

"Don't you think we look alike?"

"Or don't you think I look a lot like you?"

"Because I am you, you are me!"

Hearing this, Chu Feng's face was even more astonished.

His eyes were round and he stared straight at Di Jiang's cheeks. Indeed, the cheeks of the other party were somewhat similar to his own, except that he was a bit older than himself, nothing more.

How could the two of them be the same?

Chu Feng couldn't understand how he thought about it, what exactly did Dijiang mean?

How can the two of them become one person?

"I think maybe you don't understand now?"

"But you will understand later."

"What I practice is the law of time and space."

"And what I give you is the Taoist method!"

"Although I can't imagine that you can practice the way of killing yourself."

"But this also makes me somewhat relieved."

"I think we should be able to practice hands together now!"

"You, or I should have this qualification!" The Land General said flatly.

As soon as the voice fell, I saw Dijiang in front of him turning into pale golden tombs in the void, slowly blending into Chu Feng's body.

At this time, it does not distinguish you from Chu Feng, and Chu Feng's momentum has changed slightly!

Chu Feng suddenly upgraded his wings behind him, and flew away into the void.

The surrounding Milky Way is constantly dancing, surrounded by stars.

And just in such a beautiful and miserable place, an extremely strong force of heaven is constantly surging here.

"Heaven, here I am!" Chu Feng said angrily.

At the same time, in the void, an old man's phantom was suddenly intercepted.

The moment the old man saw Chu Feng, a thick smile flashed across his mouth, and he said indifferently: "It's actually the law of the Dao Sect guys."

"Interesting and interesting."

"You don't know that even if we Sanqing are in front of me, we will have to honor the Holy Lord."

"You are just the law of space and time that you control, plus the power of the Taoist door, are you qualified to fight me?"

"Could you imagine me too simple?"

"It can be said that you are the most interesting ant I have seen in these years."

"Don't worry, I will never kill you this time."

"I want to see what new things you will bring to me next time."

"Go back, reincarnation!"

"In this vast world, maybe you still have a chance next time."

At this time, a weird smile suddenly appeared on Chu Feng's face, and he said coldly, "Maybe you haven't done it again."

"Do you really think you can control my life?"

"Or do you really think of yourself as a master above all the gods?"

"If you give me thousands of years, I am afraid that even the way of heaven will collapse for it."

"Even now, whether you can beat me or not is unknown."

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the phantom in mid-air actually flashed a very thick smile, and said flatly, "You group of ants, why do you think there will be a chance to challenge me?"

"With your meager strength, do you think you are worthy?"

"I am the Dao of Heaven, and I control the heavens and the realms."

"You are now qualified to stand in front of me. It is not easy to see my deity."

"What I didn't expect was that you didn't thank Huang Huang Tianen, but you would resist."

"What an interesting ant!"

Ant, hearing this, a blood-red light flashed in Chu Feng's eyes suddenly.

At the same time, all the surrounding star fields were clearly dissipated.

Such terrifying strength is shocking, but the most weird thing is that the moment these star fields have just dissipated, they have been continuously reorganized in the void, and they have recovered in almost a second.

"If the sky hinders me, I will destroy the sky."

"If this place hinders me, I will destroy it!"

"My life is up to me, I can't help it!" Chu Feng said with a grim expression.

At the same time, a fierce scorching flame slowly condensed in the void, and a bottle of common flames suddenly condensed in the void.

In the next moment, this can see Jian Meng carrying the red lotus karma fire, slashing towards the phantom in the sky.

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