The Darling Of Heaven Owns A Rip Off Shop Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619: Marrying A Maid 23

Chapter 1619

"What nonsense, forgive or not forgive, you have never been wrong, where is the forgiveness." Li Jun hurriedly covered Wu Bailan's mouth, "You are not allowed to think like this in the future. Blame me, if I say it earlier, I won't It will shock you tonight." Fortunately, my brother urged himself to find the lady, otherwise I don't know what will happen later.

"No, my husband just rushed out to defend my appearance. It's really...well, handsome! In the words of my brother, he is very handsome! My official is the best official in the world."

"My lady is the best lady in the world." Li Jun smiled and hugged Wu Bailan tightly.

Then smiled at each other.

At this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door outside.

"Master Li will come out soon, and the Lord will be here." The knocking outside was Li Jun's colleague and close friend, Zhang Yao.

The holy is coming up? !

Li Jun and Wu Bailan looked at each other in surprise, and hurriedly arranged their clothes and prepared to pick up.

When I rushed to the courtyard, I saw the emperor standing in the middle of the courtyard, talking to Tianmiao. The others stood aside and waited.

Li Jun and Wu Bailan hurried forward to salute.

"Get up, I just came out of the palace secretly to see you today. It is said that your yard is the busiest every New Year's Day. Almost all my left and right arms will be here. When I see you today, it is true." The emperor laughed. Let Li Jun and the others get up.

Li Jun and Wu Bailan responded and stood aside.

"Tianmiao, what would you like to eat today?" The emperor asked with a smile.

"Today's sister-in-law must be rich." Tian Miao laughed and paused, "Since the emperor is here today, then I will say goodbye."

As soon as Tian Miao said this, everyone present was taken aback.

What do you mean?

What does this mean?

"What do you mean? Where do you want to go? Where do you want to go outside? I don't agree." The emperor was the first to object.

"Wu Bailan." Tianmiao smiled and turned to look at Wu Bailan. This was the first time she officially called Wu Bailan by her name, instead of calling her sister-in-law as before.

Wu Bailan was stunned and looked up at Tianmiao.

"Have your wish come true?" Tianmiao's voice suddenly changed. From the male voice to the ethereal female voice. And Tianmiao's appearance also changed at this moment.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, Tian Miao's long black hair fluttered gently, and finally draped softly behind his shoulders. The slightly rigid lines on the face softened, and the skin became fairer and softer. The tall and straight body also became graceful.

It's a girl!

Tianmiao is actually a woman!

The posture of heaven and man!

But how did this change?

But Wu Bailan fixedly looked at the sky without blinking, and finally she choked and said excitedly: "It is fulfilled, my wish is fulfilled. God, thank you, thank you." It turned out that that day was not a dream. ! That store also exists!


Hearing Wu Bailan's words, everyone's guess just now became more and more certain.

Tianmiao is not a mortal at all!

"Be happy." Tianmiao said this with a smile to Li Jun and Wu Bailan, and then turned to look at the emperor.

"The emperor is Mingjun, keep it."

Look at a group of former students and now officials.

"Remember to bloom your own light."

After saying this, Tian Miao lightly tapped his foot, and the whole person flew into the air lightly.

There was a loud dragon chant from far to near.

Long Yin resounded across the sky, shocking people's hearts.

A silver-white dragon whizzed and flew from the sky, flew to Tianmiao's feet, and firmly supported Tianmiao.

is God!

The emperor took the lead and knelt down.

He knelt down in the black yard, and looked up at Tianmiao standing on the head of the silver dragon without blinking.

Tian Miao smiled and waved.

With a long moan, the dragon carried Tianmiao and disappeared into the sky.

Wu Bailan has long been crying.

I kept thinking about Tianmiao's words in my mind.

Be happy.

Thank you, thank you.

I will be happy, I will be very happy.

Li Jun squeezed Wu Bailan's hand, not knowing why, but always felt that God came down for him and the lady.

After a long time, the emperor led people to stand up. Then he was silent for a while and returned to the palace.

It took a long time for a group of officials to recover.

They actually got along with the gods for so long!

They all remembered what the gods had told them before they left.

To bloom their light.

for sure!

Decades have passed.

The emperor worked hard to rule and the officials assisted with all his strength. The dynasty reached unprecedented prosperity and left a strong mark in history.

However, this dynasty was called the Prosperity of Heaven, and it did not match the title of the emperor at all. But later generations do not know why this is.

(End of this chapter)

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