Robust Mage In One Piece Chapter 413

Chapter 413: I've Been Waiting For You For A Long Time Caesar Courant Xinshuhaige.com

Begapunk rubbed his eyebrows with his hands, looking helpless.

In front of him was a young man whose hands were held back by the combatants of the scientific force.

This young man has purple-blue hair, a pair of golden eyes, and a pair of fake horns stuck in the middle of his hair.

That's right, this pair of horns didn't grow on his head, but the decoration he stuck to his head to show off his cool.

He was wearing a yellow tights and a researcher's white coat, and the three letters GAS were printed on the coat. The material of the coat seemed to be made of some kind of gas, floating around him like a cloud.

He is what Kong Ming called M. Caesar Courant.

"Well, you don't need to say!"

Begapunk raised his head, "You have violated my work regulations and created and stored a large amount of poisonous gas, which has caused a huge threat to the entire research base..."

"What's wrong with my research on poison gas..."

The purple-blue-haired young man twisted his body and struggled desperately.

"If this world is to have peace, it depends on war! To protect power, you need weapons! My ability to kill enemies is unmatched. You are jealous of me, Begapunk!"

"You can study poison gas, but it's another matter if you store so much poison gas."

Begapunk said helplessly, "Don't you think about how to do this kind of poisonous gas research in such a densely populated research base in the event of a leak?"

"The development of science requires sacrifices!"

Caesar Courant said plausibly, "Even if there is a leak, you can provide me with more live materials and more live experiment data to improve my research."

Begapunk let out a long breath.

"Well, this guy is not saved, Zhan Momomaru!"

"Yes, Mr. Vegapunk!"

The big fat man Zhan Momomaru, who was standing next to Begapunk, immediately leaned forward.

"Notify the world government, and then use the crime of endangering the safety of the research base to send this guy away to me..."

"Okay, Mr. Vegapunk!"

Zhan Taomaru agreed, and waved to the combatants of the Naval Science Unit holding Caesar Courant, who immediately dragged Caesar Courant to the outside.

"I'm not going...I'm not going..."

Caesar Courant struggled desperately and danced.

"You are persecuting the greatest genius scientist of the world government... You are a crime... I have done meritorious service to the world government... I want to see General Huang Yuan... I want to see the Marshal of the Warring States Period... I want to meet the Five Elders star"


Begapunk sighed.

"Mr. Begapunk, you are so amazing..."

Zhan Tao Maru looked reverent.

"Ive been patrolling the base all day and I havent found that this fellow Caesar Courant has accumulated a lot of poisonous gas in several warehouses of the base. The medicine is made."

"Hehe..." Begapunk sneered.

Zhan Taomaru lowered his head and asked again in a low voice. "About Caesar Courant, what are you going to do with Mr. Vegapunk?"


Begapunk waved his hand, then turned and walked towards his research room.

"Get him out of this research base, I don't care about the others..."


Zhan Momomaru straightened up, "Don't worry, I will call Judicial Island!"

Although the world government has taken close surveillance of Begapunk, similar to house arrest, it also shows the importance of Begapunk in the world government.

So the request made by Begapunk was quickly implemented.

Two days later, a judicial ship from Judicial Island docked at the port of the Punks Sahad Research Base.

"Caesar Courant..."

A small judge slammed the hammer in his hand on the trial stand before him.

"You created and stored a large amount of poisonous gas privately, posing a huge threat to all personnel in the research base of the world government. Although no casualties were caused, the circumstances were bad. This court is now convicting you and imprisoning you for three years..."

"I was wronged, I was wronged..."

Caesar Courant struggled desperately with an unbelievable look.

"I study poison gas to provide powerful weapons to the world government. I am a minister of merit...I am a minister of merit...I want to appeal...I want to appeal..."

"Appeal rejected! Withdraw from court!"

The judge paid no attention to Caesar Courant's words, but slammed the hammer in his hand on the trial stand again.

"You can't treat me like that..."

The desperate Caesar Courant was dragged down by the navy on the judicial ship.

One day later, the judicial ship carrying the freshly-baked criminal Caesar Courant left the Punksahad Research Base, preparing to return to Judicial Island.


Caesar Courant, who was locked up in the prison of the judicial ship, thought furiously.

"This genius absolutely can't just sit and wait for death like this. I have to leave here, and then continue my research on the gas weapon Kingdom of Death, to prove to the world that I, Caesar Courant, is the most genius scientist in the world..."

"When my kingdom of death succeeds,"

A triumphant look appeared on Caesar Courant's face.

"People all over the world will know that I...Caesar Courant is a scientist even more genius than Begapunk. At that time, the world government will recognize their mistakes and bow their heads to this genius..."

Thinking of this, Caesar Courant smiled triumphantly.

"Then, under the invitation of the world government, the genius reluctantly joined their scientific force again, became the leader of the scientific force, got promoted and raised, and embarked on the pinnacle of life..."

"The first step for this genius to take off is about to begin..."

"First of all"

Caesar Courant cast his eyes on the navy soldier on duty at the door of the cell.

"Just solve these two guys."

Caesar Courant reached into his sleeve and took out a small green pill from it.

"Fortunately, this genius has already prepared for it, ..."

After looking around, Caesar Courant stretched out his criminal little black hand while there was no one around, and threw the little green pill at the door of the cell.

Without the attention of the two navy soldiers, the green pill began to volatilize, and a light green smoke gradually filled in.

Ten minutes later, the two naval soldiers on guard shook their bodies and fell.

"The key... the key..."

Caesar Courant immediately ran over and touched the two fallen navy soldiers with his sinful little black hand, "Where is the key to the cell..."

Half an hour later, Caesar Courant, whose entire body had turned into gas, emerged from a corner of the stern of the judicial ship.

"Shoo, hello, hello..."

Looking at the judicial ship below, Caesar Courant laughed triumphantly.

"The genius finally escaped. The first step was perfect. The next step is to find a place to continue to perfect the kingdom of death of the genius, and then wait for the success of the research...Shoo!

"Although it's rude to interrupt others..."

An unfamiliar voice rang behind Caesar Courant, "But I still have to regret to inform you, Mr. Caesar Courant, you don't seem to have much time to perfect your kingdom of death."


Caesar Courant jumped three feet high by the sudden sound and suddenly turned his head, only to realize that behind him, he did not know when there was a young man in a robe and glasses.

"Mr. Caesar Courant..."

The young man with glasses pushed his glasses gently, and cold light flashed.

"Meeting for the first time, I have been waiting for you for a long time in the next!

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