Robust Mage In One Piece Chapter 415

Chapter 415: I Want To Take You To See A.. Ghost

Ace mixes very well in the Navy!

Kong Ming is not surprised at this point. After all, the naval hero Cap is the grandfather of Ace, and the admiral Sengoku is the friend of Grandpa Ace. The three admirals are all juniors of Grandpa Ace, and the general Green Chicken is still Grandpa Ace. Followers...

Now the second generation of the largest officer in the navy is Ace!

In addition, Ace himself is also very competitive...

After being thrown into the navy by Karp, the once tsundere boy Ace first participated in a naval officer training class, and then graduated with honors, which was the first in all projects, and became a navy ensign.

Then, Ensign Ace began his performance.

Charge in the front when fighting, and board first in each battle. In less than two years after joining the navy, Ace has led a team to defeat more than 30 pirate groups that rushed into the great route, and the sum of the rewards is almost the same. It's close to one billion...

Because of the blessings of the Holy Light, while smashing out the magnificent combat exploits, Ace's subordinates did not actually have a large-scale attrition.

And after each battle, Ace will spend time rescuing some civilians injured by pirates.

A naval officer who moves forward bravely in battle, and who can take care of his subordinates and treat the people kindly, and is also the grandson of Lieutenant General Karp, his own person who is rooted in Zhengmiaohong...

If the Navy does not promote such a person, who else can it promote?

Therefore, Ace's official position is the same as sitting in the Rockets.

When Ace returned to Crown Island this time, he was already a captain of the navy, and was one step short of entering the school level.

"Good job, Ace!"

Seeing Ace, who was wearing a navy uniform and a heroic figure, Kong Ming stretched out his hand with satisfaction and patted Ace's dog's head.

"I heard that someone now calls your navy the light of hope?"

The social form of Pirate World is very close to neon. Whether it is a decent or a villain, they like to give themselves or others some very secondary nicknames...

For example, a certain flamingo with the nickname Joker gave himself the nickname Tianyasha.

"I don't know what's going on with this..."

For some reason, Ace still feels a little embarrassed to be named the second nickname of the Navy's Light of Hope by Kong Ming.

"This nickname appeared suddenly."

"You should think better, Ace!"

Kong Ming stroked Ace's dog's head with a serious expression. "At the very least, the light of hope is better than the magic horse red dog, green chicken, yellow throat, etc., isn't it, especially the yellow throat, which is reminiscent of hot pot."

"Boss, they are the red dog, the green pheasant, the yellow ape..."

"Is there a difference?" Kong Ming looked at Ace seriously, seriously. JPG.

Ace snorted and laughed, "Boss, you are right, it seems that there is not much difference."

"So, you should be grateful..."

Kong Ming said solemnly, "At least you didn't mix into the zoo with other generals."

After a few chats, Ace, who gradually relaxed, finally got to the point.

"Okay, so boss, what important thing do you have this time, and you also specially notified me to come back to Crown Island to find you?"

"This time coming back is two things..."

Kong Ming pushed his eyes lightly.

"First of all I have an experiment on hand that needs your cooperation. Second, I want to take you to meet someone... a ghost!"

Ace looked at Kong Ming sideways, with a strange expression.

"Boss, if I need to cooperate with the experiment, what the **** is it to take me to see a ghost?"

Kong Ming tilted his head and seemed to have considered it seriously.



Ace pressed his forehead with his hand helplessly.

"I am no longer a kid, and stories like the Headless Horseman can no longer scare me."

"Well, I forgot!"

Kong Ming stretched out his hand and patted Ace's dog's head again, "Ace is no longer a child, so do you want to know the ending of the Headless Horseman that I didn't finish with you back then..."

Ace rolled his eyes at Kong Ming.

"Well, maybe it's not a headless..."

Kong Ming shrugged, "It's a ghost who was stabbed to death... Who knows, after all, the **** animation is too **** to appear."

"What are you talking about, boss?"

"Nothing said."

Kong Ming pushed his glasses and said with a smile.

"Anyway, you don't need to care about the ghost, I will take you there when the time comes."

"Well, you are the boss!"

Ace also shrugged his shoulders, and agreed.

"There is another experiment,"

Kong Ming put his hand on his eye and began to scan Ace.

"I just recently developed an energy core that can be loaded into the human body through a simple operation..."

"I know!"

Before Kong Ming could finish speaking, Ace agreed.

"Boss, what do you think for a long time!"

"Oh, is it so fun!"

Kong Ming seemed surprised, "Aren't you thinking about it?"

"no need!"

Ace answered very firmly.

"I trust you, boss."

Kong Ming smiled and patted Ace's dog's head.

"Ace, I found out that after you became a navy, this road is getting wider and wider!"

The corners of Ace's mouth twitched.

"Well, you go to Huo Cubagu, let him prepare the operating room, let's start the experiment immediately!"

"Okay, boss!"

When Kong Ming and Huo Cubagu took the shot in person, the speed of the experiment was naturally fast. A few hours later, when Ace appeared in front of Luffy and the others, the experiment was completed.

"Is this the energy core that the boss installed for you?"

Xiao Lu Fei looked at the pale gold above Ace's naked chest, like a tattoo, with an enviable expression.

"Looks so handsome!"

"Very handsome indeed!"

Sabo gave Esby a thumbs up. "It looks like a golden flame."

"Isn't there a circle outside the flame?"

A certain blond teenager made a handsome expression, "It's obviously a stove, so the boss's mark is clearly for the chef."

"Is that so?" Xiao Lu Fei suddenly realized.

"Does the boss still have such a deep meaning?" Usopp began to think seriously.


A young man with three knives at the back of the crowd laughed.

"what are you laughing at?"

The blond boy turned his head and looked at a certain three swordsman swordsman with unkind eyes. "Want to fight? Green algae head!"

"Hit it!"

The young green algae head is also unambiguous, "Am I afraid of you, a pervert?"

"Today I will teach you a good lesson for Guina..."

"I should say this..."

"Sister Guina, can you actually hold back these two idiots?"

A certain big orange-haired loli sneakyly said to Guina, whose forehead had blue veins, "I can't bear it anyway!"

"Nami, don't talk nonsense."

A big blue-haired loli grabbed Nami, "That green algae... Sauron Sang belongs to Sister Guina..."


The blue-haired big loli hadn't finished speaking yet, the swordsman girl had already shot like a gust of wind. With a single knife, the two of them flew, and the winning swordsman girl withdrew the sheath long sword in her hand.

"A pair of idiots!"


Ace, who hadn't seen the sight in front of her for a long time, laughed happily, and the feeling of strangeness for one or two years seemed to be dispelled.

"Minasan, still so energetic!"

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