Being His Little Fox Chapter 542

Chapter 542: Attractive Mature Man


This one thing is fixed like this, this dinner is very comfortable.

Song Yi is the focus of attention during this meal.

"Why don't you just rest here tonight, don't go back."

"No." Song Yi said, "He has to go to work tomorrow, he has to go home to clean up, there is no change of clothes here, it will be easier to go back."

Without waiting for Tang Si to say this, she brought it up by herself.

Father Song also understood: "Okay, then pay attention to safety when you two go back."

"it is good."

Tang Si smiled: "Then let's go first."

Song Nuan smiled, "Goodbye, sister and brother-in-law."

Song Yi tilted her head and looked at her. The little girl looked like a spring breeze recently, and her little days seemed to be quite moist.

She avoided Song Yi's sight and got into the room.


In the car.

"Did Song Nuan and Lu Yan really become it?" Song Yi asked.

"This should be sooner or later, but it's actually pretty good." Tang Si: "We should have guessed it a long time ago."

"But whether it can go long-term is a matter for the two of them. When a little girl met a mature person when she was in love at the beginning, she became a leader on her way. Such charm is impossible for a little girl to resist. of."

"Because in this life, everything can be taken care of for her before her, and everything can be solved for her. He has already experienced everything she has not experienced, and he will guide the confused little girl out."

Tang Si drove the car and slowly said, "But in fact, after the little girl grows up, she will face all kinds of temptations. All kinds of people will appear in front of her, older than her. A lot."

"After all of her three views are completed, what kind of person she is and what kind of person she would like, then it will become another conclusive event."

"People's likes are actually the cheapest, because they are not static, they will always change with age." Tang Si: "What we should do is maintain the present and know what we are doing."

"Especially when you fall in love with young girls, their views on love and the world are not yet complete. In fact, they themselves don't know what they want."

"When you slowly grow up, mature, and have your own distinguishing ability, you will know what you want."

"So this is also one of the hazards of premature love." Tang Si analyzed and said, "After all, I don't know anything. What ability does he have to give others?"

Song Yi nodded.

"So according to your point of view and opinion, you were unwilling to accept me because I was young. You think my three views and worldview are unstable, and you think we can't last long?"

After all, she really likes Tang Si's maturity and carefulness to take care of the world.

It can also lead her and lead her to a higher level.

Tang Si laughed softly: "But are you a person with unstable three views and world views? I think you are more mature and different than your peers."

"We're talking about my sister, don't try to exchange concepts with me here, you know why I didn't accept you at the time."

Tang Si's voice was low and hoarse, very attractive.

"My identity is special. I don't want you to have a stable relationship after you have been with me. You seem to have everything, and you don't need anything, but you don't need me."

"There were many factors at the time. It wasn't because of the young age."

Song Yi smiled and looked at the back of the chair.

"I am actually very worried, Nuan Nuan is so young."

Tang Si: "There is nothing to worry about. Everyone is an independent person. Everyone has his own life. You can watch her as a child, but you can't watch her forever."

He looked at Song Yi, his eyes deep: "Just like I am with you, the relationship between the two of us is like this, but I won't have to decide everything for you, and I won't let you decide everything. Listen to me."

"And you will not interfere with my affairs, and you will respect my choice."

"This is an essential factor for a stable relationship." Tang Si said slowly, "Song Nuan should be her first love."

"Generally speaking, children's first love will be hurt." Tang Si: "As for the degree of injury, I can't guarantee this."

"But Lu Yan is a good person." Tang Si: "It's also worthy of trust."

"Probably, he might be injured."

"After all, he is old, but Nuan Nuan is still young, and her future has unlimited possibilities. People of our age have basically fixed their lives on a parallel line. Apart from life and death, there will be basically no What big ups and downs."

Song Yi bulged his cheeks, feeling that what he said made sense.

Men who analyze these things seriously are also very attractive.

"I suddenly want to listen to your meeting, want to see what it is like."

The case analysis must be wonderful.

His brain is so good that he feels that all directions will be in his hands, and that kind of strategizing momentum must be deadly handsome.

Tang Si: "Meeting?"

He smiled: "It's nothing good."

"I can tell you whatever you want, why listen to me in a meeting?"

Song Yi: "I just thought, I think men who engage in business will be very attractive."

Tang Si held the steering wheel: "But you were afraid of me before."

"But you broke my habit of being afraid of the police, shouldn't you feel accomplished?"

"Getting you is the achievement."

At this time Song Yi's cell phone rang.

"You come here for a while, Fu Jingsheng has something wrong."

"What?!" Song Yi's expression suddenly changed.

Tang Si glanced at her and frowned: "What's the matter?"

"It's okay." Song Yi calmed down: "There is a problem with the company's contract. You should go back first."

"I'll send you to the company." Tang Si said.

Song Yi was planning to refuse, and Tang Si also called and wanted to return to the police station.

Two people can only go to their own places.


Shi Xunnian made the call.

In the building where they were temporarily staying, Fu Jingsheng was injured in a coma on the bed.

"What's the matter?" Song Yi asked worriedly.

Shi Xunnian said: "It was because when he returned to the T organization, he was followed by the police to the T organization and noticed. If the police did not follow him, he could go back and take the medicine out without a trace."

"But it was discovered by the boss of the T organization because of the police's stalking, and then almost never came back."

Song Yi twisted his eyebrows: "Why did the police know that he went to T organization?"

Shi Xunnian's face was ugly, and she felt upset looking at Song Yi.

"You know that Fu Jingsheng is going to the T. Organization, why do you ask me this question? Isn't your boyfriend a policeman? Didn't you reveal this to him?"

Shi Xunnian asked angrily, "I don't want to see you pretending to be here."

"If you want to put him to death, just say, why bother thinking about the little friendship between the two of you? Just such a little friendship, you also want to use calculations to make it all wiped out?"

"He is your boyfriend's lifesaver. He is willing to sacrifice himself and take risks. He will help the organization to get the drug introduction to give him the antidote. But what did you do? You revealed the news to him and let the police follow him. Fu Jingsheng almost died."

"I really didn't expect you to have such a cruel heart, because he was so sincere to you."

Song Yi was stiff all over.

"I didn't do this. I didn't disclose."

She just wanted Tang Si to live.

She was not vicious enough to use this incident to get the police to dig into the T organization.

Shi Xunnian: "You didn't? Did I have it?"

She frowned: "The three of us know about this. It is impossible for me to betray him. He is my God of Wealth."

"Only you can divulge the news in this matter."

She looked at Song Yi's expression, maybe this woman really didn't reveal it.

Shi Xunnian said, "If you really don't have that thought, then you should beware of your boyfriend."

Song Yi didn't even think about it: "He won't."

"Why not?" Shi Xunnian asked loudly, "He learned from you that Fu Jingsheng wanted to return to the T organization to get him a drug primer and develop an antidote. That's why he contacted the police and followed him to the T organization. "

"Sneaking back to the T organization is inherently a risky thing. Doesn't he understand that sending the police to follow the past is very risky? Doesn't he know that it will lead to his death? Doesn't he think about this?"

"He had considered these things a long time ago. He also knew that Fu Jingsheng returned to the organization to save him, but he can treat those who want to save him. Do you think such a man still has the heart?"

"He can even use this kind of thing. He only has work in his eyes."

"I thought he was a cold-blooded and merciless person. Looking at it from a distance, you should know what kind of person he is. The blood on his body is cold, a person who grew out of darkness."

Shi Xun read aloud: "Where can he be better?! His heart is dirty!"

"He dare to cheat, anyone can cheat! Anyone can use, anyone can be his stepping stone, he is a cruel and cruel person! He just wants to use all this to make himself climb higher, he just wants to rise Job! Peoples ambitions are for their own benefit!"

Shi Xunnian took a breath, and said, "I will stop here. How to choose is your business. I don't want to see you now."

"You go, don't think about that medicine so that we can develop it."

"Can't afford to offend, we can still hide."

Song Yi stood there, these voices kept in her head.

She has lost some of her most basic judgments.

However, the most clear thing is that Tang Si would not be like that, definitely not.

He is a man of flesh and blood, and a man of affection, he will not do anything like that.

I want to explain at this moment, but I don't know where to say it.

Song Yi didn't expect that when he chatted with Fu Jingsheng that night, Tang Si appeared in front of him. Perhaps he saw it at that time, and she couldn't do it to lie to herself now.

"I'm sorry." Song Yi's lips trembled: "You take care of him."

"Please tell him too, I never wanted him to die, nor did I betray him."

After saying this, she turned around and left.

The cold wind outside seemed to be a bit harsher than before, and it could freeze the bones, the heart, and the blood, making her unable to move or think.


Criminal Investigation Detachment.

When Tang Si arrived, the whole team was ready to gather at the door.

"Boss, it can be regarded as coming, there is news over there, but it was discovered."

"Fu Jingsheng ran away, but what is certain now is that it is indeed the headquarters of the T organization!" Zhou Liang hurriedly: "I have reported this matter. Someone will be sent over to cooperate with us. We have to go there first. Encircle and suppress."

"I found out there too. The boss of the T organization is called Shen Chengyu, and the photo has been sent to the group."

"However, the terrain of the T group is not very good. The encirclement and suppression will benefit them. We will be in a passive boundary. I am afraid that there will be arms on their side." Zhou Liang analyzed: "So now we have to encircle and suppress. To live with him, we must also ensure our own safety, and we need to draw up a plan."

Tang Si made up his mind: "Now send someone over there to encircle and suppress the city. If you are instructed, seal up the city and prevent any vehicles or pedestrians from passing through."

This bet is the right bet. If this encirclement and suppression is successful, then everything will be carried out and the dust will settle.

All causes are in the man named Shen Chengyu!

"I will make another plan in the follow-up and give me a copy of the map address over there." Tang Si ordered.

Zhou Liang: "Good!"

Tang Si: "Where is Ningxiachuan?"

Zhou Liang replied: "He is on the other side of the scene. Now we need to go to the scene and get together, and then wait for the armed police to come and join forces."

Tang Si: "Okay, the most important point is that we need to explore whether there are arms in the T organization. After all, the activities they do are smuggling arms and selling du products, and these are all theirs. Business content."

"Wen Mu and Shen Chengyu cooperated with Jun Huo, and Gu Nanjiu cooperated with Du. Product. This organization is much larger than we thought, so this time we must capture this Shen Chengyu."

Zhou Liang: "Good!"

Tang Si looked at the tidy team, and said in a lingering tone: "You must pay attention to safety! How to get out, I hope you can come back, I will send specific instructions to your terminal equipment, pay attention to check."

"The walkie-talkie and voice transmission remain unblocked, and I will issue an action order." Tang Si said with a cold face, "Go!"


The team got in the car.

Cheng Ju came out at this time: "Tang Si!"

Cheng Ju beckoned to him: "Come here, I have two words to explain to you."

Tang Si frowned slightly, the current situation is very urgent.

But after all, what the superiors said must be very important.

He paused: "You have something, just say it."

Cheng Ju's expression is solemn: "You must pay attention to safety this time, this organization. It's extraordinary."

"The staff has already been transferred from above, and you will be able to act together. When you get to the scene, you have to react accordingly." Cheng Ju: "This organization can deal with us for so long, then it proves that they have certain strength."

"This time you must be steady. If you can't go forward, it's about your life. If this action is successful, you will be the hero. If it is unsuccessful, the loss will only be the energy of the police. , But only if you have to survive for me."

Tang Si: "Try your best."

"Don't give me your best!" Cheng Ju yelled: "It's this time, what can you give me as much as possible!? You must give me back alive!"

"I order you to come back alive! What can you do, don't try to behave!"

Cheng Ju valued Tang Si in all aspects. He was harsh on Tang Si, sometimes suppressing him, sometimes criticizing him, and often teaching him.

It is to train him as a talent, let him increase knowledge and develop skills.

However, he also understood that Tang Si, at any time, can kill him, this is not enough.

Tang Si's lips moved, but he stopped talking.

The night is lingering, thoughts spread, and the black is endless.

He finally replied: "I know."

Cheng Ju was anxious.

"Is it okay or not? Give me a clear word."

Cheng Ju glared at Tang Si: "You are not for the bureau, but also for your family. You have a girlfriend, you want to get married, you want to live, you must come back alive. Bring everyone back together."

"It doesn't matter if the evidence is not collected, but don't die."

Tang Si: "I understand."

This answer is still ambiguous, and no one knows what he is thinking at this moment.

"I am leaving."

What Cheng Ju called, he kept walking.

After getting in the car, he indifferently told: "Drive, go."

Cheng Ju gritted his teeth and looked at the rear of the car, his expression complex and ugly.

The T organization was involved in the new case and the old case. With such a hand, Tang Si directly stabbed the T organization into the nest.

But after all, it was not done to the extent of knowing oneself and the enemy, this way, the outcome is difficult to determine.

But if you don't go, the T organization will be hidden from the world.


Song Yi didn't know how long he had been standing outside before he realized that he took out his cell phone and wanted to call him.

She believed Tang Si, but the truth of all things was before her eyes.

He might really use Fu Jingsheng to take advantage of this.

That's someone who can save his life.

How can he...

The phone beeps.

"Hey." The man answered the phone, and Song Yi heard the whistling wind over there.

Then, his low voice: "I can't go back tonight. Take care of your body and sleep well."

Song Yi: "Where are you?"

There was silence for two seconds: "A mission."

Song Yi's heart condensed, and it instantly became clear.

He acted.

He went to T organization.

"You asked Fu Jingsheng to follow?"


Song Yi's breathing slowed down, his heart was dull, and he asked almost silently: "Why are you?"

The man's voice was calm: "Fu Jingsheng can't die, but he should also be responsible for what he did."

"He wants to save you..."

Song Yi suddenly smiled and understood something, his tone was dull and low: "Yes, I shouldn't call him."

"I shouldn't want you to live, I shouldn't want to be healthy for you."

Song Yi: "I shouldn't have anything, I should have a clear picture of the relationship between you."

She was wrong, she was wrong.

Zhou Liang was sitting next to him. He could hear Song Yi's words, and he felt a choke in his heart.

Cant help but say: "Sister-in-law, you cant say that, you are the heart of the Tang team, the Tang team..."

Tang Si: "Shut up."

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