Being His Little Fox Chapter 544

Chapter 544:

In a short sentence, Shen Chengyu frowned.

The purple eyes glowed coldly, and he stood up while sitting on the sofa.

Tang Si, really found the place.

Shen Chengyu: "We will die together."

He was ready to welcome this day, but he never thought it would come so quickly.

Tang Si didn't listen to him. At this time, he had notified the police outside and went upstairs along the stairs.

The police also sneaked in to probe the innermost situation.

This night, it was not peaceful.

Shen Chengyu will not be found so easily by Tang Si, this is his chassis after all.

His voice is still calm and elegant: "If I will die today, you will die before me."

"Zi--" At this moment, there was a sound in the Bluetooth headset.

Suddenly a voice came out of the earphones: "There is a secret tunnel, opposite the door of that room, underneath is jun.huo, there is a storage warehouse."

This voice made Tang Si cold all over. This is Song Yi, why did she come here?

"I'm safe." Song Yi said, "I've been to this place, and I know that person."

"I remember it all."

Tonight, she received a text message from Shen Chengyu, saying that today is the time for her to return.

Song Yi found it ridiculous, are people robots?

Can people's thinking and brain really be limited by others' control?

Tang Si's lips tightened: "Yeah."

Shen Chengyu never thought that his development failed, never thought that Song Yi's thoughts were out of control.

Song Yi is organizing training. As long as she thinks of it, she is familiar with everything here, and she knows everything here.

The police guarded and surrounded the most dangerous Junhuo library.

There are not many people in the T organization, and the headquarters are the most scientific researchers, and they have no ability to fight and play.

Song Yi: "Be careful, they have killers, they are well-trained, there are about a hundred people."

The Junhuo library is guarded, beware of people from the T organization approaching.

Tang Si is looking for Shen Chengyu's position, this person, it is best to catch alive.

His up and down lines must be caught in one go.

Song Yi was in contact with Tang Si, and she watched Tang Si's trail inside.

She gritted her teeth: "Give me a computer."

Song Yi sketched out the T organization drawing on the computer.

Tang Si was walking in it.

Suddenly, the airflow behind his head approached, and Tang Si suddenly turned sideways.

A bullet flew past his eyes with extreme speed.

Tang Si was surrounded by front and back.

The incoming person shouted angrily: "Take him alive, we will have a way out!"

Raise the gun and flick it back and forth. If you don't believe Tang Si, you can run away!

Everything seemed to be hidden at this moment, Tang Si and them raised their guns at almost the same moment.

"Bang, bang, bang" Three shots shot, two down.

Tang Si was quicker and solved his opponent, but because of Tang Si's tricky shot, the opponent happened to hit the one behind Tang Si.

Song Yi's hand holding the map stopped and trembled when he heard the gunshot.

A heart was lifted, red and blue light hit her tender and white face, and she watched Tang Si's trail on the screen.

"Brother, brother..." The voice rubbed and trembled with fear.

"It's okay."

Hearing the man's steady response, Song Yi's forehead was still sweating.

Song Yi said hurriedly: "I ticked a plan and sent it to you. Take a look at it. It looks like this, but I don't know if there are any changes. You have to observe and distinguish."

Tang Si checked the picture: "Okay."

With drawings, searching is much easier.

The people inside were investigating, and the road that Tang Si had explored was all guarded

But what is here, no one knows.

Song Yi did not dare to speak, nor did he dare to breathe loudly.

She was afraid, afraid that something would happen to Tang Si.

Ningxiachuan: "Sister-in-law, you are resting in the car."

"I'm watching it right here."

The longer the search inside, the more nervous the people outside.

I dont know how much time has passed, and the mans breathless voice came from the intercom: "Almost the search is over. The person should be in the corner of the room."

"But I don't know if they have weapons in their hands, they need to pay attention to the difference."

"Someone breaks in."

According to the order, gather and break the door

Song Yi was outside, and only heard fierce gunshots and fighting--

A heart followed up.

"Zi--" the voice of the walkie-talkie came: "Go back! They also have a jun.huo library!"

"Quick! Back!" the policeman yelled.

In all the noises, Song Yi was cold all over, and someone pulled her back.

"Tang, Tang team." Zhou Liang panicked: "When will you come out? Xia Chuan just went in too."

His voice and hands holding the walkie-talkie were shaking--

There was a rough roar from the man over there, panting, as if running: "Ask his mother so much trouble, retreat!"

Noise kept coming from the walkie-talkie.

The scene is retreating.

Just listen to the sound of "Boom".

The fire spread throughout the night.

The jungle seemed to tremble--

Song Yi's eyes widened, and the eye sockets turned red in an instant, and the light of fire was printed in her eyes, silently looking at the area.

no no

The sound of police sirens kept ringing in my ears, and the sound of explosions continued from time to time.

"Quick! Call the fire brigade over!"

"Has anyone found it!?"

"Search around, hurry up!"


The noisy voices in her ears continued, and gradually, she lost her consciousness in a trance.

"sister in law!"


When Song Yi woke up again, it was already eight o'clock the next morning.

No one is nearby, she is at home.

Hearing movement in the kitchen, Song Yi said it, thinking it was Tang Si. Open the quilt and ran downstairs.

The person I saw was Song Nuan.

"Sister." Song Nuan heard the movement and looked at her: "I made some breakfast for you. Come and eat when you wake up."

"Where is your brother-in-law? How did I come back?"

"Brother-in-law..." Song Nuan murmured.

Lu Yan and his parents' explanations came to mind.

"Don't tell your sister for now."

Song Nuan exhaled, "I don't know."

"I didn't look at him again."

Song Yi doesn't listen to this.

Stumbled upstairs, changed her pajamas and had to go out.

"Sister, can you eat first?" Song Nuan: "Where are you going."

"I'm looking for him."


Tang Si was in the hospital and was receiving emergency care in the ICU. His life was not out of danger.

He and some policemen ran out.

And some-sacrificed.

Shen Chengyu was also found, detained, and someone was on trial. At the scene evidence, some people were searching for evidence and searching.

All trials are gradually settled. News is also being reported.

Song father Song mother has been waiting at the door all night.

The critical illness notice was down and down.

The two of them were very scared.

"If there is something good or bad, how can it be done?" Mother Song cried for a long time last night, her eyes were a little swollen: "So good boy."

When he was pushed into the operating room, he was covered in blood, and he didn't know where he was injured.

When Song Yi came over.

The doctor happened to come again, with another critical illness notice in his hand.

The doctor spoke quickly: "The patient's family, sign it."

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