Prince Charming Upgrade System Chapter 967

Prince Charming Upgrade System Chapter 967: This Is My World

I said earlier: Netizens are just like my family, I dont think they will embarrass me.

Later, when I saw that the problem was wrong, I actually said: So what, can I choose righteousness to destroy relatives?

The barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly became crazy.

"233333...want to kill me!"

"The interviewer with the fastest face change in history!"

"66666...what else can I say? You laughed at me!"

"Ling Xiao: I believe that you are my family, as long as you don't ask too much questions.

But if you have said too much, I'm sorry, then I choose righteousness! "

"I'm so special, the corners of my mouth are almost cracked!"


When Zhou Yuting heard Ling Xiao's answer, she couldn't help but laugh.

After the hostess calmed down her feelings, she continued to host: "Okay, do you hear it now? Congratulations on becoming Ling Xiao's family.

Hmm...The premise is that you don't say some weird things, or Ling Xiao will kill her relatives righteously! "

Obviously, the hostess also wants to host a good show, but Ling Xiao has inevitably taken him off the track!

"Ahem, okay, the next question is the second most liked by netizens. If you do it again, will you make the same choice and choose the other party?" the host said.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuting and Ling Xiao said in unison: "Of course, why not?"

As soon as they finished speaking, the two realized that their reactions turned out to be surprisingly consistent.

Immediately, both of them smiled.

This picture was broadcast, and it caused countless screams.

All the viewers in front of the TV, as well as the friends in the live broadcast room, felt that their hearts were about to melt.

Many men and women who had broken up took out their mobile phones and found the familiar number in the address book.

Some people directly chose dial-to-build, while others were hesitant.

Subsequently, many people received calls from ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

Some couples who broke up because of small conflicts chose to reconcile.

And some men and women who have a big difference choose to refuse.

The talk show is still going on in an orderly manner, and the hostess continued: "Now let's look at the third most liked question. This netizen asked Ling Xiao, how much do you love Zhou Yuting?

Zhou Yuting, how much do you love Lingxiao? "

After saying this, everyone's eyes on the entire recording scene focused on Ling Xiao and Zhou Yuting.

"Probably this is my world." Ling Xiao said, holding Zhou Yuting's little hand.

Zhou Yuting said with a smile; "This is not yours, it's ours."

This picture was broadcast into the live broadcast, and huge cheers erupted from all over the world.

Netizens on Weibo posted frantically on Weibo, saying that they believed in love again.

That is to say, Ling Xiao did not see the Weibo they sent. Otherwise, Ling Xiao would not let go of this heart-shaking opportunity. He would directly tell the other party: "This is my love, the rain girl has no melons!"

"It can be seen that the relationship between the two is very good." The hostess saw this scene, and her heart was a little sour.

I have to say that Ling Xiao and the two are very good, just like the gods and relatives written in the novel.

Although everyone knows, this kind of love is beyond their reach.

However, how many people do not expect such love?

In particular, the hostess is still single, and when I think of the hostess here, she feels like she's being interviewed, it's clear that she was forcibly fed dog food at a very close range!

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