Mr Qi You Are Blocked Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471: Shen Zhixia Chapter 67: Give Us Eve To Calm Down

Chapter 1471 Shen Zhixia Chapter 67: Let us calm down Eve

"So, is it so difficult to admit that you don't love him?"

Shen Zhixia probably understood why Ji Xinyu ran away from home.

They are all pushing him.

Fang Ru was unable to speak for a long time at the end of these two straightforward words, and his face changed.

At this moment, the waiter just came in and served the dishes, and they arranged the dishes on the table.

All the delicious food, but the two guests have no appetite.

After a while, Fang Ru said coldly, "My son, why do you say I don't love?"

"Let me finish, you are silent." Shen Zhixia expressionlessly, "The eldest son has to be obedient as a tool man, but the younger son can do what he likes recklessly, and he is very well protected. Paranoia and preference are nothing but this. You also feel guilty, won't you?"

Shen Zhixia was probably furious, and she jumped out of everything.

She can't manage that much, so today is to support Ji Xinyu and ask for an explanation!

Fang Ru has been a strong woman for many years. When the juniors saw her, everyone was suppressed by her, and they were in awe of her.

Now facing Shen Zhixia, Fang Ru's momentum was suddenly suppressed.

Shen Zhixia dared to say everything, poking her heart.

Fang Ru was indeed guilty.

Tool man...

In retrospect, after Ji Xinyu was born, the relationship between her and Mr. Ji gradually broke down, sometimes after the quarrel, even using Ji Xinyu as a punching bag.

Feeling that he wants to build majesty, he has always treated Ji Xinyu coldly.

He will only be strictly required to let him complete the goal, and he will not care about the process as hard as he can, only looking at the results.

He has a very different attitude to the second child.

It did not fulfill the mother's duties.

"Can it be your silence, is it acquiescence?" Shen Zhixia looked at Fang Ru, "You asked me to help. I'm sorry, I can't help. No one can restrain him where he wants to stay."

I can't eat this meal anymore.

Shen Zhixia picked up the bag, ready to leave.

She stood up, thought for a while, and said: "He likes to stand on the stage of shining light, shining, and passing on his singing to more people. He likes Yangcheng because there is no paranoia and preference. They are all biological sons. Why can't you give him a point for that preference, even one point."

That's all that should be said.

"You slow down."

Shen Zhixia took a step and left the private room.

Fang Ru was left alone.

Shen Zhixia put on a mask, went to the front desk to pay the bill, went out of the restaurant, and wanted to take a taxi on the side of the road. As a result, it rained outside.

She stood under the eaves, watching the traffic coming and going, taxis had customers.

Shen Zhixia waited for a few minutes, but didn't get a taxi, and planned to call a car.

The exchange just now made her feel irritable. When she looked up with her mobile phone, a figure came into her eyes on the street across the road.

The man has a long stature, wearing the hat given by Ji Xiangyang, handsome and casual dressing style, outstanding temperament, casually going to that stop, even if the mask covers half of the face, it can also cause the little girls to take a sneak peek.

This is a cross street with traffic lights.

Countdown to red light.

When the green light on the sidewalk came on, the crowd over there rushed in. Looking around, the umbrellas of various colors were spectacular.

He is tall, holding a transparent umbrella, and he stands out in the crowd, and he can be noticed at a glance.

Shen Zhixia held the phone and looked at the man approaching her, her impetuous heart gradually calmed down.

He stopped in front of her.

The rain fell on the umbrella surface with a ticking silent sound, and the water flowed down the edge of the umbrella.

The transparent umbrella was hazy by raindrops.

"Hungry?" Ji Xinyu asked softly.

Shen Zhixia thought about his first sentence a lot, and thought he would ask them what they talked about.

However, he did not.

Shen Zhixia put the phone back in her bag, "I'm hungry."

I didn't eat a bite of the food and didn't take the chopsticks. Of course I was hungry.

Ji Xinyu gently curled his lips, "Take you to eat delicious food."

Shen Zhixia was even more puzzled. When she came out of the restaurant, why didn't he ask why he didn't eat?

"I made your mother angry." Shen Zhixia confessed actively.

If you are an elder, you will get angry if you are taught this way by a junior.

Not to mention Fang Ru's character.

Ji Xinyu: "How about you?"

Shen Zhixia didn't understand.

"Are you angry too?" he said.

Shen Zhixia was stunned.

Is this a normal reaction?

"It looks like it depends on his face." The man's voice was pleasant to the ear, "I'll tell you not to come, but come back."

"..." She was even more angry if she didn't come.

It feels more comfortable to vent now.

Ji Xinyu naturally took her hand, "Go, let us Eve calm down."

At this time, Fang Ru came out of the dining room.

Fang Ru was not surprised when Ji Xinyu came over.

With a valuable bag in her hand, she looked at Ji Xinyu in a calm tone, "It is indeed an amazing girlfriend."

"..." Shen Zhixia felt that Fang Ru was connoting her.

Ji Xinyu squeezed Shen Zhixia's hand, "I know."

Fang Ru glanced at them and said nothing.

A car stopped on the side of the road, and the driver underwent an umbrella to pick up Fang Ru.

Ji Xinyu lowered his head and asked Shen Zhixia, "What do you want to eat?"

"Aren't you curious what we talked about?"

"It makes you angry, and it must be something I don't like to listen to." He stretched his hand over her shoulder.

In the crowd, Shen Zhixia instinctively wanted to retreat, but was dragged back by him.

"There is only one umbrella, so I will go down. After a while, my clothes get wet." Ji Xinyu said.

Hearing this, Shen Zhixia is peaceful.

They held an umbrella, and the rain kept beating the umbrella surface, walked half a street, and entered a restaurant.

Shen Zhixia learned about Ji Xinyu from Fang Ru, and some of her thoughts changed accordingly.

For example, Ji Xinyu didn't want to come to country A to watch the show at first.

It is not clear whether Ji Xinyu changed her mind because of her.

She said, "Do you regret coming here this time?"

I feel that Fang Ru will not give up easily.

"No regrets." Ji Xinyu handed her the menu.

Shen Zhixia opened the menu absently, and ordered a few dishes. "There are many people in this world who like you, right?"

Ji Xinyus fans enthusiastically like him in different corners of the world.

Ji Xinyu smiled, "Including you?"


Shen Zhixia choked.

Why did it involve her.

Shen Zhixia coughed dryly, lowered her head and pretended to play with her mobile phone, coping with the past, and did not answer directly.

And she remembered what Shen Huan said to her when Ji Xinyu was injured.

It hurts to care about and care about a person.

The distressed last time seems to be different from this time.

As for the difference, Shen Zhixia could not describe.


After May 1, it rained for two consecutive days, and Shen Zhixia did not go out in the hotel.

There was not much left in the two-month period, and she was not in the mood that she had imagined.

I thought I would be nervous and entangled.

but no.

May 3rd.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Ji Xinyu returned to his suite from Shen Zhixia.

Soon, he received a call from Wu Tian.

"Brother Ji, are you free tomorrow? I want to tell you something."

(End of this chapter)

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