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Chapter 5458: The Old Way

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Wansan's palms converged again, and the supremely hot aura in the thunderball turned into the form of red-gold horned dragons, surrounded by the flash of thunder and lightning, flying around his body.

He gently pressed his finger towards the ground, thousands of dragon shadows, while impacting downward, the ground collapsed, forming a huge palm print.

Ye Chen inserted the evil sword into the ground and resisted the attack.

But the body is full of blood, and the bones will be completely shattered!

At this moment, Ye Chen knew that he had reached the limit!

He thought of something and turned his head towards Shentu Wan'er: "I will find a way to hold this guy, and you, think of a way, escape! I only have one request, don't hurt Wei Ying!"

Shentu Wan'er's heart trembled. This was the first time that someone bravely stood in front of him when facing danger and gave himself a chance to escape. But this person was only in the realm of heaven and human that he had been chasing and killing. Little ants.

Aside from the irony, Shentu Wan'er had a more complicated sentiment towards Ye Chen.

As for the woman who is in control of her own things, she can never hurt her!

"Smelly boy, there is no time!" Huang Lao's voice yelled frantically. He didn't expect Ye Chen to be so calm and calm in such a situation.

Ye Chen still didn't speak, his arms were still trembling, blood was flowing, and the evil sword shook slightly!

He is gambling!

Game with the taboo in the world!

His instinct told him that he could not untie the shackles of this wild dragon!

Otherwise, the entire Celestial Domain will be destroyed!

"Count you won! Brat, now, as long as you help me untie a chain, I can play most of Ban Zhuxiang's strength! This is already the limit!"


Ye Chen didn't hesitate at this time, with a move of divine thought, he had already arrived in the reincarnation cemetery. He lifted the evil sword in his hand and looked at the chain tied to the stone monument at the farthest point.

Old Huang was also full of grief at this time. He originally wanted to use this opportunity to trick Ye Chen into unlocking all the chains for him. He didn't expect that in the game between the two of him, he would be unnerved first.

That's it!

These endless years of waiting have made him unable to maintain a steady state of mind.

The chain is cut off!

In an instant, a ghost rushed out of the reincarnation cemetery! Toward Ye Chen's body!

At the moment Huang Lao possessed his body, the temperature of the entire space began to drop rapidly, and there was a howling cold wind, whizzing and rushing on the red earth, and countless ghosts and wolves howling sounded from the ground.

"I finally came out!"

At this moment, the entire space was completely transformed into a Demon Realm, a blood-red beam of light, from Ye Chen's body, rose to the sky and headed directly towards Wansan.

Above the midair, the demon cloud spread outwards and became wider and wider, like a sea of demon, the ruthless and endless aura of gods and demons entangled surgingly on Wansan's giant palm.

At this time, Ye Chen's eyes were greenish green, and his body carried the mighty breath of the Supreme Demon King, as if the demon king came to the world, overlooking all things in the world.

In an instant, Wansan felt as if he had seen the scariest existence in the world, a tremor from the soul spreading all over his body!

how can that be!

Shentu Wan'er couldn't help closing her eyes under this huge shock wave. Such a powerful pressure almost crushed her mind.

Is this Ye Chen's trump card?

Why is there such an existence behind Ye Chen!

Just a trace of pressure, it seemed to suffocate her!

You know, you are too in the world!

Wan Shisan's burly body was shocked, and he grabbed the flame flag he had buckled on the ground with one hand, stepped on the ground with his feet, and soared to a hundred feet high!

And the flagpole of the flame flag was gushing out a ball of flame-like thunder and lightning at this time, projecting toward Ye Chen from the air.

No matter how terrifying the other party is, the cultivation level will not deceive!

That kid is just Origin Realm!

And this is on your own battlefield!

He didn't believe it, could this kid burst out of power that surpassed Taizhen?

The endless flames and lightning electrodes surging quickly, and Ye Chen was always indifferent when he was about to touch Ye Chen.

Old Huang naturally noticed this scene, but he only took a glance, and then, manipulating Ye Chen's white palm, directly reached out to hold the flagpole.

Lightning flashes all over Ye Chen, running along the flagpole.

"Is that so? It's too weak."

Huang Lao pulled his arm and threw back the flame flag with endless pressure and strong power of gods and demons. This time, the flame flag carried a mighty army of demons.

"Who on earth are you!"

Wan Shisan's eyes looking at Ye Chen had become solemn at this time. If he guessed correctly, someone was possessed by that kid. The martial arts of the two people before and after are really quite different.

"Who am I? You are not qualified to know!"

Huang Lao shook his head, gently waved his sleeve, and threw a talisman at Shentu Wan'er.

Shentu Wan'er had fallen into a deep sleep without warning.

Wan Shisan looked at Ye Chen's sudden movement and looked at him suspiciously.

"what do you mean?"

"I just want to ask Sect Master Wan for an old thing."

Huang Lao Jieyin with one hand has temporarily closed Ye Chen's senses, and when he touched his palms, the pattern of the key has appeared.

"Leave it to me and save your life."

Wansan looked at the key with a shock. After waiting for nearly ten thousand years, he didn't expect Hong Tianjing to come to get the secret box.

It's this guy with weird martial arts, but with a young body! !

Wan Shisan is not stupid. At this moment, facing this kind of existence, even if he protects himself, he is afraid that he will lose many treasures.

"Humph! I didn't expect you to come for it, you want it, just give it to you!"

Wansan did not delay, he knew better than anyone that life was more important than anything.

A circle of light was thrown into the air by Wan Shisan, but he flees away for the first time.

Old Huang looked at the secret box in his hand. This was an old thing left to Ye Chen by the Lord of Reincarnation in the previous life. Unexpectedly, it was suppressed and guarded by Hong Tianjing's junior disciple in the end. The cause and effect in this world is really difficult to completely understand.


at the same time.

The ghost vines under the ghost waterfall shook violently again.

Hong Tianjing has woken up more and more times, and his strength is also weakly recovering little by little.

"The Lord of Samsara took the secret box?"

Hong Tianjings eyes can see almost all the light curtain about the Lord of Samsara~wuxiaworld.online~ When he looked at Wansan, his heart was shocked and annoyed. This guy, who has cultivated for millions of years, never expected to be so greedy. Fear of death.

"What is the secret box?"

Hong Tianjing said to himself that he tried to destroy the Lord of Samsara privately, but was blocked by the goddess. Then it was a duel. He didn't have time to find the key to open the secret box. In the end, he could barely hide the secret box. .

And now, the secret box is back in the hands of the Lord of Samsara again.

"The secret is about to be solved?"

The cold smile made Hong Tianjing's shriveled skin look particularly hideous.

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