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  • God Of Life And Death

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Cultivation -  Immortals -  Shameless Protagonist -  Unique Cultivation Technique
  • Status : Ongoing
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God Of Life And Death summary:

The sky thunders, Fang Yue, the nail household, dies on the street, the heavenly court blackmails, obtains compensation, reincarnates, and sees how Fang Da Devil disturbs the universe and upset the world.- Description from MTL

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God Of Life And Death Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2401:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2379:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2317:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2311:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2283:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2159:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2145:3 weeks ago
Chapter 2017:6 months ago
Chapter 1922:6 months ago
Chapter 1917:6 months ago
Chapter 1907:6 months ago
Chapter 1895:6 months ago
Chapter 1854:6 months ago
Chapter 1546: Fat6 months ago
Chapter 1485:6 months ago
Chapter 1464:6 months ago
Chapter 1435:6 months ago
Chapter 1417:6 months ago
Chapter 1415:6 months ago
Chapter 1413:6 months ago
Chapter 1409:6 months ago
Chapter 1406:6 months ago
Chapter 1239: Spy6 months ago
Chapter 1110:6 months ago
Chapter 1104: Jie6 months ago
Chapter 986: Spy6 months ago
Chapter 871: Sage6 months ago
Chapter 716: Styx6 months ago
Chapter 689: Trap6 months ago
Chapter 666: Ella6 months ago
Chapter 563: Gods6 months ago
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