God Of Life And Death Chapter 2432

Chapter 2434: Cosmic Seed

Heavenly soldiers come to conquer the world, this scene is vast and grand.

The sound of hundreds of millions of killings was overwhelming, and both Fang Yue and Long Aoyun were trapped in it.

"Is this the calamity of the first level of the Yin-Yang realm? No wonder it is said that the practitioners who cultivate the same line of all methods have always been rare. How many people can resist this kind of tribulation? Every heavenly soldier has the peak of the Yin-Yang realm. In the realm of cultivation, Tianjiang is even more powerful at the leader level. They work together and arrange battle formations. Even the strong at the saint level can crush them. With such a mighty momentum and ordinary cultivation, it is almost impossible to stand at the level of Yin and Yang. May resist!"

Many practitioners in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance are sighing.

Fang Yue's fate was too terrifying.

This calamity is not matched with the realm, but compared with the combat power of the practitioner when he crosses the calamity.

The calamity swept everything.

It is difficult for outsiders to intervene to help the people who crossed the robbery after nine deaths!

"How can Tianjiao take care of me?"

Long Aotian sneered, his long tail swayed, and wherever he passed, the heavenly soldiers transformed by the thunder suddenly became a little bit of lightning.

"This is just the beginning, don't worry! The calamity I owed back then will be made up one by one today!"

Fang Yue walked in the vast thunder, and hundreds of millions of thunder could not harm half of his hair.

In a blink of an eye, the tribulation of the second layer of the Yin and Yang realm came. This time the two layers of tribulations were merged. The second and third layers of the yin and yang realm were at the same time. The vast thunder, transformed into billions of sword hilts, smashed against the two. Cut away!

Each weapon blade is at the top level of the leader realm. The hilt will not disappear after being shattered, but will merge with other weapons in the void to transform into a stronger soldier.

"Is this talking about the legendary Sword Mountain Tribulation? It is said that only the real Tianjiao can encounter this kind of calamity when crossing the Tribulation, the weapons are unified, and the universe is cut. That scene is the most terrifying, even if it is the young Tianzun Wounded!"

In the crowd, the strong eyes widened. This time they were feasting their eyes. Some legendary calamities emerged one after another.

Fang Yue was above the nine heavens. He was actually manipulating Thunder to lead his own calamity to Long Aoyun.

The fusion of two tribulations is definitely not as simple as one plus one!

In a blink of an eye, there were only a few hundred weapons left in the void, but these hundreds of weapons were already at the level of the Great Sacred Realm!

"This Fang Yue is going bad, and he adds something to the tribulation. He uses Thunder Avenue to strengthen the tribulation, making the power of the tribulation more powerful!"

Adolf's scalp is numb.

He was thinking that maybe one day he might have an opposition to Fang Yue.

If it were him and Fang Yue, how should he deal with Fang Yue's method.

These Thunder Weapon Blades may be ignored by his cultivation base, but if Fang Yue brings this thing into the territory of the Ten Thousand Clan League, it will have the effect of destroying the world.

Not to mention everyone here started with the combat power of the virtual fairyland level, but know that the qualified to stand here are all elites from all races and forces.

Anyone who is in the underworld is a person who can make the underworld tremble with stomping.

Among the various races, most of the ordinary people are under the Saint Realm. At the level of the Saint Realm and the Great Saint Realm, they are already powerful people in the various races, and these people are not necessarily able to resist Fang Yue. This day in the disaster. A random Thunder Sword soldier that appeared.

Yun Aotian was a little bit painful, he knew that he was overcast by Fang Yue this time.

These thunder weapons became stronger and stronger, but if they were not destroyed, keeping these thunder weapons would make him feel a little eye-catching.

"Fang Yue, you shameless fellow! Can you fight me fairly and justly! Don't be this kind of concealed rat that makes people look down on you!"

Yun Aotian roared at the other Yue, his voice was thunderous, and his mood was extremely irritable.

Does Fang Yue look down on him?

He didn't even do it himself, wanting this method to disgust him.

He wanted a fair fight with Fang Yue, even if he died, he would die at ease.

If he was smashed to death by Heavenly Tribulation, it would be too wrong to die. To die is also a ghost.

Fang Yue chuckled: "You're still going to spend these days. Let's talk about it! You are a dignified Medieval age who is an older generation of celebrities at the level of the fairyland who has become famous in the underworld. It is embarrassing to be like me as a leader only. Isnt there such a trace of shame and blushing when the younger generations of different levels are singled out?"

Fang Yue's words left Yun Aotian speechless.

From a certain point of view, he and Fang Yue are indeed invincible in singles!

However, Fang Yue is also recognized as a young Tianjiao with spiritual fairyland level combat strength. In fact, he has no major problems with Fang Yue single-handedly. It just depends on which angle to look at this issue!

"Long Aoyun, do you think that if you smash these thunders, they won't merge? You want to think about the catastrophe too simple!"

Fang Yue smiled strangely and waved his palm.

Pieces of thunder weapon came from all directions, and finally turned into a large-sized thunder weapon.

This is a ruler, reaching up to the sky and down to Jiuyou.

As soon as this ruler appeared, many people suddenly changed their faces.

"This is a measuring ruler. Although it is not the main body, it has been engraved by the heavens and earth. The real ruler is the Tianzun Dharma artifact. Although this piece is only transformed by thunder, even this ruler has only One-tenth of the charm of the body is enough to kill the strong in the real fairyland!"

The more Adolf looked, the more frightened.

This Fang Yue had even gotten the measuring ruler.

However, what made him feel a little relieved was that the heavenly measuring ruler evolved from this thunderbolt only had the aura of the seventh layer of the virtual fairyland. Even though the Taoism in it was profound, as long as the power of thunder was not enough to bear the power, this measure The ruler also couldn't exert the power of Zhuxian extinguishing demons.

Fang Yue held the measuring ruler in his hand, but didn't shoot it out.

"Thunderbolt! Coming to the world!"

Fang Yue waved the measuring ruler in his hand, and he unexpectedly summoned a thunder robbery.

This time the tribulation is the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh level of the Yin-Yang realm.

The robbery of the sky is no longer a pure thunder robbery category.

The thunder robbery rolled and turned into a sea of thunder, among which heads of fierce beasts galloped and leaped happily.

There are still four seas of earth, fire, feng shui and others.

Five different forces are intertwined and intertwined.

"This Fang Yue is crazy. If it's just a heavy thunder calamity, he can still fully control it with his deep understanding of the power of thunder, and then turn into a killer weapon against Long Aoyun, but the five different attributes of the sky robbery Qi Next, he loses control and wants to face the catastrophe with Long Aoyun. This is playing with fire. I set myself on fire!"

Among the ancient tribes, there was a Xuxian who laughed. He was a descendant of Long Aoyun. Although Long Aoyun was a strong man in the Middle Ages, his body was strong and he also left his descendants in this era.

This Xuxian is one of them.

Among the ancient tribes, there may be some people who are worried that if Fang Yue survives, it will be implicated in the ancient tribe and affect the tribal luck of the ancient tribe. However, as a descendant of Long Aoyun, his lips and teeth are cold, and he naturally spares no effort to support his ancestors!

"If it's an ordinary person, I might think so too, but if it's Fang Yue, it's better to wait and say this!" Adolf glanced at this ancient clan Xuxian, and did not approve or deny it, because of this. Fang Yue is too demon, often let them slap in the face!

After being slapped in the face several times, Adolf learned to be cautious about everything that happened to Fang Yue.

The Xuxian of the ancient tribe sneered coldly: "Could it be that you think Fang Yue can master these five avenues to the point where it is extremely profound?"

"It's possible!"

This time the talk was about Hei Bufan. Hei Bufan and Fang Yue had cooperated, but they were more hostile.

Hei Bufan has collected a lot of information about Fang Yue.

He discovered that the number of Taoisms Fang Yue mastered was unimaginable, and even these Taoisms, Fang Yue had already comprehended quite profoundly!

"The seeds of the universe need to absorb endless nutrients before they can germinate! The power of thunder can nourish the soldiers for me, and the earth, fire and fengshui can build the world!"

Fang Yue opened his mouth, and even swallowed the four forces of Earth, Fire, and Fengshui in the void into his abdomen in one bite, and refined them into a cell in his body that turned into a cosmic seed!

This cell sprouted, and chaos began to emerge. From the seed of the universe, it gradually transformed into a real universe.

A series of worlds have been opened up in the universe. Although these universes are extremely small and fragile, they are the rudiments of the real world-sparrows are small and complete!

The power of the vast number of calamities was so absorbed by Fang Yue.

Five layers of heavenly tribulation, five different powers were instantly refined.

After Fang Yue's measuring ruler absorbed the power of thunder, his own aura advanced by leaps and bounds, and in an instant he reached the level of first entering the real fairyland, and coupled with the aura of the rippling Heavenly Sovereign artifact, even at the true fairyland level. The strong can not be underestimated.

"This Fang Yue is not crazy, he regards the vast calamity as the cornerstone of his growth! He wants to refine a thunder magic weapon, and at the same time, with the help of the endless calamity to seek for himself, the road to practice after sanctification! This Fang Yue Taiqiang has far exceeded the limit of the cultivation level of the normal sect master level creatures. Therefore, his path of cultivation cannot simply follow the ancient prescriptions! The evolutionary universe seed is buried in every cell of the body, but It was his means to step from the leader realm to the sage realm! And let the seeds of the universe take root and evolve into hundreds of millions of worlds, which is the way he needs to go after he enters the holy world!"

Wu Kun pondered for a long time before saying.

The path that Fang Yue took was different, and it was difficult to judge according to the path of ordinary practitioners.

Wu Kun stayed silent because he was worried that he was wrong.

But this time he spoke with a 70-80% certainty.

"Fang Yue hasn't been sanctified yet, is he already considering how he will go after becoming sanctified? He is too arrogant! It is an insurmountable threshold to be sanctified by practising all methods. It has blocked the sky moat of countless cultivators, could it be that Fang Yue is confident that he will be able to step into the level of a saint?"

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